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The Wisdom Keepers

When I attempted to meditate with Chakra in my lap this morning, I kept “seeing” this image again that a wild dolphin telepathically sent me in 2002 off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii as it “said” to me THIS WILL HEAL YOU.


I couldn’t meditate because I kept feeling like I was going to go into trance, so I decided to set up my new cell phone to attempt channeling (since I’ve not done any in a while)…and…yep.  A group that referred to themselves as The Wisdom Keepers came through.  I hope you learn something interesting from this video.  You can fast forward to about 2:55 minutes if you get bored watching me take forever to speak.  Oh, and yes, Chakra makes a guest appearance in the background.  She’s a ham.  Ha!

Enjoy your day, now that most of us will have an extra hour of daylight in the evenings!

In Light,


Eat Color and Question “Reality”

While driving yesterday, I had that thing happen again (it started in Los Angeles years ago) where I get this odd sensation that my consciousness is being pulled out through my 3rd eye/forehead.  A while back, another psychic medium picked up on this happening to me and said that when I felt that sensation, it was because my unseen friends were communicating with me beyond my conscious mind.  When it happened this one morning while driving to Sony Pictures, where I worked, I firmly said, “I know you’re there!  Let me see you!”  And, sure enough, I saw this quick blip of a UFO ahead of me over Beverly Blvd.

Here is me on Instagram yesterday.

Anyway, yep, as I commented in the driving video, both the Arcturians and then Pleiadians showed up to chat today.  The transition was easier than it has been.  In general, it’s getting smoother and less physically taxing.

Note that I’m streaming one of the 2 best radio stations I’ve encountered via iHeartRadio…KBCO in awesome Boulder, CO.  Makes me feel like I’m there!  My other favorite station is Taos, NM’s KTAO.  🙂 On an unrelated note, after all these years (since 1998) of being a Taos fan, I just noticed The Tao in Taos.  I have recently discovered that I’m an accidental Taoist.  The philosophy of allowing the flow of life to carry you, without forcing, resonates.  I also just remembered a conversation I had with someone when I lived in the Portland, OR area in 2008-2009.  I don’t think he knew about my connection to Taos at the time (just emailed him via LinkedIn to ask) but he knew about my chronic head and neck pain issue from neck trauma.  He suddenly said to me something like, “You will be healed in the land of the red willows.”  It was a totally obtuse thing to say and came from left field.  It was years later when I found out members of Taos Pueblo are known as Red Willow People and the pueblo is called the Place of the Red Willows!

In Light,

Atheria (and my Arcturian and Pleiadian unseen friends)

What time is it?


(Yes, I have a cat clock.  Are you surprised?  LOL)

Okay, something weird has started happening that is a new weird thing.  There is a task I have to do at work on a daily basis that I usually start around 4:30 p.m.  It’s time sensitive, so I do note the time ongoing-ly during the daily procedure.  On Thursday, I glanced at my watch and CLEARLY saw that it said 4:46 p.m.  I continued on my rounds and went back to my office.  Once back in my office, I glanced at my wall clock and saw that it said 4:40 p.m.  I thought the battery had gone bad in the clock and glanced at my watch.  But my watch also said 4:40 p.m.  I thought to myself, “Okay, Atheria, you’re just tired.” and wrote it off as “nothing”.

But the same thing happened yesterday, Saturday!  I glanced at the time, and looked later, to see that the time was EARLIER!  I’m a horrible clock watcher and should probably let that go, but I do what I do.  Now, I’m not talking about an hour or something of a difference.  It seems to be about 5 minutes, give or take…keeping in mind that there are also minutes that lapse between me glancing at the time.  Whenever it is that I glance, the difference is about 5 minutes but there may have been 10 minutes in between when I looked.  Somehow I’m going forward or backward in time!  I’m going to be paranoid today and look long and hard when I do check the time to make sure I’m not going blind or something.  😉

Does anyone have an idea what this could be?  The first instance happened in Los Alamos but yesterday occurred in Santa Fe.  Maybe I’m slipping into another dimension momentarily?  I’m intrigued.

They say there is no such thing as time!  LOL

Questioning-ly yours,


Middle of the night channeled session…yawn…

Yes, the fact you have not been able to sleep is our doing. We have been knocking at the door for days, only to be shushed off by you. And no, it’s not a full moon tonight, it’s us. (Insert grin here.) Your live full trance channeling is all well and good, but we like this one-on-one relay channeling time too…and miss it. It’s been too long.

Ah, “The Matrix”. That comment on Facebook also came from us since we’d like to speak about it at this time. Should you take the red pill or the blue pill? What would you say if we told you that neither pill really mattered? What would you say if we told you what you THINK is your real life right now, wasn’t your real life at all? And what is real? We would like to verify that all is happening at once as some have theorized. Past lives and future lives are all happening now. You actually CAN affect past lives by things that you do now…choices that you make. All is interwoven and complex. There is a tunnel of sorts, often described as the tunnel you go zooming through as you leave your physical body at the time of “death”…funny word…death…for it’s actually just a continuation on a different dimension. Death sounds much too concrete, when it’s anything but. But, we digress. There are different off-shoots of the tunnel that lead to different dimensions, and different lives. Déjà vu isn’t just a remembered glimpse of a moment of your current (in your limited view of reality) life’s chart, but also a moment where the life that you think of as your current life intersects with another reality. They are moments where two of you intersect…kind of like passing each other at an airport.

This is also where the whole soulmate thing can get confusing. It occasionally happens that two people fall deeply in love and feel that they’ve met their soulmate, when in actuality, they have met aspects of themselves. How is THAT for a shocker? But, we are here to wake you up…not just keep you awake at night. It is true that not all of your soul incarnates into one body at a time. It is true that a portion of your soul always stays on the Other Side to kind of “run things” and that 25% of you could be in one physical body while another 50% of you is in another. There could be a few yous. Now, this soulmate being you event is not a common one, as for most of the time the soulmate is someone from your soul family and that’s it, but it DOES happen. We just wanted to make you aware of that.

For now, this is what we want to say. We’ll let you go back to bed. You’ll be able to sleep now. We do ask that if you feel us knocking on your head, to please answer the door. We are not your typical unwanted solicitors.  Good night, our friend, and sleep well. And yes, it was us who turned on the power strip to your laptop last night. We were hoping you’d get the hint. (Insert grin again.)

Message from James Gilliland of www.eceti.org

A friend just forwarded the below Yahoo Groups post from James Gilliland of http://www.eceti.org and when I read it, my entire being went “YES!”  I am currently experiencing much of what James mentions including suddenly feeling like I need to move AGAIN (not so easy though with a house now and good job) and letting go of relationships that no longer serve my highest good.  I went to James’ ranch in Southern Washington State when I was living in the Portland, Oregon area in 2008-2009.  I want to share what he wrote here:

Contact Is Now, 5D Is Here

Many were waiting for the grand shift December 21st 2012. There was a shift yet it was the beginning not the ending. The dramatic things people were expecting on the day did not happen, nor was it meant too. There was a setting of the energy for the days to come and the sensitives and adepts were the only ones who really felt and understood what happened. This gave way to the naysayers yet as we all know the big events happen soon after the skeptics have their say. We are now in those changes. One gamma ray burst after another along with other rays within the electromagnetic spectrum are bombarding us. The magnetic poles are shifting weakening opening up the Earth to more consciousness, light and energy. There is a great transformation happening, the wheat is being separated from the chaff and how that translates to today’s society those who align with the wounded egos are being separated from those who align with the soul and spirit. Those operating outside of universal law are receiving the hard lessons, their deeds are surfacing being exposed and the reactions to their actions are being accelerated. The alignment with Galactic plane the end of the 25,000 year cycle is the main player in this unfoldment.

The ego, wounded and manipulated by social consciousness and the archon network can no longer operate within the new incoming frequencies. We are being given a choice yet each path leads in a different direction. The path to ascension aligning with our soul and spirit fulfilling our contracts we made before we incarnated moving with Earth in her evolutionary process. Moving to the next level living in peace and harmony with each other and nature is the wise choice. The path to descension the downward spiral driven by a wounded ego and the programming of the matrix leads to social, economic and environmental collapse. This is where the hard lessons reside. You cannot resurrect the past due to choices made by a wounded ego, the programming of the matrix influenced by the archon network. This will cause you the greatest pain and insecurity. That world is the chaff and it is coming to a close. Lines are being drawn, polarities are being amplified and those who refuse to align with soul and spirit are of no use to soul and spirit. Their world will be one of disarray, hardship and their bodies will fail.

There are symptoms of this process. Your bodies will begin to talk with you some will scream at you. As they try to adjust to the new energies pains and diseases will come and go rapidly. There will be times of dizziness, spacing out, jumping between worlds then asking where am I and where have I been feeling out of sorts. This is often from slipping in and out of dimensions. The veils between worlds are very thin and those on the path to ascension are moving back and forth. You will see lights, wavy energies, and flashes in your peripheral vision. Many will feel they just don’t belong anymore in jobs, relationships, even geographical areas. Some will gravitate toward higher expressions some will fall back into the old ways. You cant drag your loved ones with you in this process all you can do is hold the light, the consciousness, allow others their path even if you know the outcome. They may need the hard lessons and that is the way their soul set it up. Many actually believe they can choose the wounded and programmed ego drive and get away with it. They believe in ignorance they can choose against the path of soul and spirit enve act against universal law. News flash you soul and spirit have a different program for you and it will be as hard as you make it.

We are in those times all the prophets, saints and sages have warned us about. It is undeniable yet beyond even my own imagination there are still those who are denying it. Their soul and spirit along with the source itself have a different plan and the old world of gaining love, acceptance and approval out side of self or from social consciousness is also coming to an end. Exacting self worth though outer appearances and material acquisition is no longer applicable. Why? Because this society is so dysfunctional and wounded it has nothing more to offer. The ugliest and most painful trick you can play on yourself is aligning with it. Where is the security in aligning with a sick corrupt unconscious world imploding in on itself?

The only real security is aligning with soul and spirit, stepping out of the old world and creating a new world driven by soul and spirit from within. Leave the dysfunction of the past behind you, let go of the old ways that no longer serve you, humanity or the Earth. Let go of the false security created by the insecurities within and make your own personal God/Spirit/Creator connection. Let that decide your future. Anything else will take you to the same fate at the chaff.

You are not alone in this process. The beautiful many saints, sages and masters as well as benevolent off worlders, the Gods of old are all part of this process. Not the jealous wrathful images and regenerate ETs the greater family of man. This is a grand unstoppable event. We can flow with it without resistance or we can brace against it with resistance. The second path goes into the resistance is futile category. Try stopping a tsunami or warring on consciousness, light and energy far beyond your imagination. They will both end with the same result. Time to release the past, be kind to yourself and others and get with the program. Align with soul and spirit become the wheat because harvest day is fast approaching for some it is just around the corner. Be well and choose wisely.
James Gilliland

Black jaguars, other dimensions, spirit dogs, and numbers…

Black Jaguar Smaller
This is a hodgepodge of a post tonight. Some cool things are going on and some weird things are going on. Days ago, I was sitting in my office using my computer in the morning when I looked out the window and saw this seemingly lost chihuahua walk up my driveway and head toward my front door. It was really cold outside, so I ran outside (within seconds) to try to get the little guy and he was GONE. I mean VANISHED. I looked in every direction and there was no sign of him anywhere (incuding around the sides of my house). I tried to rationalize it away, but really, I got outside in SECONDS. A dog could not have run that far in that short amount of time. Now I’m questioning if I saw a living dog or a spirit.

Then, I was standing in my bathroom getting ready in the morning and looked toward the laundry “room” (it’s like a big closet) and noticed the accordian doors opened. I always keep them shut. I looked back at the mirror to do something with my makeup and looked back toward the laundry room and the door was closed like normal. Now, in that case, I KNOW I clearly saw the door open one minute and closed the next without a sound. And these are accordian doors, so they don’t just swing open easily. Am I starting to see into other dimensions or something? Parallel worlds? My friend in Oregon is having similar weird things happen.

Then there is the whole numbers thing. I’m still getting lots of 333s, 444s, and 555s. When I was in traffic tonight behind a car with a 555 in its license plate I just had to laugh and say out loud, “Well, I hope that whatever life changing event is about to happen that it had better hurry up and it had better be GOOD!”

The final thing I want to mention is pictured above. Many years ago during a guided meditation to meet my spirit guide, I not only saw a woman standing in flowing clothing at the edge of a cliff, but she had a black jaguar next to her. I have actually had other types of exotic cats’ faces show up in pictures of me before and one healer told me after finishing working on me that 3 mountain lions/cougars were in the back of the room the whole time like they were standing guard. Anyway, I am reading a good Sylvia Browne book called ALL PETS GO TO HEAVEN and when I got to the section about animal totems, my black jaguar popped into my head so strongly I thought about him/her for a long time. About an hour or so later, I open an email from a friend that had lovely pictures of animals in it, and the very first picture was 2 black panthers/jaguars! I laughed again and knew it was just my spirit animal’s way of confirming he or she is indeed my totem/spirit animal. And, although I love ALL animals and grew up with some wonderful dogs and goats and other beings, I have a special place in my heart for cats and have for years.

Happy 2013!