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Giza or bust?!

To save time, I’ll link below what happened in 2002 with a wild dolphin while in Hawaii.


I’ve been haunted for 16 years about what the symbol for healing meant that the dolphin telepathically sent me.  Now, I have to admit that the Taos logo is eerily close (and you all know how magical Taos is for me)…but while Googling triangle symbols yesterday (because my almost 23 years of head and neck pain has been horrific-ly worse since the April 11th hammock incident) I stumbled upon this symbol that is at the Giza pyramid in Egypt.


Then, since it supposedly represents a stargate, I Googled “stargate” and found THIS!


Now, I’m a fan of James Spader and Kurt Russell…but I was not expecting THIS!

So, as impractical as my spirit helpers are…it’s possible I need to go to Egypt for healing!  I guess I need to sit inside Giza until this brain crushing pain is gone.  Can’t healing be easier and cheaper?!

Thank goddess I have a valid passport.  But I do NOT like having to fly anywhere…let alone over the Atlantic Ocean for thousands of miles!  This is highly annoying.




The Pyramid Code

I got one free month of Netflix so I can watch shows/films nominated for the SAG Awards (I’m a SAG-AFTRA member) but got TOTALLY distracted with a 2009 documentary series called The Pyramid Code.  It’s fascinating!  I’ve learned that it’s highly unlikely the Great Pyramid of Egypt, along with the other major pyramids there, were meant to be tombs for pharaohs as we’ve all been told.  And, the fact that Egyptian higher-ups have been trying to hide major cracks in the pyramids from huge explosions that can’t be explained by “normal” means and also cover up clear UFO images amongst the hieroglyphics is eye opening!  They don’t show typical tourists the controversial stuff.  The pyramids also seem to be a lot older than how old we’ve been told…with the famous Sphynx being even older.  One of the most interesting things for this chronic pain sufferer is that there are signs that the pyramids used sound to heal people.  I was told by a very gifted British medium years ago that sound would heal me when nothing else has for over 21 years now.  I will admit that in Taos for the first time in 1998 when fate brought Tibetan monks into town where they did powerful throat singing I literally felt the energy from the sound(s) going through my body and affecting me.  I had a traumatic day and was totally depleted (see my post about Taos from 2013 about what happened at Ojo Caliente in 1998) but after the monks’ presentation and chanting I felt totally rejuvenated and was fine by the next morning.  I have always been drawn to Tibetan toning bowls and New Age crystal toning bowls.  Sound IS vibration and we are vibration, so it makes sense that sound can heal.

chichen-itzaThis was me at Chichen Itza in mid May 2015.  One of the coolest things about this awesome place is that when you stand at the bottom of El Castillo (pictured) and clap your hands (for example) you hear the clapping sound echo mysteriously.  El Castillo is a sound conductor.

From this multiple episode documentary I’m watching, now I want to go to Tikal in Guatemala too!  These researchers got tons of orbs in their pictures around this one older pyramid at Tikal that they think is due to the fact the structure is generating energy.  They also explained how the pyramids in Egypt used certain stones in certain ways to create electricity and/or insulate electricity where needed.  And some of these remaining sites near the Egyptian pyramids are 100% quartz crystal!

I highly recommend this documentary!  Much better than watching depressing news!

In Light,