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Soul Colors by White Feather

Now I know why I felt the urge to fix my Native American made pretty hummingbird bracelet this morning so I could wear it.¬† Clearly, one of my guides, White Feather, had his hand in it. ūüôā


Interestingly, that black thread of a line between the bracelet and NOTHING was not in the original picture that I cropped.¬† I even checked the black shirt I’m wearing’s sleeve to see if there was an explanation for the line…but…nope.¬† I feel that this is White Feather’s way of showing that he is connected to the bracelet I recently bought from a lovely man here in Pojoaque.¬† I had purchased this bracelet not only because it’s pretty, but because hummingbirds have been showing up A LOT recently.¬† I feel there is some spiritual connection to them.¬† Hummers have been serving as spirit messengers the past few months.

Anyway, here is this morning’s channeled session with White Feather.¬† His energy/spirit is very proud and strong…and I think…Sitting Bull may have come with him.¬† I was blessed to channel Sitting Bull in Los Angeles many years ago at a friend’s house.¬† What I recall from that session is the wonderful proud soul he has.¬† Both White Feather and Sitting Bull are pretty serious beings, and today, White Feather got annoyed with my questioning what he was saying to me.¬† What the camera does not capture is my telepathic debating with him.¬† Entire conversations are going on between my verbal words.¬† That is a chronic issue with me that many beings get frustrated with.¬† I’m not the most accommodating person.¬† LOL!¬† I refer to myself as an unruly child, and I think quite a few of my unseen friends see me that way.¬† But, it’s their fault!¬† I was picked for SOME reason!¬† I’m not sure I agreed to this!¬† Oh wait, we chart our lives before we’re born…yadda yadda yadda…

I heard my friend, Malcolm’s, full road trip story at today’s Santa Fe astrology group meeting and WOWZA!¬† Lillian and I told him that we are coming with him next time!¬† Seriously, there is WAY too much to write here (so I’ll leave him to blog or video blog about it) but, just some of the stuff he had happen was that in Madrid, NM (loooooove that TINY town featured in the film “Wild Hogs” in 2006 he encountered a reptilian ET, in Dulce, NM (of cow mutilation and gun battle with ETs fame) he saw a grey alien that seemed to take a liking to him, and in Taos, NM he encountered a ghost at Taos Inn (known to be haunted, but he was not aware of that) as he came out of the shower!¬† He went looking for Bigfoot, which he did not find, but sure had an eventful vacation!

Here is the FUNNY shirt he got me in Dulce.


I would SO love to wear this to work (but can’t due to the sexual innuendo) because of my employer’s suspected connection to Dulce, ETs, UFOs, underground ET/military bases, etc…but…

I’ve gotta run, but until we meet again….

Play safe out there,

Atheria and White Feather

Federal Government and Aliens

I just learned from a fellow contactee about Emery Smith who is ex military and worked at Sandia Labs.  He went public to save his life after some assassination attempts.



He confirms that Sandia Labs, Los Alamos Labs, and the infamous Dulce (cow mutilations and famous ET/military shoot out) are connected underground via tunnels and that ET work is real.

As someone who suffers from spine damage (since 1995) and constant pain, pay attention starting around 13:00 into the video interview on The Higherside about inflammation and how our bodies can heal themselves except for the energy around us and toxic food!

Emery seems very credible to me…not nuts at all.

During my first REMEMBERED abduction experience in 1998 when living in the Hollywood Hills, I was taken to a lab underneath downtown Los Angeles.¬† I was shown hybrid babies in test tubes full of fluid.¬† The first group that took me, and brought me to this lab, treated me very much as an equal.¬† I’m a very emotional person, normally, but when I was with them, ALL emotion was gone.¬† I functioned 100% on logic…all left brained.¬† About two weeks later, a DARK ET group took me, and I think they took me to find out what the first group showed me.¬† I’ve never been so scared in my life.¬† It was horrible.¬† I laid down on my apartment floor begging God, “Please don’t let them know I’m in here.”¬† Then lights shown in my door’s windows and I blanked out until the next morning.

It didn’t dawn on me, because sometimes I’m dense, “Why did the first group bring you to this lab, treat you as an equal, and show you what they were doing regarding ET/human hybrid babies?”……until someone a couple of years ago, “Do you think they showed you the lab because you are a donor mother?”¬† Now, I have had hormone problems my entire life.¬† At one point, a VERY experienced endocrinologist in Los Angeles got so dumbfounded by my hormone levels (he kept sending me back to Cedars Sinai Hospital for more bloodwork) that he got exasperated and said, “I think you are alien.¬† What your body is doing, and your hormone levels, are IMPOSSIBLE.”¬† I went for about 15 years without periods, so if eggs or a fetus were taken, I’d never know.¬† (At 51 and getting MORE regular and fertile, I now joke that I’ll probably be able to get knocked up at 65 due to unused eggs.)

A couple of years after my 1998 downtown Los Angeles lab experience, I was at a party where someone (very nonchalantly) said to me, “Oh yes, there’s an ET lab underneath downtown L.A.¬† What better place to put an alien lab than in plain sight?¬† There are so many distractions above ground…no one looks down.”¬† That made sense.¬† Up till then, I had dumbly assumed remote places like Roswell and Area 51 (it’s real) were where stuff went on.¬† But, it’s more intelligent to put stuff underneath a huge, glitzy, easily distracted city than a remote place in New Mexico or Nevada.¬† Look up the Denver airport and how it distracts people¬† so they don’t notice its Masonic imagery and clues.¬† (After Jesse Ventura’s episode aired, DIA removed the imagery.) — Side note:¬† I briefly dated a gifted psychic medium in 2004 who is a Mason and Scottish Rite member, who…wouldn’t give me details due to secrecy, admitted that he witnessed high magick stuff that freaked HIM out….and he was not easily freaked out.

I’ve heard for years that there are underground tunnels between Sandia Labs, LANL, Dulce, Taos (Taos hum), and Denver.¬† Despite being a psychic medium and channel, I’ve shockingly never heard the Taos hum (gladly…as I’ve heard it’s super annoying and I adore Taos), but I will say that I don’t get hungry there.¬† If I could bottle Taos up and sell it as a diet aid, I would!¬† The first time I ever visited Taos (August 1998) I happened to meet a fellow Los Angeles person while lost in Arroyo Seco (my favorite Taos area) and she said to me, “Do you notice that you don’t get hungry here?¬† Normally I’m into Doritos by 3 p.m. but I don’t need to munch while here.”¬† Yep.¬† I have to force myself to eat in Taos.¬† I think the energy is so strong there it feeds your soul.¬† I have documented in pictures that my green eyes get greener in Taos.¬† It’s odd.¬† Last year I was talking to a Taos Pueblo member and he told me that when geologists were surveying the pueblo property, they came upon a weird magnetic field in front of grandma Taos Mountain that they could not explain.¬† Hmmm…

As fate would have it, I met a retired Sandia/Los Alamos Labs guy weeks ago, who flat out said that yep…the Labs are involved with ETs.

Well, I’m tired and need to do my daily yoga.¬† But,¬† interesting things are going on here in the Land of Enchantment.

In Light,


Dulce Base UFO Conference


I just found out about the Dulce Base UFO Conference today and want to advertise it! ¬†Dulce, New Mexico is famous…or infamous…for the weird cow mutilations many years ago along with a lot of UFO sightings and a supposed underground laboratory/base where the United States government/military works along with extraterrestrials on secret projects. ¬†You can learn more about Dulce here: ¬†http://www.dulcebase.myevent.com/3/quanda.htm

If you register by March 18th, the 2 day event is $125…plus a $25 fee to tour Archuleta Mesa (where the extraterrestrial activity occurs). ¬†After March 18th it’s $150 plus $25. ¬†Register here: ¬†http://www.dulcebase.myevent.com/3/online_payment.htm

Here are the speakers for the event and their bios:  http://www.dulcebase.myevent.com/3/events.htm

The conference has the approval of the Jicarilla Apache Nation, where Dulce is located. ¬†Please honor the Jicarilla’s customs and rules when visiting. ¬†Tribal etiquette: ¬†http://www.dulcebase.myevent.com/3/miscellaneous2.htm

I think this event looks GREAT! ¬†I will be posting information soon about the UFO conference in late July in Hooper, Colorado where I’ll be a guest speaker. ¬†Hope to see you there!