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Do I have a spirit attachment AGAIN?

I can’t remember if I already blogged about what happened to me years ago regarding George Burns and Jean Harlow or not due to my advanced age, so I’ll tell this story just in case I didn’t mention it. 😉

Back in the late 1990s (I think…maybe really early 2000s) I got this out-of-the-blue craving for cigars.  Keeping in mind that I don’t smoke, this was an odd thing.  And it was bad.  I was like a heroin addict needing a cigar fix.  At the same time, I got this overwhelming urge to bleach my dark auburn or brown (can’t recall) hair really blonde.  Both things obsessed me.  I ended up buying cigars and puffed away out in my patio and bleached my hair…damaging it really bad.  I had no clue that something otherworldly might be going on.

ImageImageThat was until I went to the Spiritualist Chapel of the Flowers in Van Nuys, CA the following Sunday morning.  The medium up on the podium giving messages took one look at me and said, “You have George Burns with you and he’s waving a cigar at you!  You also have Jean Harlow with you in spirit.”  I gasped in shock.  Now, you may ask, “Why would George Burns and Jean Harlow even care about coming to me?”  Well, all I can think of is that I had sent George a Hannukah card a couple of years before he passed away.  I really didn’t know anything about Jean, but when I started reading about her, I felt a certain kinship.  I think I would have liked her.  At a later church service, other celebrities showed up…I think Cary Grant, for one, and the medium told me then that I attracted famous people in spirit because of my Hollywood connection.  (I worked in the Entertainment Industry.)

So that was my first encounter with spirits influencing my draws/cravings.  Then, in 2013 it happened again regarding Denver (which I did blog about) where I had this sudden, obsessive need to move to Denver.  But, it turned out that a spirit that had been attached to this woman I knew (she had issues in the past with possession) had jumped onto me after I spent hours with her one night.  SHE wanted to move to Denver, but this entity made me feel like I wanted to move there.  I got a cleansing and it was released.

Well, the past few days I have had this really strong desire to buy a second vehicle, an older 4×4…specifically a Jeep Wrangler or Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck.  Now, keeping in mind that I am mpg obsessed and currently drive a Fiat 500 named Sophia, this is not at all like me.  But the desire to get a truck is so strong I seriously thought about shopping for one yesterday.  This time, though, the thought popped into my head, “This is not YOU wanting the 4×4.”  I do think I’m being influenced by someone in spirit again…but cannot figure out who.  Hmmmm…At least I caught it before buying a truck I don’t need!  That being said, it would be kind of handy to have a truck for going off into the wilderness.  Sophia did pretty good off-roading in Taos last weekend, but Fiats are not really made for it.  LOL

And speaking of Taos, I have to post this great shot from my magical place…

ImageIn light,

Carrie (a.k.a. Atheria)

Hi Grandpa Slovik! :-)

This morning while getting ready to eat my healthy vegan breakfast, I suddenly got this craving for a cigarette and bacon and eggs!  I knew who it was immediately, my Grandpa Slovik (mom’s dad) in spirit just trying to influence me. 🙂 That combo was a typical weekend morning for him while on the farm…and it’s been made very clear that he and his son, my Uncle Chuckie, have been with me in spirit a lot lately.  I am very grateful for their love and protection.

A little while later I decided to take some pictures to update my Facebook page, etc.  In more than one shot in my bedroom very clear spirit orbs showed up.  Here is one of them.  Look high up in the photo (and yes….I loooooooove Daniel Craig!).

ImageA Facebook friend of mine sent me this link talking about spirit orbs and it includes some great photos.  http://www.beliefnet.com/Inspiration/Angels/2010/03/Angel-Spirit-Orbs-Pictures.aspx – I have one picture taken of me on New Years Eve or Christmas Eve…can’t recall now…where I was surrounded by hundreds of orbs, similar to some of these shots.  I have never believed that orbs are just dust particles.  Some are WAY too specific and I’ve even seen faces in some of them.

Here is another interesting picture of a man who can see orbs.  http://www.ghostcircle.com/orbs/PMOrbs2.htm

Going back to the whole cigarettes and food craving thing, years ago I started craving cigars so bad I had to go out and buy some and awkwardly smoked them, since I’m not a smoker.  I also had this obsessive desire to be really blonde and went and bleached my hair (and damaged my hair majorly).  When I went the next Sunday to “The Spiritualist Chapel of the Flowers” in Van Nuys, CA a medium said to me from the podium, “You have George Burns with you.  He’s waving a cigar at you.  You also have Jean Harlow with you in spirit.”  Whoa!!  I had always loved George Burns and sent him a holiday card one year.  Jean, I didn’t know too much about and had to research her life…but felt some eerie connection after reading.  http://www.jeanharlow.com/

So the moral of the story is, if you start craving things you don’t normally like…or if you get the urge to do things to your body, it may not be YOU who is wanting the cigarettes, cigars, or drastic hair color changes. 🙂



When spirit tells you that you need a massage, get a massage!

Today’s deal from Amazon’s version of Groupon here in Albuquerque was an hour long massage (choice of 3 types including deep tissue, which is what I need) for $29.  When I got the email, I felt I should buy an hour for that price, but I have a major issue with spending money on anything that seems like “pampering”.  Now, for a little background, I have had a headache 24 hours a day since October 1, 1995 due to neck trauma that doctors and healers have not been able to remedy.  (I’ve been killed by my neck in numerous past lives, which complicates matters.)  So, getting a NEEDED massage isn’t really pampering, but I’m demented that way.

During tonight’s Spiritualist Church via my friend’s website, another participant in the session started picking up that someone taking part in the online service had a major headache.  I acknowledged that the headache sufferer was me, and that the pain was bad tonight due to a storm front passing through Albuquerque.  At that point she told me that I really needed to get deep tissue massage work done and that it would help my muscles to let go of the nerves they are crushing.  So, I just went and purchased the $29 massage deal.

I’m telling this story to give an example of how spirit sometimes nudges us really quietly to do things we need to do.  When I saw the massage email this a.m. something in me said “get it” but my logical mind pushed it away as “spending money I shouldn’t spend on pampering”.  It took spirit being more blatant via Teresa to get through my thick and hurting skull.

Listen to the subtle nudges……that is the lesson from today.  Years ago I got this urge to go to the beach out of the blue (when I lived in Los Angeles I rarely went to the beach) but poo-pooed it.  Then, at The Spiritualist Chapel of the Flowers the next day in Van Nuys, a medium on the podium looked at me and said that I needed water…that spirit was telling her I needed to go to the ocean.  Of course, there’s also the time I started craving cigars so bad I went and got some and puffed (and coughed) away and had such an out-of-the-blue desire to go blonde I went and bleached (and damaged) my hair really blonde…only to find out from a medium that George Burns and Jean Harlow were with me in spirit that week. 🙂

Enough of my rambling.  I need to go to bed and dream of my upcoming massage.


Atheria / Carrie (still struggling with the name thing)