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Labyrinth…not the movie with David Bowie. :-)


While in DeVargas Center in Santa Fe on Saturday I ran into a friend who not only is a great astrologer and search dog trainer, but also does Reiki.  She could see on my face how bad my constant headache was and kindly offered to work on me in the mall.  Of course I said “Yes please!”  Her hands immediately got warm and I felt the tingling of energy flowing when she placed them on my neck.  She explained that she also incorporates another form of healing with Reiki that involves working with a square/rectangular grid that always appeared on the patient.  Well, “always” except in my case.  She said that instead of the usual square or rectangular boxed grid, my neck showed her a circle.  Then the circle morphed into a spiral, and then into a labyrinth.  She didn’t know what to make of it, but just went with the flow so-to-speak.  My gut reaction to the labyrinth image was that it was depicting the complexity of my 22.5+ years of pain hell that over 100 MDs, healers, etc. cannot figure out.  I know for a fact that I’ve died by neck injuries in numerous lives, so there’s THAT.  Plus I have a real (actually…3 now) neck traumas in this life, with the most recent being last month.  I can’t help but feel that there is something I’m not getting, so my guides are getting increasingly aggressive about “whacking me in the head”…maybe until I get to the point where I simply cannot survive in this much pain anymore.  It’s not that I’ve not tried to help myself, believe me.  I’m not a lazy person by any means.  I just can’t figure out the damn message.

Regarding my neck damage, my body has continually either not responded to what doctors have done at all, or had really weird reactions to their attempts to get me out of pain…including sometimes getting worse.  I’ll never forget the look of total fear (thinking LAWSUIT) on the face of the head of neurosurgery at UNM a few years ago.  He injected a nerve in my head with something…expecting that I’d say, “OMG!  The headache and neck pain is gone!”  But, nope.  Instead, I developed extreme vertigo he could not explain.  He shook my hand after one visit with, “I can’t help you.  Good luck.”  I had a top guy at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles tell me that they knew I wasn’t faking the pain and signs of nerve damage in my face, but, “We can’t figure out what is causing your symptoms.  What we see in MRIs don’t explain the headache and face droop.  Try hypnosis.”  Gee…thanks a lot, doc.  Another top neuro in Santa Monica said I should have symptoms I didn’t display but had symptoms he couldn’t make sense of.  He mentioned removing part of my skull but couldn’t promise it would work.  Ummm…no thanks!

Then there’s my endocrine system that is SO weird, I had a very experienced endocrinologist in Santa Monica keep sending me back to Cedars Sinai for more blood tests because he thought the results could not be mine.  Each time, my hormone values came back weirder and weirder.  He finally got so exasperated he said, “I think you’re an alien.”  BINGO!  Supposedly, it was “impossible” to have my numbers yet have my body do what it was doing.  Well…not in Atheria’s world!

When I became severely hypoglycemic in 2010 MDs couldn’t explain it either.  Once again, blood test results didn’t match my severe low blood sugar attacks.  Only one guy mustered a guess and warned me that I’d probably become diabetic years later.  And, yes, my body is trying to become diabetic now…but I’m fighting it.  I am not overweight by any means, so even THAT is odd for Type 2.

Then there’s the IBS with idiopathic constipation life-long issue (since birth) where eating tons of fiber does not help at all.  I actually do better with less fiber I think.  As a kid I’d have to put spoonfuls of wheat bran on all my food and take mineral oil with Senokot, and I’d still struggle.  By the way, Aloelax by Nature’s Way is a freaking godsend!

Why I’m even mentioning all of my personal health issues is to talk about how opposite normal I am.  When doctor/healer after doctor/healer can’t make sense of how your body behaves, you start to really wonder…”Am I not human?  Am I just wearing a human suit?”  When a holistic doctor a few years ago muscle tested me for foods, it annoyed him to no end that my body actually LOVED coffee.  (I say that with much glee!)  His attitude was that coffee was not good for anyone, especially someone with hypoglycemia (at the time) so he begrudgingly said, “Well, don’t increase your consumption.”  LOL

As you know, I am a psychic medium and trance medium…often of ETs.  Perhaps there’s more to my connection to ETs than I thought.  Maybe I am an alien.  Years ago while walking around Hollywood, this thought popped into my head, “You don’t belong here.  This is not your home.  You are not one of these people.”  Then there’s the very dramatic reaction I had during a session with Eric Pearl in 1996 where I left my body, traveled through a tunnel, and was plopped out into the universe somewhere.  Beings were standing behind me and we were “talking” telepathically.  They showed me this star cluster WAY far away and I was hit with indescribably strong, overwhelming homesickness.  I started hysterically crying.  Eric was asking, “What’s happening?!”  But, I was crying so hard I couldn’t speak.  I’ll never forget that feeling.  The beings with me said, “We know you don’t like it where you are, but we want you to know that we’ll be with you from now on and you will be brought home when you’re done with what you need to do.”  I then zoomed back through the tunnel.  No wonder I have issues really connecting with places (except Taos) on Earth.  This planet just doesn’t feel like home.

If any of my ET friends are reading this, I’m ready to go home now.  I’m “over” this place and suffering in pain.  Beam me up, Scotty!

Tired in No Man’s Land,


NM UFO/Paranormal Forum & Channeling

Thank you to everyone who came to yesterday’s NM UFO/Paranormal Forum, for which I was the speaker.  The support was lovely and I really appreciate it.  I told some of my story about how my chakras got “blown open” in 1996 by healer Eric Scott Pearl, and how Taos first called me to it in 1998 (where I had a life changing rebirthing experience at Ojo Caliente)…along with my ET abduction experiences and how I started channeling.  I also mentioned my “accidental” UFO picture from 2005 that you can see on Shirley MacLaine’s website.  At one point during the talk my mind went totally blank.  It just shut off and I could not think of what I wanted to say at all.  It was at that point that I got the familiar “We’re heeeeere” feeling and went into trance and channeled Arcturians for a little while.  I had gotten signs before the talk that my unseen friends were hanging around, and sure enough, they made an appearance.  Two kind souls took cell phone video of me in trance, so when I can get a copy of it, I’ll upload it to my YouTube channel.  I don’t remember much of it, but they did say something about how we should visualize a golden pyramid over the entire planet right now as we are in dire straights.  They talked about everyone uniting due to fighting a common evil (ISIS and Al Qaeda) and that it pained them to see what is happening on Earth, but that they cannot intervene.

Someone with vision said my aura was lavender, blue, a bit of yellow, and white during my presentation…so that was great to hear.  I joked that at least it wasn’t black!  Ha!  And someone else could see a Native American man standing next to me like a protector the whole time.  That is VERY cool to hear.  Years ago I was told I had a Native American man with me often.  It’s lovely to know I am so protected by friends on the Other Side.

Someone did HIGHLY suggest that I start posting my channeling on here on a regular basis via uploading digital recordings of myself in trance.  She felt that people being able to actually hear my voice would help (my voice dramatically changes when I’m in full trance).  As I’m starting to accept that my main work on this planet is as a trance medium/channel…as the voice for those who have none…I think she’s right.  The only problem with that is that I cannot go into full trance when I’m alone.  My gatekeepers feel it’s too dangerous and block me if I’m by myself, and I live alone.  I can only due FULL trance work when I’m with a group of people.  So, I’m not sure how I can accomplish this.  Even Jane Roberts had her husband there when she channeled “Seth“…to hold down the fort, so-to-speak.  (By the way, somehow a Seth book ended up in our home when I was a young teen and when I started reading it, I was mesmerized!  I had never heard of channeling and thought it was fascinating.  Little did I know that someday I’d end up as a channel myself!  I still don’t know where the book even came from.)

Now, I am allowed (yes…allowed is the right term) to do relay channeling if I’m alone.  That isn’t nearly as risky because I don’t give up full control during relay channeling.  I’ve still got control of my faculties, and am just typing or writing down what I’m hearing them say.  I’ve got lots of old written/relayed channeling on my computer, so for now I’ll post some old stuff and hope it still has value/resonates.  So, here is something from years ago.  I’ve not read this in eons, so it’s interesting to see/feel the difference in who came through back then compared to now. 🙂

April, 1999

Spirit moves me.  Moves me beyond the five senses that we all take for so granted.  But there is a sense beyond the fifth and it is the sixth sense…Intuition, ESP, the little whisper that we often ignore in the deep recesses of our minds.  That little voice which aims to guide us and lead us beyond the delusion that we see as life on Earth.  For this is not reality.  Reality is incomprehensible as a physical mind can only grasp so much.  For this I know.  I know of which I speak as I’ve left the physical behind and now reside in the ethers between this world and the next.  Sometimes it’s quite amusing to watch you all run about like hamsters on an exercise wheel.  Going around and around in circles, all the while thinking you’re getting somewhere.  I don’t mean this in a mean spirited way.  I just am a bit confounded as to why you seem to enjoy doing things the hard way, when an easier way is right around the corner.  I wanted to say “right around the bend”, but this vehicle that I’m using edited me.  She’s a good vehicle though.  And I’m glad she picked up on the new name we telepathically sent to her, Atheria.  It is her original name.  The one she was born with in this Earth life, although pretty, was not conducive to her vibratory level.  It’s important to keep in tune with the vibration of your spirit.  Just as you have a vibratory level, so does your name…all words for that matter.  Having surroundings that match your level of vibration is also very important.  People do not realize this and then when they become sick they wonder why.  Needless to say, the same can be said for what you put into your bodies.  The seemingly careless way that humans tend to feed themselves is quite perplexing.  I, for one, don’t want polluted things around me…let alone inside my body.  Well, I must correct that statement.  I don’t have a body as you know it anymore.  But, as pure energy now I still need to feed myself, but in a different way.  Instead of food, i.e. fruit, vegetables, etc., I fuel up with light energy.  You will soon, though I use the term loosely with regard to your idea of time, be doing the same thing out of necessity and practicality.  Quite simply, you are depleting planet Earth at a rate so fast that the damage already inflicted cannot be undone.  And you have it in your heads that you can just sail off to another planet and rape its resources as you’ve done here.  Wrong.  Let me say that again…Wrong.  For one thing, every planet has different materials and resources of which it is made.  Number two, we won’t allow it.  You must learn to live within your means.

UPDATE 11/24/2018: Here are two videos of my channeling on 11/22/2015 that I forgot to add long ago.

I realize, 3 years later, how much my channeling has changed and it’s not as dramatic now…thankfully. 🙂