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Taos Dream

I swear my blog isn’t totally about Taos, but it is on my mind more and more…to the point I dreamed of it last night, very vividly.  Now I’m struggling to make sense of it.  I should have immediately written it down or recorded it so as not to forget, but I was stupidly lazy so now my memory isn’t totally clear.

I had driven a big converted bus (or something cumbersome) that I seemed to be living inside of down to Taos but there was a storm and it either got stuck in mud or started sliding backwards in mud down a hill or something.  I forgot how, but somehow I got it out of that bad situation and made it to Taos.  Once there, I met 3…I think 3, Native American women and we sat talking in a semi circle.  I suspect I was on Taos Pueblo, but am not 100% sure.  They told me they read a fabulous article about me in The Taos News.  I had no idea a story about me was being written!  Then they said that Grandmother wanted to talk to me.  I don’t think this referred to Grandmother Jean.  I feel it was someone or something else.

A friend of mine in Taos suspects Grandmother refers to Taos Mountain.  I do talk to it, as I’ve mentioned before.  She has suggested I drive back down (4.5 hours…ugh) to Taos, sit next the Taos Pueblo’s river, and not only TALK to the mountain, but actually shut up and listen for once.  I’m kind of afraid of what I might hear.  I have a feeling that if Taos Mountain IS the “Grandmother” referred to, it’ll tell me it’s time to walk away from the life I’ve known.  That it’s time to become my soul’s truth.

Karma finally came to me in a dream!

ImageAs some people know, although Bodhi has come to me in “dreams” 2-3 times since his passing, I’ve been sad that Karma hasn’t been able to come through to me astrally.  Well, all that changed in the wee hours of this morning…7 months and almost 12 days since she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  (The photo above was my baby girl on Oct. 12, 2012 after she had already gotten too thin.)

I don’t remember all of the details now, but Karma was at a hospice type place for pets.  The last year+ of her life, she went through a lot and got thinner and thinner, acted like she had dementia, and started having seizures. 😦 We never knew what was wrong as she didn’t have diabetes, thyroid issues, or kidney issues…so I think she had cancer, possibly a brain tumor.  I drove to the hospice (on a motorcycle for some odd reason…which proved to be inconvenient in terms of getting her and her supplies back home) to pick her up as I wanted her with me.  I was able to pet her and tell her I loved her.  I will say that she had been very well taken care of at this place, which brings me some peace.  I have heard that there is a cocooning procedure for humans on the Other Side who’ve gone through a lot of trauma before death so that their souls can heal and recover, and I felt that this hospice type place for pets was like that.  She was still thin, but not AS thin as she was when she crossed over (down to 6 lbs. at that point) and she actually looked better.  I then loaded her up in a pet carrier, took a kitty litter pan, and some other blankets and supplies and somehow got all of this on a motorcycle and rode home.  I woke up as I was heading back home.

This simple “dream” (I know it wasn’t a simple dream but a visit) makes me feel so much better.  Please know that not only will your human loved ones try to come to you in spirit, but also your animal loved ones.  Sometimes they need time, so don’t worry if they don’t come to you right after passing.  They may be getting cared for on the Other Side and need time to get their strength back before being able to come through.  I believe this is especially true with Alzheimer’s, ALS, and cancer.

In light,

Carrie (Atheria)

Another dream visitation from my beloved Bodhi…

ImageMy sweet Bodhi, who I lost on September 25, 2012, has visited me in dreams two other times.  I didn’t expect anymore visitations since a good medium told me on December 6, 2013 that he and Karma, who passed on August 24, 2013, were finally going to stop hanging around the house and would move on.  Within days of her telling me that, I actually felt them leave.  Before, their presence and PRANKS were constant.  But, suddenly they felt “gone”.  I have missed them, but understand they need to continue on their journeys.

Just before 5:25 a.m. this morning, I had another dream visitation from Bodhi!  The dream didn’t last long, and was pretty simple, but I’m not complaining.  I can remember him walking past me back and forth, allowing me to pet him.  I noticed that I could really feel him, and thought to myself that I was surprised I’d be able to actually feel his spirit.  I don’t know why that surprised me at the time, since in the two other visitations I actually held and hugged him…but it did.  Then something kind of funny happened.  As he was walking away from me I noticed that his “cojones” were back.  LOL!  He’d been neutered as a kitten, so when I saw large balls…it caught my attention. 🙂 I thought, how interesting.  Once he returned to pure spirit, his ENTIRE physiology was returned to a pure state.  I know that Sylvia Browne always said that when humans pass over to the Other Side, they return to looking totally healthy and around 30 years old.  Seems returning to a pristine condition also happens to animals when they cross over.  I’m sure he must be thrilled.  Ha!

ImageKarma has not visited me in dreams yet and I really wish she would.  I have been told that she does sleep with me, like she used to love to do, but I’d love to also be able to hug her in a dream.  I told her that this morning and hope she makes an appearance soon.  I love and miss both of my babies.

In light,


Bodhi visited me in a “dream”!

Ever since I lost my sweet Bodhi in September I have hoped he would come to me in a dream. Granted, he visited the house in spirit shortly after passing and then again on my birthday in October, but I’ve not felt him around in a long time and it made me sad. Last night as I lay in bed I affirmed that I wanted to astral travel and clearly remember it. I then did some basic exercises with my breath and focusing on expanding my astral body. I fell asleep before I could get anything dramatic to happen, but I now suspect I did leave my body during the night. At one point I saw Bodhi and he jumped into my lap like he often did when I was at the computer. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him as much as I could…enjoying the feel of his plump body and thick, soft fur. Then he jumped down onto the floor and, I think…it’s foggy now, morphed into one of my cats that is still alive, Chakra. Chakra and Bodhi were best friends, so that made sense. That brief interaction brought me some peace. I miss him so, but know I’ll be with him again someday. As I am very worried I might lose Karma soon, I pray he greets her on the Other Side when it is her time.



As some people know, I’ve been worried about my 14-1/2 year old cat, Karma, for months because for some unknown reason she has gotten VERY thin. The basic causes have all been checked, and I’m trying to get her to eat as much as possible, but it’s not been easy. Right now I’m fearing hidden cancer or liver disease. But, she gets around fine, begs for food (she is getting very picky about what she wants to eat), kisses her siblings, etc. She’s not acting like she is in any pain, thankfully. I do watch her like a hawk though and know that her days may be numbered. 😦 I am still not over losing my beloved 13 year old, Bodhi, last September to massive kidney failure and possible heart issues.

Anyway, I kept all 3 cats locked outside my bedroom last night as I REALLY need solid sleep and I don’t sleep soundly when they are on me all night long. In the middle of the night I suddenly heard this God awful, soul-wrenching scream from Karma. When I say “heard” I don’t mean that I heard it with my ears. I clearly heard it clairaudiently. It jolted me fully awake (I still didn’t sleep great last night) with my heart pounding out of my chest. I truly thought Karma had died. I ran out to find her, and, thank God, she was fine and sound asleep next to Bleu on the futon in the sitting room. I petted her and told her I loved her and went back to bed.

What the heck was that about?! I am suspecting I somehow tapped into a nightmare she was having…if that is possible. I just pray it wasn’t some kind of warning/precognition. It was creepy, whatever it was.


Knock. Knock. Who’s there?

So far my attempts at “at will” astral projection have not worked (that I can remember anyway). I will blame my cats for some failed attempts. 🙂 I have learned that you cannot sleep with 3 furry bodies that move around and hug your head when you are trying to leave your body.

I have had some interesting things happen, though, which lead me to believe I’m moving in the right direction. The first thing I had happen was as I was doing the exercises/steps required to attempt to project, I had a sudden vision of a past life I’ve never seen before. It was yet ANOTHER life where I was killed by my neck! In this life, I’ve lived with 24 hour a day pain (constant headache) and nerve damage to my face from severe whiplash 17 years ago. As so many doctors of all sorts and healers have failed me, I have realized that my deaths by neck are playing a strong role in the current injury. I’ve tried to release the lives through past life regression to no avail. For one thing, new lives keep showing up! Argh. This vision I had earlier this week was me as a man in his late 40s or so…as I got my throat slit. Blech! I’ve also been hung, strangled, beheaded, had a spear hit my neck, etc. My history is pretty darn ugly.

The next thing I had happen was a very vivid/clear dream about a friend and her famous father. I felt inclined to warn her about a possible health issue that the dream alluded to that ran in the females in her family. When I emailed her the story, she replied back that yes, that particular health issue DID exist in both of her grandmothers so she is going to get checked. Besides that message dream, I had a dream last night that was also more vivid/clear than ususal. I’m convinced my astral projection steps are triggering these dreams.

Finally, and I’ve had this happen before, but not in quite a while, is that in the middle of the night last night I heard a distinct “knock, knock”. I would have gotten up to check my front door if not for the fact other-worldly ringing doorbells and knocks have happened before. I knew it was someone in spirit trying to get my attention. If I wasn’t so groggy when it happened, I would have said, “Who’s there?”

I am looking forward to what will happen tonight. This is getting interesting.

Carrie / Atheria

Talking in my sleep…or not?

I had something odd happen last night.  Now, keeping in mind that I’ve been sick for over a week, I didn’t start taking narcotic medicine until today…so that can’t explain what happened last night.  Two to three times while in the state between awake and asleep (when you are HIGHLY receptive, psychically) I suddenly heard myself talking.  What’s odd about that is that I was not consciously trying to talk.  It was like I was out of body listening to my physical mouth chat away about seemingly inconsequential stuff.  I cannot recall what I was saying, but I do remember that it was nothing earth shattering by any means.  I wish I could say I was giving a speech about how to cure cancer or something!  Hmmmm….

In Light,