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The Ancient Ones 1-19-2019

I thought I would attempt some channeling today before heading off to a yoga class with the fabulous Jessamyn Stanley, and, thankfully…The Ancient Ones showed up!  They talked about reintegrating ALL aspects of who we are.

I really do need to get a real video camera (am just using a regular Canon camera) and video editing software.  If you want to fast forward to 2:55, you can skip me getting into trance…which isn’t terribly eventful.

In Light,


Arcturians on 11-11-2017

I did not even realize until after today’s channeling session of my Arcturian friends that today is 11-11.  Coincidence?  NOT.  I do also suspect that wearing moldavite may have called them to show up…but can’t prove that.

As mentioned in the video, I tried to let go a bit more so that incorporating my unseen friends wasn’t such a power struggle.  I admit to being a control freak, in general, and it’s hard for me to not sit there and argue (telepathically) with whoever I’m channeling when I question things they want to say.  I’ve been told that debating with them can kind of jam up the pipes, so to speak, and cause the physical struggling usually seen when I trance channel.  I will say that letting go more…and trusting…did make it smoother than normal to channel.

It is interesting that although it was Pleiadians who first came through LONG ago, and my ancestry is supposedly Pleiadian/Plejaran, it’s the Arcturians who more often show up now.

In Light,

Atheria and the Arcturians

Lost in Ojo Caliente and WOW!








I got the urge to go back to Ojo Caliente Spa today for the first time since my 1998 life altering spiritual rebirthing experience (read about that here) to go hiking.  I could not believe how much the spa has been built up and gentrified since I was there 19 years ago.  I was too cheap to get any treatments done today, or soak in the powerful waters, but do plan to go back when I feel like pampering myself.  Today, I strictly went there to go hiking despite the very cloudy (rare in NM) day.

After hiking up the big, rocky hillside right behind the spa, I came to a sign that pointed to some ruins to the left and a lookout and mine to the right.  I felt drawn to go see the mine.  Now, the trails are not clearly marked and it’s hard to tell if you are headed in the right direction or not.  I kept hiking and hiking and no mine was to be seen.  I kept telling myself, “Just go another 50-75 yards and turn around if the mine isn’t there because you really shouldn’t be out this far alone with a cell phone with zero service and only some glucose tablets.”  Just as I was about to actually turn around, a bunch of white rocks in a cluster got my attention near my feet.  They were quartz!  I then looked around to see smaller and BIG quartz stones EVERYWHERE.  Some of them are pictured up top and some were really big, as you can see.  Of course, that made me continue on a bit further before I realized I was never going to find this mine that’s supposed to be up there somewhere.  I’ve gotta say, the energy was very strong in this area.  Here’s an Instagram video I took.

Now, in this video you don’t see the really big chunks of quartz.  I recall Shirley MacLaine saying years ago that New Mexico sits on a quartz bed and that is why the state is so powerful energetically and spiritually.  I believe that now!  Back in September I found quartz and other stones scattered on the top of a mountain in Santa Fe too…but modest sized, not huge like some of these today in Ojo Caliente.  The healing spa is in a great location.

I decided to sit amongst the quartz (and other types of stones) for a bit and meditate to see if anything would happen.  Now, keeping in mind that I’m hyperactive and not great at sitting still and/or meditating, I didn’t sit that long, but something did happen.  Not long after I sat down and visualized the powerful image my guides gave me recently to use in my 3rd eye…suddenly everything got bright (closed eyes) despite the cloudy/dark day.  Then I “saw” light being poured into my 3rd eye image.  It kept pouring and pouring light in…like my symbol/image was a bottomless pit.  (I feel I’m not supposed to tell you what symbol my guides gave me…sorry.)  At one point, I peeked and opened my eyes to see if the sun did break through the clouds, but, nope.  I felt very infused with something good.  It’ll be interesting to see if some new things start happening.

After sitting for a short while, I went to head back to the spa…and got totally lost.  I could not recognize unmarked trails and ended up going in the wrong direction.  Relatively soon I realized, “Uh oh.  Atheria, you are alone without water and food and there are wild animals around here and you’re lost.”  But, thankfully, I’ve watched a lot of survival stories.  Ha!  Now, I will admit that from one HIGH point I could see a road far off in the distance and could also hear cars.  I knew trying to get back to the spa would cause me to end up in no man’s land, and felt it was a better idea to head toward the highway.  I came upon a dried up flash flood channel or river and knew to follow that toward the highway.  Along the way, I came upon some more of the rocks people had balanced upon each other so I knew other people had gotten lost too!  I followed the mini “sculptures” until I ended up at a river…which I thought I’d have to wade across…until I saw a blessed bridge!  Not long after crossing the bridge and walking on a dirt road type path, I finally saw a building in the distance and came upon a labyrinth and 2 women drinking wine.  I was safe! 🙂 I told them what happened and one of them had also gotten really lost up there.  Seriously, the spa needs to mark the trails better!  As fate would have it, the dried up river bed I followed for a long way is actually a trail called the Tewa Trail.

Okay, CLEARLY I went in the wrong direction because I did not see what this woman wrote about regarding the mine!  There are also some ruins that are supposed to be pretty cool in the opposite direction from the mine.  I’ll have to look for them next time.  The wine drinking women I ran into had been to the ruins and they said here was ancient broken pottery scattered around and everything.  One of the things I love about New Mexico is the history and Native Peoples that lived here and left behind traces of their existence.  I took a wrong turn years ago in Bernalillo and ended up in 1,000 year old ruins.

If you want to see all of today’s pictures, you can click on my Flickr album below.


If you are ever visiting Santa Fe or Taos, I highly recommend checking out Ojo Caliente Spa and the surrounding area.  The healing waters are VERY powerful.  I mean, they made me see interdimensionally in 1998!

In Light,


Arcturians on the Healing Power of Music

Driving to Santa Fe to get groceries this morning I started to feel my consciousness being pulled out through my 3rd eye (they really need to stop doing that when I’m DRIVING) and got a strong feeling it was time for a channeled session.  They kept saying something about music, so I knew what the basic topic would be.  And…yep…see below.

Note that Chakra had to get in on the action once again.  Ha!  And please disregard how horrid my hair is right now as growing it out from being cut off last August has not been easy.  You can fast forward to 3 minutes in and not miss anything other than me gasping and contorting a bit. 😉

I am looking forward to spending a night out at Chaco Canyon with the Goofy Spiritualists Meetup I’m a member of this summer.  Chaco Canyon is an official “dark sky” location and it should be breathtaking viewing from some photos I’ve seen.  Think seeing the Milky Way, etc.  One of the GS members told me that she knows a woman who was not psychically gifted, but while visiting Chaco Canyon had a visitation by a spirit who told her that she was going to become psychic.  Sure enough, the woman suddenly had psychic ability and it changed her life!  Very cool.  I hope something happens to me there!  I’ve been there before, but only in the daytime.  I just found this interesting post from 2009 regarding Chaco.



“Ding” goes the crystal bowl…

ImageWhile digging in a mess of a linen closet looking for a sewing kit yesterday, I heard this “ding” that made me turn around.  It sounded like someone hit a Buddhist bowl or some other type of musical bowl.  I even got up and checked my front door to make sure no one had rung my doorbell (but it didn’t sound like a doorbell).  It sounded more like a clairaudient “ding” anyway, but I always doubt myself and check for practical explanations.  But, I realized this was someone in spirit and I assumed the person was just saying “hello”.  My uncle, Chuck, has rung my doorbell more than once, so I just assumed this was something similar and said “hello” back and went on with my day.

I’ve been really bad about checking my calendar on my Android phone lately to see what I’ve got going on.  I think I need to go back to a physical calendar that catches my attention as I’ve missed some things I was supposed to do.  Anyway, I went to put something in my Google calendar via the phone and saw that the weekly crystal bowl meditation at Crystal Dove was happening last night.  I had totally forgotten about it and had wanted to finally attend the gathering.  Then I realized that someone in spirit had been alerting me to the crystal bowl meditation and that he/she clearly wanted me to go.  I was just too dense to initially understand the “ding”.  That is NOT atypical for me. 🙂

I’ve never heard crystal bowls being played before…and the sound is AMAZING and POWERFUL.  The picture I’ve included in this blog is exactly what Inga’s bowls looked like.  (Inga owns the store.)  Before she began the actual meditation, Inga explained to us newbies that she, and others, have been trying to help New Mexico become a more prosperous place and lift the vibration of the state up via energy work.  Crystals have been placed at each of the 4 corners of the state, along with crystals in the NE, NW, SE, and SW corners of Albuquerque…with another crystal north of Albuquerque on the 25 highway and another on the 25 south of Albuquerque.  Then, those who take part in the weekly meditation visualize both the state of New Mexico and the city of Albuquerque covered with pyramids that are anchored with the physical crystals that have been planted.  New Mexico has a terrible issue of “poverty mentality/lesser than” and Inga and friends are working hard to shift this magical state’s whole success/prosperity energy.  I have found it interesting that a state that is so incredibly powerful spiritually, is so financially poor.  A current issue that bugs me is that they want to lower the requirements to graduate high school to meet the low performance of the students.  What?!  That is moronic.  But, I digress.  What is being done every Saturday night at Crystal Dove is important.  This state needs it.  It IS a wonderful place and should be powerful in ALL ways…not just spiritually.

Also, before she starts playing the bowls, Inga has everyone put whatever other intentions they want to put into the meditation.  Each person says their name and then their intention(s).

I started off sitting in a chair but quickly realized I needed to lay down on the floor because the sounds from the bowls was so magical.  At various times during the hour and a half or so, I felt tingling at the back of my head and tingles go through other parts of me.  I also felt the bones in my head vibrating in resonance with the bowls sometimes.  The sound from the crystal bowls was really powerful.  I had been told many years ago by a British medium that it would be sound that finally healed me (of my chronic neck/head pain) but back then, I couldn’t figure out what that sound could be.  I think I now know.  Towards the end of the evening, I got physically uncomfortable on my back, so I stayed on the floor but sat up Indian style.  Immediately, I got REALLY dizzy…but dizzy in a way that felt different than normal dizziness.  Similar to what I felt sometimes when healer Eric Pearl worked on me back in the 1990s, I felt myself spiraling around inside my physical body.  I kind of felt like I was swirling in a funnel shape.  Also, at various times during the night, I had random clairvoyant visions of celestial looking buildings and big hour glass looking things.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I should have gone to the weekly meditation long ago!  Oh well.  I’ll definitely attend again.  If you are in the Albuquerque area and want to take part, you need to arrive before 8 p.m. on Saturdays.  Inga accepts donations, but there is no set fee.  It was very relaxing and healing feeling, and at the very least, you’ll sleep great afterward!


Carrie (Atheria)