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You are not alone…ever.

Alone.  You are not alone as we here on the Other Side are always with you whether you accept that or not.  We hear when you curse us and ask why you have been forsaken.  But we have not forgotten you.  We must allow you to live your own journey though.  It pains us when you are in pain.  We feel it.  We would like nothing better than to take away your suffering and bring you to joy, but there are lessons you need to learn…lessons that you agreed to before incarnation.  And no, you were not drunk when you agreed to the life you are currently living.  As pure spirit, everything…every challenge, hurt, letdown gives you much joy as you happily accept the challenges because you know it will further your soul’s growth by leaps and bounds.  The meek do not take on difficult lives.  Although they still grow, they do so at a much slower pace.  The people who take on physical and emotional hardships grow exponentially faster as souls.  So do not look upon those who you think have golden lives with envy.  For one thing, you must walk in someone else’s shoes.  Sometimes what we see from the outside is not the full story and the person who looks like he has it all, doesn’t.  Secondly, the souls who do have seemingly easy, carefree lives are not progressing as fast as you are.  Your friend just made the comment that God does not give you more than you can handle, and that is extremely true.

Step outside yourself and look around.  Breathe.  Dream.  See.  You are living an illusion.  Knowing that fact, that everything is but a dream, and that someday you will merge into another dimension where there is less struggle…should give you the strength to go on and trudge through the material world.  Do take time to smell the roses.  The one that is blooming outside your front door is not an accident.  It should not be blooming since you planted it just weeks ago, yet it is.  That rose does not know it shouldn’t bloom.  It bloomed because it could.  It bloomed because it did not limit itself and looked around and thought, “I can’t bloom until next year.”  The good thing about living in an illusion is that ANYTHING is possible.  Just like you can affect things in a dream via lucid dreaming, you can indeed affect your surroundings now.  Granted, it is harder when in the dense material world, but it is still possible.  Just set your mind to it and remember that you are like the rose.  With this, we bid you peace.  Until next time…

The power of emotion & motorcycle accident…

Something happened at work on Wednesday that made me VERY upset.  I was both hurt and livid throughout the night (and I’m still feeling that way…although it has calmed a bit) and someone else I know at work kept popping into my head.  She is unhappy with her job and things she’s gone through at work, and is looking for other ways to make a living.  Anyway, the next day she calls me up (keeping in mind she isn’t really into my metaphysical stuff per se) and told me that I kept popping into her head all night long.  Now, the question is, did I transmit my thoughts via strong emotions to her or did I pick up that she was thinking of me randomly?  I have learned due to one major experience while in France in 1995, and some other experiences, that when you put emotion into anything….if you are trying to create your reality for example….it makes it WAY more powerful and effective.  If you are doing a spell, you must put emotion into it or it won’t work.  Emotion is energy….powerful energy.  What happened Wednesday night was a rather mild thing, but it was just one more bit of proof.

Friday the 13ths are always good luck for me, and today proved that fact true again (regarding the arrest of my burglars and good news on a security system)…except for one thing. I came upon a horrible motorcycle accident this afternoon, and when I slowly made my way past the crash scene (tons of cops, helicopters, ambulances, etc.) I was filled with strong tingling, which is usually not good news.  They were air lifting the guy probably to a trauma center, but I felt he was already gone or very, very close to crossing over.  All I could do was call to his angels and guides, and call in my angels and guides to help him.  I don’t know what the outcome was, but I do pray he made it.  The last time I felt what I felt as I drove past an accident scene, the person had died. 😦 This is one more confirmation that life is fragile and short and we never know if we’ll be here tomorrow.  Love now.