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My fairy, Lisette, showed up with ANGELS.

Driving back to the pueblo I live on (in the middle of nowhere) from Santa Fe today, I suddenly got that feeling I get when someone wants to come through and speak.  Thankfully, my unseen friends waited until I got home. 😉 A group of angelic beings showed up first, but then Lisette…my fairy/faerie friend…showed up.  I just ADORE her energy!  She is lightness and fun!  My other unseen friends tend to be much more serious.  At one point during the channeling session, my head kept moving in the infinity symbol and I could not stop it.  In my mind, I had to tell them, “Okay, enough already.  People are going to get bored!”

Oddly, no cats intervened today.  Ha!  And, yes, I still have no REAL furniture and I’ve lived here since 11/2016.  I have commitment issues. 😉 I am NOT committing to New Mexico again!  Heck, I can’t even commit to a 2 year cell phone contract.  Anyway, please excuse the lack of decent decor and my dirty/stringy hair.  I really do need to pull it back out of the way when I channel.  As usual, this is clearly not some high end production here.  😀

In Light,


My fairy friend, Lisette…

To follow-up on my recent post where I mentioned my fairy friend, Lisette, I have to say that the girl is aggressive for being a tiny being!  Since the “Hi!” in my left ear days ago (she sits on my left shoulder and tickles my left arm and pulls on my ear) I have had Facebook friends “coincidentally” post fairy garden posts.  I didn’t even know my friend in Massachusetts had a fairy garden until she posted pictures of updates to it this past week!  My Albuquerque friend, who I didn’t know was into my “woo-woo” stuff (know her through volunteering at Animal Humane New Mexico) posted pictures of her visit to this cool place in Hondo, NM:  Hondo Iris Farm and Fairy Garden Then, walking to my car at my conservative workplace, I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Fairies are real!”  Ummm…HELLO.  Clearly, Lisette, who I found out about in 2002, is wanting attention at this time…and…quite frankly…I need her right now.  And after reading about the meaning of the name Lisette, and what type of person someone is with that name, I adore her!  She and I are VERY alike.

I got the urge to Google the meaning of the name Lisette today.  Now, I could have sworn that when she introduced herself to me in 2002 she had pronounced her name LISS-ET, but according to what I see, she’s French (and I’m French obsessed…probably from a past life in Versailles) and her name should be pronounced LEE-ZET.  I will have to ask her to clarify the pronunciation.

http://www.first-names-meanings.com/names/name-LISETTE.html (French)

http://www.sheknows.com/baby-names/name/lisette (oh wait…German and Hebrew)

https://www.behindthename.com/name/lisette (French)

But the more important thing is the MEANING of her name.  It means “Devoted to God”.  That’s a tad too “coincidental” to be random coincidence!  Here are some excerpts:

Numerology (from http://www.sheknows.com)

SoulUrge Number: 1

People with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence.  They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details.

Expression Number: 9

People with this name tend to be passionate, compassionate, intuitive, romantic, and to have magnetic personalities.  They are usually humanitarian, broadminded and generous, and tend to follow professions where they can serve humanity.  Because they are so affectionate and giving, they may be imposed on.  They are romantic and easily fall in love, but may be easily hurt and are sometimes quick-tempered.

Who is she? (from www.first-names-meanings.com)

Lisette could appear more of a tough-cookie than she really is… But the truth is that she is incredibly sensitive and quite vulnerable, all things considered.  She often tends to become withdrawn in the face of hostility, preferring to avoid confrontation.  However, she is nevertheless a courageous woman who is proud and determined, loathes injustice, flattery and deceit, and is more than capable of leading others and assuming responsibility; she is capable of great selflessness for a cause that touches her heart.  An innovative spirit who needs to be able to live her own experiences, she is quite a complex character who can be egocentric, authoritarian and demanding at times – particularly if she was born on a 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th, or if she has a life Path Number of 1; whilst at other times, she can also be very altruistic and idealistic, especially if she was born on a 9th, 18th, 27th, or if she has a life Path Number 9.  As a child, Lisette is well-behaved, disciplined and reserved and autonomous, so she makes a wonderful big sister who is quite capable of standing in for her parents if the need arises.  It is nonetheless important to be careful not to take advantage of her kind and helpful nature.  She would benefit from participating in activities outside the family home as this will enable her to strike the right balance in her relationship with other people and her environment.

What does she like?

An ambitious lady, Lisette wants to win in life, to lead others and draw attention to herself.  She craves recognition and adulation and sees the world as a stage on which she loves to perform… Both idealistic and materialistic at the same time, she enjoys a high standard of living and appreciates the comfort that money can provide.  When it comes to relationships, she is demanding and intends to be the one who wears the trousers!  She is a sensual woman, though uncompromising and jealous; and while she is faithful, loyal and frank, she expects the same in return.  But underneath her abrupt, harsh manner she is in fact hiding an enormous, generous heart and very sentimental nature.

What does she do?

Lisette is likely to be attracted to the social fields (medicine, justice, law), particularly if she was born on a 9th, 18th, 27th, or if she has a life Path Number of 9; otherwise she could be tempted by one of the liberal professions or a career in banking, management, finance, show business or broadcasting.

I think it’s time I got to know Lisette better, and learn to work with her.

Fairies are real.


Update 6/22/2018:  While at a party on the 20th, someone told me that security cameras near the wellness center in Pojoaque (where I live) caught 2 fairies on camera one night!  I guess this happened recently and the images were undeniable.  Very cool!

Attention please!


To all my fellow mediums, I need to ask a question:  How do you know when a thought isn’t just a random thought and actually a warning from spirit?  In retrospect, I had gotten warnings that my car was going to be hit while parked yesterday, but stupid me didn’t catch on.  I had this urge to fold in my driver’s side mirror, which I don’t normally do, and also felt I needed to park as close to (if not up on the sidewalk) the curb as possible.  But, I just thought I was being cautious in general and didn’t realize that hours later I’d come out to find someone had smashed my fender and bumper.  (The mirror was unscathed.)

Last year before my mugging in the parking lot of Santa Fe’s DeVargas Center, twice the thought popped into my head while in different stores…”keep an eye on your purse”.  But, I didn’t realize spirit guides were trying to warn me that I’d be attacked loading up my car.  (I put up a fight and got injured, and lost all my ID and needed to re-key my Honda to the tune of $1,200.)

In Los Angeles years ago I was heading from West Hollywood to Century City and was taking my normal route when, heading south on La Cienega above Santa Monica Blvd., this REALLY quiet voice/thought said, “Take Melrose.”  I dismissed it as nothing, and turned onto Santa Monica Blvd. as usual…well…MISTAKE.  Something had happened and traffic was backed up for decades.

During another sleepless night last night due to horrid pain and worries, I was trying to figure out how the heck to PAY ATTENTION to “the still small voice within” and my spirit friends’ warnings/advice when it’s SO subtle and quiet, almost like a whisper.  Can’t they yell?!  Oh wait, one DID yell once.  A voice loudly yelled “SEAT BELT!” in my ear when in a car with a careless driver just before he ran a stop sign.  But, that was a one time yelling.  I need to be yelled at, clearly, on a constant basis.  As I was trying to figure out an easy way to tell the difference from just one of my random and constant thoughts and an actual spirit message, I heard what sounded like a female voice say “Hi!” in my left ear.  (I had earplugs in too, along with my eye shielding mask and teeth retainers…so attractive.)  Now, I don’t know if that means this voice is going to start being more blatant and was just alerting me to her or what.  Oh wow!  As I typed that, Lisette, my fairy, popped into my head!  I think it was Lisette!  Now that I think about it, she DOES hang out on my left shoulder and plays with my earlobe.  A fellow psychic told me about her years ago and mentioned that I’d been having tickling feelings on my left ear and arm and that Lisette told her to tell me, “I am not a fly, so don’t swat me away.”  Ha!  I had JUST done that the day before!

Okay, Lisette, please STAY AROUND and help out this sometimes dense-headed and struggling gal.  I really need you right now with my current challenges regarding my health and other things.  I would also love to get input from other psychics and mediums, too, about how you recognize spirit messages vs. random, meaningless thoughts.  Do you get specific spirit guide images, etc.?

In Light,

Atheria and Lisette

My fairy friend, Lisette…

20171006_142023~2Lisette, my fairy friend who introduced herself to me in 2002, “sent” me this picture of her on a postcard.  The yellow area is discolored from the frame I had this picture in, darn it.  How she sent me her picture was kind of funny.  Years ago in Los Angeles, I had a knock on my apartment door.  One of my neighbors was there and told me that he’d been out and about that day, and when he saw this postcard, he just had this really strong urge to get it and give it to me…but didn’t know why.  I just laughed.  At the time, Lisette was relatively new in my life and kept trying to get my attention.  Well, this worked. 🙂

I started feeling her around this afternoon after quite a long time of not even a peep from her.  I thought she might want me to channel her…and she did.  I just love  her light and bright energy, although she was a bit more serious than normal today.  She does often have a very fun sense of humor.  When she mentions “the Land of Éire” she means Ireland.  I had never heard it said like that before and love when stuff comes out while channeling that I don’t even know and have to Google!  (And notice that Chakra just had to make a video appearance.  I’m surprised Bleu didn’t get into frame too!)

Suaimhneas (SOO-iv-nass) – peace, tranquility, quietness, rest, calm comfort

Atheria and Lisette

P.S. This has nothing to do with Lisette, but something cool just happened when I pulled a tarot card regarding a job I’m up for that has been feeling really good gut-wise.  You can see it here:  https://www.instagram.com/p/BZ7JGD1n0p3/

That’s what I get for saying, “God use me”…Metatron shows up.

I’m blaming Bob for this…and you know who you are. 🙂 As I was mentioning…or whining…about how I feel my life is being totally wasted, on Thursday Bob told me this simple little “prayer” he says that has changed his life…”God use me.”  He told me it triggered major changes in him, funky dreams, and opened his life up.  So, since it’s simple and I’m all about simple, I said “God use me” before i went to bed Thursday night.  Ask, and ye shall receive!

On Friday as I was making my Starbucks pilgrimage, my phone rang and it was a new friend wanting to get together to show me something.  When I mentioned where I was walking, the location was perfect for her and she came to Starbucks when her car was done being worked on a little while later.  We had a great chat and she said she was going to two documentaries at The Guild Cinema here in Nob Hill (across from my Starbucks) – one about Paramahansa Yogananda called “Awake” and then later, one about the Dalai Lama called “Awakening“.  I couldn’t make the Yogananda one, but felt I really needed to get to the 7:30 p.m. showing of “Awakening”.  (Now I really DO want to see the “Awake” too and will need to find some way to see it as the run is over here.)  I have this thing about the Dalai Lama.  I just adore him.  I think he’s so darn cute!  Now, that is probably NOT the right thing to say about His Holiness, but I can’t help myself and I bet he’d just giggle. 🙂 Many years ago I had a dream that clearly was not a dream but instead an OBE that he appeared in.  I flew over to some church type place in Europe (I think it was in Europe) where he was speaking in front of a large crowd.  At the end, you could get darshan (that’s the only term I can think of…blessing kind of thing) from him.  The line was long, but I patiently awaited my turn.  Finally he was standing right in front of me and as he looked at me, all at once in one massive happening, he saw my soul, I knew he could see my soul, something was plunked into my 3rd eye chakra, and I was told “You’ve been chosen.”  Immediately, I wooshed back into my body in Los Angeles and woke up with a jolt.  I’ve had at least two past lives in Tibet/Nepal and in one of them, I clearly remember being a young male monk.  I was in a cave with my older teacher.  There was this massive book in Tibetan on my lap that I was studying.  As I witnessed the scene outside myself, I thought, “How am I reading Tibetan?”  Ha!

Anyway, I have a very strong connection to all things Asian, but especially Tibetan Buddhism (although Zen also fascinates me), Tibet, and Nepal related.  The documentary was great, although not what I expected.  I assumed it was more about the story of his life, but it was about a visit by a group of philosophers, scientists, etc. who made a pilgrimage to meet with him in Dharamsala and their dynamic as they struggled to be spiritual as human beings with weaknesses and egos.  I loved the film and was so glad I saw it.  He is so wonderful and the timing of me seeing this film was very fitting.  There is one part where the Dalai Lama is asked for his approval of a proposed boycott of everything from China as a way to hurt the country economically so that it would finally give Tibet back its freedom.  His overwhelming concern was for the innocent people of China who would be hurt by such a boycott.  The people who had nothing to do with China’s aggressive government would be financially hurt and many of them are not wealthy people.  Hearing him be so unbelievably compassionate/caring when the Chinese government has harmed his homeland and his people so severely REALLY hit me.  I needed to be reminded that the higher road is the right road.  It’s not always the road I want to take when I’m angry about something.  The whole film truly affected me and I really feel it was a nudge from God.

So that was one thing that happened immediately after saying “God use me” the first time.  Since then, Taos has been popping up again and I have this weird feeling it’s going to be involved with me being used by God.  My new friend also has a lovely home up there.  Time will tell.

I should also mention that before my friend showed up at Starbucks on Friday, I got talking to this college student studying next to me because she had the Bhagavad Gita sitting on the table.  I have always wanted to read it but have been too lazy and too overwhelmed at the thought of it to actually sit down and read it.  But, after our talk, now I know I HAVE to read it.  We also talked about Taosim a bit.  It was one of those brief conversations where I could feel it was not an accident and i was being led.  Basically, Friday was a day of Eastern Thought for me.  I’m being led.

Today was the monthly meeting of Albuquerque/Placitas Metaphysical and Spiritual Lyceum and I went thinking I was just going to a regular meeting where I’d mostly just listen.  Wrong!  Almost immediately upon taking my seat around the circle, I started to feel “funny”…heart started to race, etc. like I was about to go into trance.  I kept hearing METATRON and although I’ve never channeled Metatron, I knew that was about to change.  I kept trying to hold Metatron back, but have you ever tried to hold back an archangel?!  Not easy!  In my head I was saying, “Not now, go away” but that was out of the question.  LOL!  I started twitching and such as I normally do when “they” show up.  I signaled Kathy to my right and Tammy to my left that I was about to “leave” and I couldn’t stop it.  They’re used to my little episodes and let the group leader, William, know that I had unseen friends with me who wanted to talk.  I felt really bad about interrupting the meeting!  When the meeting was paused, my normal contorting, gasping, coughing, arms crippling up stuff happened as Metatron incorporated with me.  Now, I’m not going to be able to recall everything that came out because I wasn’t really fully in my body, but some interesting stuff that was said was firstly…that Metatron described himself as “we”…a group consciousness…not an I, as he is normally thought of.  Later, a couple of others in the meeting said they have heard that a group of high level teachers have joined together and that Metatron is one of them, so it wasn’t shocking to them.  I wish someone had videotaped it!

What I can remember is that Metatron loved the energy in the room and approved of the work we are doing as a group.  There were all these golden cords spiraling up toward the ceiling.  They elaborated on what I think some ETs said about Albuquerque a while ago, that there is a pyramid over the city and that although people normally think of Sedona and Southern Colorado (Crestone) as vortices, that Albuquerque is actually a vortex too.  They said that there were now three pyramids on top of each other over the city to magnify the energy of heailng and advancement.  I then saw these cool golden pyramids clairvoyantly.  Here is a picture I found that shows the setup I saw.

triple pyramidsMetatron also said that Taos was linked with Silver City somehow.  I wish I could remember what was said!  They said that in the mountains near Silver City, some rocks/gemstones (felt different than normal gemstones but there was no other available word for what I was being shown and told about) will be discovered that are VERY powerful and healing.  A gold rush of sorts would occur where people will flock to the area to dig hoping to find some to help heal their loved ones with serious health problems.  I’m really forgetting other details that were said, darn it.  Metatron didn’t stay overly long because my physical body was suffering…my wrists that were locked into a weird position were hurting and during one of my head swinging around moments, my fragile neck cracked and started hurting more than normal.  I should mention that channeling his HARD on the body.  No wonder people like Jane Roberts didn’t live very long.

Anyway, I do remember the Metatron group saying “Hold please” as they left and another, much lighter group popped in.  I think I started waving my arms around loosely and swaying all over the place as a group of fairies showed up to lighten the serious mood.  They said they were friends with the fairy who hangs out on my left shoulder and plays with my ear, Lisette, who I first met in 2002.  I can’t remember anything they said, darn it.  They were fun though, and talked only very briefly before leaving and letting me back into myself.

As it turned out, the handout William had prepared to give everyone (there were 17 of us) at the meeting was Metatron connected!  Wow!  At this point, I’ll take any confirmation that I can get that yes, this did indeed happen and was the real deal!  As the meeting was ending, I looked down and noticed that I had impulsively put on my necklace that has a piece of powerful moldavite in it.  I totally forgot I had it on.  No wonder I went into trance!  Moldavite tends to trigger channeling, even in those who don’t normally trance channel.  It’s a magnifier big time and also very ET connected.  I’m surprised that Pleiadians or Arcturians didn’t show up, quite frankly!  Here is a picture of my necklace.

IMG_20150308_181246I am curious to see what happens next, all because of uttering “God use me” every day!  Today is Sunday, and since Thursday night when I uttered that the first time, I’ve been led toward learning more about Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism and trance channeled a collective archangel group and fairies!  I think I’m a little nervous what will happen tomorrow.  LOL

Oh wait, one last thing!  During the healing portion of today’s meeting, one member who is experiencing tremendous grief over the loss of her loved one, sat in the middle of the circle as we sent energy to her.  Well, I saw this most beautiful image of him using angel wings to totally surround her in a type of huge hug…and I felt immense love come from him.  Two other mediums saw the same type of image, of him engulfing her with a hug and love.  I wanted to mention this just to remind everyone that when our loved ones leave their physical bodies, they are still around us and loving us…

In honor of the late Leonard Nimoy…

LLAP – Live Long And Prosper,