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Channeled Session with Halcyon

Triggered by an email someone sent me, my main spirit guide/gatekeeper, Halcyon, came through me today.  From what I’ve witnessed, we each have a “Council of 7” made up of spirit guides that assist us with planning our next incarnation, etc.

What mostly triggered Halcyon to want to speak was a discussion about people other than Jane Roberts channeling the energy known as Seth.  Basically, Halcyon said that no one other than the late Jane Roberts will ever channel Seth…and if people say they are channeling Seth, that claim is to be questioned.  Seth is still very active in another dimension, but does not speak through channels at this point.

My channeling session went a bit smoother than usual, so I am doing better at allowing my unseen friends to channel their energy through me.  It’s a constant learning process for me in terms of letting go, etc.

Anyway, here is the video.  Thank you for watching.

In Light,



Seth “coincidences”

I feel like I’m being moved toward SOMETHING all of a sudden here in New Mexico, but that something is still not in clear focus.  I feel like doors are starting to open to great new opportunities to do work more aligned with my soul purpose.  More “coincidences” are happening as part of that.

A few days ago, a kind stranger on the East Coast sent me a lovely email of support regarding my channeling.  He had “accidentally” discovered me on YouTube while not even searching for channelers.  Somehow he landed upon a mocking/insulting video about us trance channels…and I was included in the footage.  (Greeeeeat…..not!)  He told me that as a long term fan of Seth and Jane Roberts, when he saw me channel “the hairs on the back of my neck went up” (in a good way).  He then encouraged me to keep doing what I’m doing and that he felt I was on the verge of giving out some very high level information.  Every now and then, someone says something that lets me know I do need to keep doing what I do.  It’s not easy work.  You get mocked, ridiculed, insulted, etc. by those who are too narrow minded (think AFRAID) to accept that the 3rd dimension isn’t all there is.  We are multi-dimensional beings and we are not alone in the universe.  When we “die” it is not the end.  We just venture on to our next level of existence and then eventually reincarnate.  (That being said, I’m really tired of reincarnating and have told my unseen friends that I am not cooperating regarding coming back again.  Of course, I’ll probably get drunk on the high energy of the other side and stupidly agree to do this all yet again.)

His mentioning me in the same breath as Jane Roberts was one of the highest compliments I’ve ever gotten.  It’s up there with having a Taos Pueblo woman tell me years ago that although I’m white on the outside, I am her people on the inside.  (That made me cry.)  Jane’s channeling of Seth decades ago made a HUGE impact on a lot of people and opened their eyes to other dimensions, the nature of reality, etc.

Here is where some coincidental stuff comes into play.  When I was a young teen, somehow a Seth book ended up in our house (forgot which one), along with Shirley MacLaine’s “Out on a Limb“.  I’m still not sure how they ended up in our house, but my family did always love “In Search Of” with Leonard Nimoy.  I’ve gotta guess that mom may have gotten the books and then not read them.  Anyway, I could not put those two books down!  I was FASCINATED with what I read.  I had never heard of trance mediumship/channeling and didn’t totally understand what it really was…but…something in those books called to me, especially the Seth book.  Although I had a little bit of psychic ability from birth regarding dreams coming true and such, I never thought of myself as psychic and didn’t know as a kid that there was a reason I would hold séance attempts on the basement…and that eventually I’d start channeling in 2000.  When you feel there is no plan for your life, let me tell you…there is.  Our lives are charted while still in spirit and before we incarnate again, at least in terms of major events/lessons.

Besides the Seth book I read in the early 1980s, I have actually made it a habit to not read other channelers’ stuff.  I do not want to be influenced by other people’s information.  I try to be as pure as I can.  That being said, within 48 hours of the nice email I got mentioning Seth, when I logged into MeetUp.com to RSVP for some of my groups, this other group I didn’t know about popped up that is 100% based on Jane Roberts and Seth’s teachings.  So that was odd.  When I read the group’s description, the leader included a link to SethNet.org and mentioned that you could download a FREE book titled “A Compliation of Exercises from Seth and Jane Roberts“.  Awesome!  I have printed it out and am going to read it, despite my normal rule.  If there is any helpful information in there regarding channeling, I need to know it.  As you are all aware, my transition into trance isn’t always as smooth as I’d prefer it to be and it can be very hard on me physically.  Jane, like some other channels, did not live a long life.  Channeling can use up some of your life force if you are not careful.

I do have some old written channeling (before I started going into full trance in 2000) from back in the late 1990s – early 2000s that I need to dig up and start posting.  I do recall there is some pretty cool information in my old stuff.

Another lesser coincidence is that I was born and raised in Rochester, NY…not all that far from where Jane and her husband were in Elmira, NY.  In fact, I still have family not far from Elmira in the town of Horseheads.  My grandparents lived in Odessa and going to Ithaca and Elmira was not uncommon.

Thank you for reading, and make sure to check out the free Seth info linked above!

In Light,


Questions & Answers on YouTube

Okay, I’m going for it.  It scares me to do this, but everything I’m called to do scares the  hell out of me.  It’s time I stepped up.  I’m not getting any younger.  I am asking people to comment on my YouTube channel with “general interest” questions (no personal questions please) that I will either answer psychic medium-ly or answer in trance via my unseen friends.

Keep in mind that I am not one of these “airy fairy all love and light” New Age people.  The reason I adore Carolyn Myss and John Edward is that they are BLUNT and get aggravated with people.  You aren’t always told what you WANT to hear.  I fully admit that I am impatient, cranky, etc.  It’s not my fault (well…maybe it is if you believe we chart incarnations before being born like I do) that I was picked for this work.  I wanted to be an actor since I was 4 years old.  But, despite my SAG-AFTRA membership…that was not what the Universe had planned for me.

Anyway, if you have some intriguing questions, please do comment on my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/atheria444) and I will choose a few to address at a time.  I don’t have a fancy video camera yet, so I have to rely on my cruddy cell phone (the good one was taken when I was mugged/attacked) and basic Canon digital camera.

(And yes, I do know that Jane Roberts’ husband is the one who documented her channeling of Seth…not some random business partner.  Little did I know that when I found a Seth book in my Catholic home as a young teen and became obsessed by it that I’d eventually become a channeler.)

I met a gal today at my Santa Fe astrology group who is a filmmaker from the Los Angeles area (my old hood) who is temporarily in New Mexico to check out the film/TV biz here that is booming in Tamalewood.  We hit it off, and she wants to make films about metaphysical/spiritual topics, just like what I want to do.  Things may be brewing!

Thank you!


Council of Seven

My Council of Seven came through yesterday morning to talk to me, and what they said also applies to others.  (I just realized I’ve worn this same sweater before.)

This is the incident that happened last night they referred to in the YouTube video.  I felt overwhelmed when I looked at my two websites’ number of hits/views in 2016.  It made me suddenly realize just how much I need to really buckle down.  There are thousands of people, like me, looking for answers.  From age 10 I have felt this internal pressure that I have important work to do here on Earth and that I was running out of time.  But, at age 50 I do feel like I’m WAY behind and have wasted most of my incarnation.

A few hours after I taped yesterday’s channeling session, I was followed out to my car at a DeVargas Mall in Santa Fe and mugged/attacked.  I put up a fight for my purse (I was loading up the back of my hatchback.) but the creep who pulled up behind me jumped into  his car….almost dragging me….and sped away.  I lost EVERYTHING that proves my identity and all access to money.  I also got hurt and am in more pain today.  I am stressed out and devastated.  I don’t normally carry my passport, birth certificate, SS card, my credit card with my debit card, etc. but needed them for work on Monday.  Looking back, I not only realize I was the perfect target because I was struggling with too many heavy bags (groceries and pet food), but also realize spirit TRIED to warn me but I didn’t realize it!  For about the past 5 days I’ve had this thought pop into my head that I need to stop carrying purses (which a cop suggested recently) and twice during the day…before I got attacked at my car…while in stores the thought popped into my head, “Watch your purse”.  But, it was subtle and I did pay attention to my purse, but didn’t think it was actually a message from spirit.  LISTEN TO THINGS THAT RANDOMLY POP INTO YOUR HEAD!

Stressed and hurt,



Who is knocking on my head this a.m.?

Well, clearly my unseen friends heard my intention posted earlier about trying to channel at home so that I can post videos online on a more regular basis.  This morning, just before I was about to head out to Sprouts Market I felt someone “knocking” on my head (tingling) and felt urged to give channeling a try.  Normally I am blocked from doing full trance mediumship when alone because it can be risky.  I’ve been able to do what’s known as “relay channeling” via writing/typing where I’m not in FULL trance for years, but yep, I was able to fully channel briefly this morning.  Although the beings didn’t announce themselves, I do feel it was the Arcturians.  Below is what they quickly stopped by to say.

I know that when I channel it scares some people, but, trust me, this is milder than what it used to be!  LOL!  And, I’m fine.  It’s just physically difficult to fit 1000 watts of energy into a 100 watt bulb. 🙂

In Light,


Trance channeling at home

I posted the below Instagram video last week and then kind of forgot about it.  But, I need to get to work on what I talked about.  I need to figure out HOW to get my gatekeepers and spirit guides to allow me to go into full trance at home, when I’m alone, so I can post videos on YouTube on a regular basis.  Currently, I don’t get that many opportunities to channel in public.  And, I’m not getting any younger here!  I need to do more of my REAL work!  But, in the past, I’ve been blocked from full trance work when I’m alone because it’s a little risky.  Normally, my unseen friends only let me go into trance when I’m with a group of people.  I need to bribe them or something to cooperate!  LOL — If anyone has any suggestions about how I can SAFELY do this type of work at home, alone, I’d love to hear from you.


In Light,


NM UFO/Paranormal Forum & Channeling

Thank you to everyone who came to yesterday’s NM UFO/Paranormal Forum, for which I was the speaker.  The support was lovely and I really appreciate it.  I told some of my story about how my chakras got “blown open” in 1996 by healer Eric Scott Pearl, and how Taos first called me to it in 1998 (where I had a life changing rebirthing experience at Ojo Caliente)…along with my ET abduction experiences and how I started channeling.  I also mentioned my “accidental” UFO picture from 2005 that you can see on Shirley MacLaine’s website.  At one point during the talk my mind went totally blank.  It just shut off and I could not think of what I wanted to say at all.  It was at that point that I got the familiar “We’re heeeeere” feeling and went into trance and channeled Arcturians for a little while.  I had gotten signs before the talk that my unseen friends were hanging around, and sure enough, they made an appearance.  Two kind souls took cell phone video of me in trance, so when I can get a copy of it, I’ll upload it to my YouTube channel.  I don’t remember much of it, but they did say something about how we should visualize a golden pyramid over the entire planet right now as we are in dire straights.  They talked about everyone uniting due to fighting a common evil (ISIS and Al Qaeda) and that it pained them to see what is happening on Earth, but that they cannot intervene.

Someone with vision said my aura was lavender, blue, a bit of yellow, and white during my presentation…so that was great to hear.  I joked that at least it wasn’t black!  Ha!  And someone else could see a Native American man standing next to me like a protector the whole time.  That is VERY cool to hear.  Years ago I was told I had a Native American man with me often.  It’s lovely to know I am so protected by friends on the Other Side.

Someone did HIGHLY suggest that I start posting my channeling on here on a regular basis via uploading digital recordings of myself in trance.  She felt that people being able to actually hear my voice would help (my voice dramatically changes when I’m in full trance).  As I’m starting to accept that my main work on this planet is as a trance medium/channel…as the voice for those who have none…I think she’s right.  The only problem with that is that I cannot go into full trance when I’m alone.  My gatekeepers feel it’s too dangerous and block me if I’m by myself, and I live alone.  I can only due FULL trance work when I’m with a group of people.  So, I’m not sure how I can accomplish this.  Even Jane Roberts had her husband there when she channeled “Seth“…to hold down the fort, so-to-speak.  (By the way, somehow a Seth book ended up in our home when I was a young teen and when I started reading it, I was mesmerized!  I had never heard of channeling and thought it was fascinating.  Little did I know that someday I’d end up as a channel myself!  I still don’t know where the book even came from.)

Now, I am allowed (yes…allowed is the right term) to do relay channeling if I’m alone.  That isn’t nearly as risky because I don’t give up full control during relay channeling.  I’ve still got control of my faculties, and am just typing or writing down what I’m hearing them say.  I’ve got lots of old written/relayed channeling on my computer, so for now I’ll post some old stuff and hope it still has value/resonates.  So, here is something from years ago.  I’ve not read this in eons, so it’s interesting to see/feel the difference in who came through back then compared to now. 🙂

April, 1999

Spirit moves me.  Moves me beyond the five senses that we all take for so granted.  But there is a sense beyond the fifth and it is the sixth sense…Intuition, ESP, the little whisper that we often ignore in the deep recesses of our minds.  That little voice which aims to guide us and lead us beyond the delusion that we see as life on Earth.  For this is not reality.  Reality is incomprehensible as a physical mind can only grasp so much.  For this I know.  I know of which I speak as I’ve left the physical behind and now reside in the ethers between this world and the next.  Sometimes it’s quite amusing to watch you all run about like hamsters on an exercise wheel.  Going around and around in circles, all the while thinking you’re getting somewhere.  I don’t mean this in a mean spirited way.  I just am a bit confounded as to why you seem to enjoy doing things the hard way, when an easier way is right around the corner.  I wanted to say “right around the bend”, but this vehicle that I’m using edited me.  She’s a good vehicle though.  And I’m glad she picked up on the new name we telepathically sent to her, Atheria.  It is her original name.  The one she was born with in this Earth life, although pretty, was not conducive to her vibratory level.  It’s important to keep in tune with the vibration of your spirit.  Just as you have a vibratory level, so does your name…all words for that matter.  Having surroundings that match your level of vibration is also very important.  People do not realize this and then when they become sick they wonder why.  Needless to say, the same can be said for what you put into your bodies.  The seemingly careless way that humans tend to feed themselves is quite perplexing.  I, for one, don’t want polluted things around me…let alone inside my body.  Well, I must correct that statement.  I don’t have a body as you know it anymore.  But, as pure energy now I still need to feed myself, but in a different way.  Instead of food, i.e. fruit, vegetables, etc., I fuel up with light energy.  You will soon, though I use the term loosely with regard to your idea of time, be doing the same thing out of necessity and practicality.  Quite simply, you are depleting planet Earth at a rate so fast that the damage already inflicted cannot be undone.  And you have it in your heads that you can just sail off to another planet and rape its resources as you’ve done here.  Wrong.  Let me say that again…Wrong.  For one thing, every planet has different materials and resources of which it is made.  Number two, we won’t allow it.  You must learn to live within your means.