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But whatever time we have it can be enough.

I keep wondering exactly why I’m drawn to Northern New Mexico up through Southern Colorado…and THIS appears.


37th Parallel


Holy shit! This confirms what I’ve said for years! There is something powerful about Santa Fe, NM (actually, just north of Santa Fe around Tesuque…and especially Taos) up through southern CO (Telluride and Durango…maybe Ouray).


I know the woman who owns the UFO Watchtower in Hooper, CO and I spoke at a UFO conference there. Lots of UFO activity in the Hooper area. http://ufowatchtower.com/ – There is also a reason why Crestone, CO is the new Sedona, AZ…a power spot. http://www.crestonecolorado.com/shambala.html


37th parallel north


I have been wanting to visit Crestone (near UFO hub Hooper) for a couple of years now (especially after I found out my psudo-mom Shirley MacLaine considered building a retreat/healing center there)…but after watching this video, I am DEFINITELY going this summer!


Getting back to UFOs…here is a Navy pilot’s UFO ecounter.

Thanks for reading this random post.

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“Under the Stars 2016” UFO Conference


I will be a guest speaker on July 30th at 8:15 a.m. (to 9:45 a.m.) at the “Under the Stars 2016” event in Hooper, Colorado!  I’m so excited to be asked to take part in this event!  Here is a link to the website with details:  Under the Stars 2016

It’s a 2 day conference with a bunch of great speakers that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.  And, I’ve heard rumors that “things happen” when this conference takes place each year.  Our friends up there tend to know what’s going on and like to show up. 🙂 I will be talking about my contact with extraterrestrials, how I accidentally (yeah riiiiiight…..there ARE no accidents) took a photo of a UFO in Albuquerque in 2005, and I will probably do some trance channeling.

Crestone, Colorado is not far from Hooper, and Crestone is known as the “new Sedona” as it is a vortex area with power.  That is definitely worth visiting while in the area.  I plan on checking it out myself as I’ve heard great things.

If you can make it to the San Luis Valley in Colorado July 30th – 31st, I’d love to see you!



The United Cosmic Federation (Channeling)

December 7, 2015

We are emissaries from the Pleiades star cluster here to speak with you this evening.  Thank you for agreeing to work with us at this time in your planet’s evolution.  We are ambassadors, of sorts, for an area much larger than our tiny corner of the galaxy.  We are part of The United Cosmic Federation…or The Federation…for short.  And to answer your question from yesterday, yes, we were tugging at your consciousness as you drove along the thoroughfare called Lomas.  We have been trying to get your attention for a week now.  Thank you for heeding the call, as time is of the essence.

At this juncture there are important choices to be made.  Although, as our friends the Arcturians said last month, we cannot forcefully step in and intervene aggressively when we see you (human beings) going down the wrong path, we can show up through this vessel…and others on the planet…to strongly urge the human race to change course.  ALIENating any particular group of people (yes, that capitalization is on purpose) will backfire.  When a group of people is labeled as ALL bad or untrustworthy or dangerous, the natural human reaction is to feel anger and hatred.  This is not the case with some other species on different worlds, but for the human race on planet Earth, it is the case.  So, this is a perfect example of what you FEAR you CREATE.

It is human nature to want to be heard.  When one’s voice is squashed…when one is not truly heard…resentment builds.  The best thing that everyone could do at this time is to talk less, and listen more.  And when you do speak, speak from the heart, not from the head.  Speak words of compassion.  Be compassion.  We know the impulse is to want to fight back, to obliterate, but we can give you a long list of societies, continents, and planets that no longer exist because they reacted impulsively with aggression instead of compassion.  Our vessel is having a hard time typing this because she is not even liking what we are saying.  Her own personal view is “an eye for an eye” but she is honoring us and faithfully typing what we dictate to her.

Right now fear is rampant in the USA, and to a lesser degree in some other countries.  Fear is a shrinking down of your life force/vibration.  When you exist in the vibration of fear, you are literally starving your cells and your body of food.  Fear is not that far removed from anger, a known cause of cancer…that which eats up healthy cells.  People are currently very ungrounded and it would be extremely beneficial to not only spend time in nature, but sit on the ground, wrap your arms around a tree, put your hands in the dirt, or do anything where your physical body is literally touching the Earth in some way.  The more of your body wrapped around or inside the ground the better.  Connect.  Only connect…in the words of a friend of Atheria’s years ago.  A lack of connection in many ways is much of the problem in 2015.  Although the Internet connects people in some ways, it DISCONNECTS them in much more important ways.  People don’t really SEE each other anymore.  That has impacted the value of human life.  Human life, and animal life, is not valued as it should be, and a major contributor is the impersonalization that the Internet has created.  We are not anti technology by any means, as it can be a spectacular tool for good, but it must be used wisely.  We are eagerly watching your progress regarding 3D printing technology, for example.  And yes, we are planting ideas in some of the engineers’ minds while they sleep and at other opportune times.  We can’t help ourselves.  To give you a hint, The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman will be a reality sooner rather than later…in terms of actual functioning organs.  No longer will there be waiting lists years long to get a liver or heart.  But, we digress…just wanted to give some good news after so much seriousness.

We ARE with you.  We ARE of you.  We all come from the same source…the Master Creator that is LOVE.  Choose love.  Be love.  Breathe in light through the top of your head and pull it down into your body, filling it up and letting it pour out so that it swirls around you in a cocoon of glistening purity.  We bid you peace.

Pleiades for Blog

Pleiades Star Cluster

ANNOUNCEMENT:  I don’t have details yet, but I’m thrilled to report that I’ve been invited to speak at an event in late July 2016 near Crestone, Colorado!  I’ve heard great things about Crestone and that it is kind of the “new Sedona”…vortexes and all…so now I’ve got another reason to go check it out!  When I get more specific information I’ll post it on my blog.  I’m so grateful for the invitation! 🙂


Crestone, Colorado a.k.a. Shambala and the magic of New Mexico

Tonight during our monthly channeling meeting in Rio Rancho when I asked a fellow channel’s unseen friend, Archangel Michael, about my friend’s desire to open a healing center in northern New Mexico…Michael highly suggested we check out Crestone, Colorado. I’d heard of this small, spiritual hub years ago while in Sedona. I had been commenting that I felt the vortexes were gone (I could not feel them to save my life despite the fact that in 1998 I had felt them very strongly) and was told that because the Federal Government had been messing with them doing testing, etc. they had shifted up into Crestone. I thought Crestone was in the very southwestern part of Colorado, but looking it up just now, it’s not that far from Pueblo. Reading the below article, I am intrigued and need to check it out.


Michael also suggested Sunrise Springs, which is southwest of Santa Fe. http://www.sunrisesprings.com — I had been taken there many years ago for lunch and it was a LOVELY spot…like a sudden oasis in the middle of nothingness for miles. From what I can see online, it had closed down but people are hoping to revive it in 2015. If it was abandoned, it could have been the perfect answer…but it looks like someone beat us to the punch! 🙂

Some interesting things came up about New Mexico during tonight’s session. When one woman’s unseen friends were asked just WHY New Mexico is so powerful healing-wise, she said that it’s not just due to all the native peoples for eons who have held powerful ceremonies and such here. She said this land was literally chosen by the Great Spirit during creation of the planet and infused with power. She told the others of us in the room to talk to the mountains and they will answer. The mountains contain spirits and will guide us if we let them. Now, as someone who is very partial to mountains and cannot live in a place that doesn’t have mountains, that was great to hear. My friend, Lisa, lives right beneath a fabulous mesa in Jemez that truly is a living being. It has moods. It teaches you lessons about life simply by its beingness. It has also shape-shifted, but that’s a whole other story. 🙂