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Bodhi may be stealing treats again and I’ll be reading at Abitha’s Apothecary

When I sold my house last month and moved into a small apartment across town, I wondered if Bodhi and Karma would, in spirit, stay around the house…their last home before passing…or if they’d follow Chakra, Bleu, and me to the new location. Something happened recently that I suspect is Bodhi up to his old “Tuna Flavored Greenies” cat treats stealing antics again. Right now, I’m not POSITIVE he took the missing entire bag of treats, but this is a small place and I can’t find the bag of treats ANYWHERE. Now, Bleu and Chakra DO get into the kitchen cabinet where I had been keeping them, but even if they did naughtily get into the bag to feast, something should have been left over. They seemingly didn’t eat the rather tough bag. I would have seen signs of that days later, if you know what I mean.

Last night, Bodhi also came to me in a dream again. He was pale, in that his normal white/dark gray coloring was not as vivid. Basically, he looked like what you’d expect a spirit to look like…slightly ephemeral. He was playing in what I think was my current apartment (although it’s hard to remember) with other cats, which included my still physically alive Bleu and Chakra, I believe. I definitely remember him with a few other cats, and I’m pretty sure Bleu and Chakra were in the group, but I’m not 100% positive about that. It does make sense to me that he would connect with my two current kids while they are asleep and possibly temporarily out of body. He walked up to me and let me hug and pet him. I miss him and Karma so much. This is the third time he’s come to me in a dream. Karma has only come once, and I hope she’s okay. Because of her longer term decline, and possible dementia, she was sent to a pet hospice on the Other Side to recover for quite a few months. Sylvia Browne would have said she was “cocooned” to heal.

It warms my heart knowing that my babies are STILL with me, despite my moving. Now, I know that spirit is not limited by location/distance, but it’s nice to get proof of that.

On another note, I’ll be helping out Abitha’s Apothecary here in Albuquerque on Thursday night. December 4th is Albuquerque’s yearly event where Central is closed down for pedestrians to walk around for the “Shop and Stroll”. I’ll be doing readings from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. Stop by if you’re in the area!

Happy Holidays,

Karma finally came to me in a dream!

ImageAs some people know, although Bodhi has come to me in “dreams” 2-3 times since his passing, I’ve been sad that Karma hasn’t been able to come through to me astrally.  Well, all that changed in the wee hours of this morning…7 months and almost 12 days since she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  (The photo above was my baby girl on Oct. 12, 2012 after she had already gotten too thin.)

I don’t remember all of the details now, but Karma was at a hospice type place for pets.  The last year+ of her life, she went through a lot and got thinner and thinner, acted like she had dementia, and started having seizures. 😦 We never knew what was wrong as she didn’t have diabetes, thyroid issues, or kidney issues…so I think she had cancer, possibly a brain tumor.  I drove to the hospice (on a motorcycle for some odd reason…which proved to be inconvenient in terms of getting her and her supplies back home) to pick her up as I wanted her with me.  I was able to pet her and tell her I loved her.  I will say that she had been very well taken care of at this place, which brings me some peace.  I have heard that there is a cocooning procedure for humans on the Other Side who’ve gone through a lot of trauma before death so that their souls can heal and recover, and I felt that this hospice type place for pets was like that.  She was still thin, but not AS thin as she was when she crossed over (down to 6 lbs. at that point) and she actually looked better.  I then loaded her up in a pet carrier, took a kitty litter pan, and some other blankets and supplies and somehow got all of this on a motorcycle and rode home.  I woke up as I was heading back home.

This simple “dream” (I know it wasn’t a simple dream but a visit) makes me feel so much better.  Please know that not only will your human loved ones try to come to you in spirit, but also your animal loved ones.  Sometimes they need time, so don’t worry if they don’t come to you right after passing.  They may be getting cared for on the Other Side and need time to get their strength back before being able to come through.  I believe this is especially true with Alzheimer’s, ALS, and cancer.

In light,

Carrie (Atheria)

Channeling – 10/26/2013

At-one-ment.  Most consider the prior word to be atonement…to make amends for wrongs done or perceived to be done.  But we see this as being at one with the moment you find yourself in.  And in that moment, there are choices to be made…paths to take…both right paths and left paths.  By being at one with the moment you are in, you won’t need to atone for wrongs because you will choose correctly when guided by spirit.  You will be guided by spirit because in the NOW, the grand dimension that is pure spirit, you will easily hear the guidance you need to hear and you will be led to correct choices.  We do know how difficult it is for you to be in the moment when there are so many distractions in your current environment, but it is possible.  It will take practice, but you CAN do it.  You may need to remove yourself temporarily from the hustle and bustle of city life…go out into nature…sit with a tree.  This will help you to silence not only the external chatter but also the internal chatter.  We find value in “tree hugging”.  Wrap your arms around a tree and breathe with it.  Feel its life force, feel its soul.  Yes, all living things have soul energy.  There have been studies that show plants can feel pain.  If you need to trim a tree or bush you should send it love and let it know you are making the effort to help it.  Being in the stillness of a forest will help you begin to hear “the still small voice within”.  The better you get at hearing it, the better will be your choices and the less karma you will rack up.  It’s that simple.  At-one-ment.  This moment is all there is.  For there may not be another.  With that, we bid you peace.

My friend’s channeled drawing of Karma crossing over the rainbow bridge today…

My angelic friend, Diane, is a very gifted trance channel.  She lives in CA so is an hour behind me.  Karma passed away about 2:30 p.m. Mountain Time, which would be 1:30 p.m. Pacific.  While in channeling class, and in trance, Diane asked one of her guides (Maggio) and the spirit of her beloved German Shepherd (Ralphie) to try to reach Karma.  Diane is also a gifted artist and drew the b/w picture below.  She emailed me saying:

A beautiful little girl.

While I was drawing in class I asked Maggio & Ralphie to connect with Karma.  The drawing was done approx. 1:45 LA time.  Attached is what I drew (the black & white image) and then I applied some filters in Photoshop.  My feeling at the time was Karma with wings running into spirit and catching up to her dear friend Bodhi and embraced by Spirit (the cat above).

With care,


(Please note that Diane does these drawings in trance with her EYES CLOSED. Here is her explanation of what she does: I’m blended. My eyes are closed and I mostly don’t look at the paper. Sometimes I can “feel” what is being drawn, like eyes, nose, etc. so I peek to make sure the pencil is in the right place for an eye, then close my eyes again and keep drawing. I can feel thru my ring and last finger where the pencil should go/move.)

When I saw these drawings, I burst into tears AGAIN.  What a gift I will treasure forever!  And, that is definitely Bodhi down below…his famous dark bangs and all!

ImageWhat beautiful imagery and it’s fitting.  As Karma’s spirit passed through me, it zoomed up fast toward the ceiling…like she was running.  I saw 2 rainbows tonight as confirmation from Karma and Bodhi (rainbow bridge) and when I logged into Twitter to change my background to a memorial for Karma, I just “happened” to have my eyes land on someone’s name listed as Bo Dhi.  I am convinced that was Bodhi’s way of letting me know he got my pleas to meet Karma on the Other Side to help her cross over.  I just know they are together.  My heart still aches and I don’t know when I’ll stop crying, but Diane gave me the most special gift ever and I will be eternally grateful.

Here is a picture of Karma with Bleu and Chakra last February 22nd.


Carrie (Atheria)


In Memoriam: Karma 6/15/1998 to 8/24/2013

ImageI lost my 1st baby…my beloved 15 year old Karma today, and am heartbroken.  She was emaciated (although about 6 lbs. instead of the 5 I thought) and was eating less and less, throwing up, and had a bad seizure this morning.  I think she had cancer somewhere since she didn’t have diabetes, thyroid issues, or kidney failure but something was causing dramatic weight loss.  She cried all the time, although it didn’t seem to be a cry of pain.  She didn’t pass away immediately like Bodhi did, and when she finally took her last breath, I felt her spirit vwoosh through me dramatically.  When I looked in her eyes, she was gone.  I just pray I did the right thing.  It’s so hard.  With her passing, a large chunk of my life’s story is over.  She, Bodhi, and I went through a lot together.  And Karma was especially sensitive to me.  If I was depressed or sick, she sensed it and would cling to me.  She loved to touch me and would often reach over just to touch me with her paw.  Chakra went and immediately started sniffing the empty cat carrier.  I hope she is going to be okay.  She still misses Bodhi and was very close to Karma.  My cats are my children.  My cats are my love.  I can’t stop crying.

This picture of her was taken when she was healthy on 5/14/11.  I took some movies and pictures of her today, but I’d rather remember her looking healthy.

Rest in peace my baby…