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The True Power of Water

I just love how “the journey” works.  My sister suggested I read a book titled “Brave New Medicine” by Cynthia Li, M.D.  I was able to download it via Hoopla (courtesy of the Santa Fe public library) and LOVED it.  It’s the true story of Cynthia’s journey from sickness to health by other than typical Western Medicine means.  Her story is a perfect example of how everything happens for a reason.  If she had not gotten terribly sick with super odd symptoms, she never would have ended up a functional medicine doctor and medical intuitive.  I highly recommend her book.


I’m forgetting, but I think there was something in Cynthia’s book that started me thinking about water, and the importance of it.  I live in the high desert here in Northern New Mexico, and know I’ve not been drinking as much water as I should be drinking.  Plus, much of what I do drink is dehydrating.  I went on YouTube and started looking around, and found videos from people who tested drinking a gallon of water a day to see if it made any difference in their health.  Well, some of the before and after pictures/stories were dramatic!  Now, I cannot commit to 128 oz. of water a day on top of what other things I drink, but I’ve started making sure I’m getting at least 64 oz. of water a day.  I’m hoping to help my IBS-C, super dry skin, and chronic pain.

In the meantime, a friend of mine in Oregon told me she’s been reading this book by another Li…William W. Li, M.D., and highly recommended it.


I checked the library to see if they had it, and yep, a hard copy.  I stopped by the branch near my condo to pick it up.  At first I couldn’t find it (the numbering system confused me), but sitting at the very end of a row of books…extremely prominent like it wanted to jump off the shelf at me…was the book “The True Power of Water” by Masaru Emoto.  This book called to me VERY strongly.  And, since it’s small and I have a short attention span, I saw it as win-win!  🙂  I knew of Masaru Emoto’s other book, “The Hidden Messages in Water” but didn’t know he’d written quite a few books about water and its power to heal and transform!


I’m not even that far into this book, but it’s fascinating!  I’m having non-stop “Ah ha!” moments.  For example, he mentions that stress causes intestinal problems (ummm HELLO), that worry causes cervical nerve problems (BEYOND hello), and that impatience causes pancreas/diabetes problems (no comment).  The book mentions how sound is at different vibratory wavelengths and that silence can be created by using the opposite wavelength to a noise you’re hearing.  I’m not explaining it right, so read the book.  Ha!  It brought back a memory of how after I’d moved to New Mexico the first time in 12/2005 (from loud Los Angeles), I was startled one night while walking home with some groceries in the dark.  I got scared, and stopped dead in my tracks all alone.  I suddenly realized that what had startled me was SILENCE!  How sad is THAT?!  I stood there looking up at millions of stars, which I’d not seen in decades living in Los Angeles, and took in the silence.

Anyway, to get back to Masaro’s work with “hado” (my new favorite term), I looked up the word.  I found this interesting site:  Hado Energy — Read about hado, but also click on the link regarding the year 2012.  It’s SUPER interesting.  The first time I ever trance channeled was in 2000 and I had never heard of the Mayan calendar or how important 2012 would be.  While under hypnosis, I was pushed out of my body while 2 groups of beings spoke.  They talked about how I’d lived on Lemuria and that “In 12 years your TRUE work would become important.”  I had no clue what they were talking about and had to look up both Lemuria and 2012.  Anyway, I have wanted to go to Machu Picchu for a long time and need to make it a priority.  I feel called.  I’d also love to go to Japan to learn more about hado.

I’ve got to run off to an astrology meeting, and need to cut this short, but it’s definitely worth your time to check out these books.  And, also, stay curious!  Life is truly a journey of discovery!  I need to win $$$$ so I can quit my day job to explore!

In Light,


Interestingly, we are doing Helen Keller’s astrology chart right now, and her bio mentions WATER…plus she had a lot of water signs in her chart. https://photos.app.goo.gl/SkoMw6uJZmXEkqVJ9

The Anunaki – Water is Life

One of the things that came out of my recent hypnotic regression was the suggestion that I return to automatic writing/relay channeling.  I first started off doing channeling via writing many years ago, and I have to admit, it’s much easier on me. 🙂 The purpose is to get myself more used to ALLOWING energy to flow through me instead of fighting it half the time, which makes it hard on me physically.  Channeled writing I can do more often, and the hope is that “practice makes perfect”.

During my yoga routine’s final handstand tonight, I suddenly started picking up that my unseen friends wanted to talk about water.  I didn’t know exactly what about water was so interesting, but when I picked up my laptop and sat down, this is what transpired…

March 21, 2018

Water is life.  That is not just a statement made by your Native brethren during their fight to protect their land and safety.  It is a vast truth.  For what comprises water, makes up the planet you reside on and also the universe.  H2O is seemingly a simple hydrogen and oxygen mixture, but there are worlds within it.  Much has yet to be discovered about the kernel of power within a droplet of water.  In the future (not that far off) water will not only become the most valuable resource you have on a depleted planet, but it will also be found has the inherent ability to generate power beyond your current hydropower.  Hydropower is a very simplistic, albeit quality, use of water’s force.  But, there are ways of “splitting” water molecules that can create much more bandwidth in terms of energy creation from not much.  From little there can be huge gains.  It is increasingly important that you learn to make do with little use of resources.  The time is now to conserve.  Actually, we would have preferred you conserved more of your land’s resources decades ago, but it is what it is.

If you think back to the time of the 1970s (in your frame of reference), some wise souls would purify water with pyramids.  “Pyramid Power” was all the rage.  We would like to tell you that yes, it works.  You can indeed charge and purify water, food, etc. by placing it under a pyramid…preferably out in moonlight, but that is not mandatory.  It would be quite naïve to think that various peoples from all over your planet, for thousands of years, built pyramids for no good reason.  Not only do ALL of the pyramids of various lands and cultures align with planets, stars, and seasons of the year, but the pyramid structures were used to purify everything from water and crystals, to people.  People are crystalline.  You just haven’t discovered that yet.  We do know that it is common knowledge that the human body is mostly water.  Well, water turns into crystals when frozen, for example.  Perhaps you’ve just not developed the magnification technology yet (although it was already in existence on Lemuria long ago) to see that even when not frozen, you are made up of crystals of energy and water and light.

We think we’ve given you enough to ponder for now.  We don’t want to overload you at this juncture.

With respect,
The Anunaki

When my unseen friends signed off as The Anunaki (they specifically spelled it like that and not the other Anunnaki option), my reaction was, “Wow!  They’re new here!”  To be honest, although I certainly knew the name, I had to Google them to find out details…impressive details.  And, according to Wikipedia, some think they were/are extraterrestrials.

I just noticed this video is exactly 3:33 minutes long!  Love it when I get confirmation signs! 🙂

Until next time,


Want to raise your vibration? Go vegan!

I have wanted to mention veganism in connection with spiritual growth for a long time, and seeing this WONDERFUL interview with WONDERFUL Dr. Michael Klaper let me know it’s time.

I have been a fan of Dr. Klaper for eons, but in this long interview he goes beyond the clear health benefits of veganism (or a plant based diet) to delve more into animal rights and the future health of our planet in relation to dietary choices.  Please watch this full interview.  It’s worth your time.

Long ago I lived on the lost continent of Lemuria.  Although I can’t prove that Lemurians were 100% plant based people, I do HIGHLY suspect they were…and some things I’ve read do allude to that.  What I do know is that they were a very evolved group of people who ate a lot of fruit.

I wanted to be vegetarian for as long as I can remember.  And that was before I saw one of my grandparents’ cows that I had loved and named Scotty dragged by a tractor past a window I happened to be looking out of with a bullet in his forehead.  And then that night at dinner I was told that I had to eat Scotty while family members laughed at my heartbroken distress.  Yeah, that’s my “wonderful” family.  I vowed that when I left home (and I left as soon as possible…moving thousands of miles away) I would go vegetarian.

Not torturing and killing innocent beings with souls must be a part of anyone’s spirituality.  Your vibration is affected by what you eat and if you are eating a murdered being, it cannot help but lower your vibration.  Ignoring the fact that meat production wastes so much of Earth’s resources while millions starve and climates change is a sin.  I don’t know how else to say it.  It’s sinful.

There are lots of ways to be vegan.  You don’t have to eat high carb/low fat if that doesn’t agree with your body.  There’s Eco Atkins, which is a low carb vegan diet.  I implore you to go vegan and keep tweaking your diet to find what works for you before throwing in the towel and insisting you “need” beef.  No one NEEDS beef.  In fact, there’s an allergy now that some people have to meat.  It’s rare but real.  Google it.

Although I’m psychic no matter what I eat, I clearly feel more connected to spirit as a vegan…especially when my diet is really clean and high in vegetables and fruits as opposed to starchy stuff or processed food.  If you want to open up your intuitive abilities, I urge you to give a whole foods, unprocessed vegan diet a shot.  I think you’ll be happily surprised at what happens.



The Great White Brotherhood

While talking about the lost continent of Lemuria on Facebook minutes ago (where I supposedly lived at one point), I found out that not only is Mount Shasta in California linked to Lemuria, but so is The Great White Brotherhood!  This is exciting to me because I’ve always been drawn to gorgeous Shasta Lake and Mount Shasta, and I’ve channeled The Great White Brotherhood before, including just days ago.  I love it when things unexpectedly come together!  There really are no accidents.  We’re drawn to places for a reason.  And I’m sure it wasn’t an accident that someone got me to read the I Am books years ago…which took place at Mount Shasta.  I am happy to find out TGWB is a known group of advanced beings.  That reassures me I’m hanging out in the right dimensions/astral levels. 🙂

In light,

A names, Lemuria, and Pleiadians…


I’m starting to notice that all of us who are given spiritual names and have connections to Lemuria and Pleiadians…the names all begin with A.  I was given Atheria.  I know of an Asheria, an A’keara, I’m forgetting my other friend’s A name that she used briefly…darn it…and then the Pleiadian who came through a Ouija Board back in 2002 was Alora.  And while surfing around the Net over the years, I’ve stumbled upon other unique A names that people use who are connected.  Now I’m curious as to why that is?  I had at least one past life on Lemuria (Mu) and supposedly my ancestry is Pleiadian.  That would explain the hysterical crying due to homesickness that engulfed me years ago when Eric Pearl was doing a healing session on me and I left my body and was plopped out into the middle of the universe somewhere.  Beings were standing behind me and they showed me a star cluster millions of light years away and told me those stars were my real home.  They said they knew I didn’t like it on Earth but that I had work to do, and when I was done, I’d be brought back home.  I’m telling you, that feeling of homesickness was so awful I can’t properly explain it in words.  It was homesickness at a soul level.

Does anyone have an idea about why the A names?

Carrie a.k.a. Atheria