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Spirit Communication

I’m writing today to make those of you who’ve never heard of World ITC and Leslie Flint aware of them.  I met Boulder, CO resident and spirit communication researcher Mark Macy years ago in Los Angeles.  Mark’s baby is World ITC.  He, along with those he’s worked with around the globe and on the Other Side, has devoted his life to proving that we are eternal beings… who, when given the right means…can verbally and visually communicate with us still in the flesh long after passing away from the physical realm.  His website has fascinating spirit photos and audio recordings.  Mark does the work he does out of love.  He’s certainly not gotten rich because of it, and has faced being ostracized.  I truly feel he has pure intentions.  Looking through his website is worth your time.  It looks like it hasn’t been updated recently though.  I love the appearance of John Denver.

Another really interesting website is the site for psychic medium, Leslie Flint.  He was born in 1911 and had the gift of direct voice mediumship, which nowadays we’d call channeling.  Spirits spoke directly through him and there are lots of recordings online for you to listen to.  They are truly fascinating.  To hear a little boy’s voice come out of Leslie, for example, is very cool.  He also channeled some famous people who’d “died”.

Energy never dies…it simply transforms, and we ARE energy. 🙂

In light,