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Things are getting weirder!

First there were the time changing episodes last week (see prior post about time moving backward) where I seemed to be time traveling or something, and then yesterday while at work, suddenly there was this strong pressure/weird sensation in my right ear like it was being tuned by spirit. My right ear is the one I usually hear clairaudiently with. I didn’t wear my normal ear plugs to bed last night (I’m a light sleeper when I can sleep at all) and in the middle of the night I vaguely recall hearing something loud near me. I’ve had issues in my kitchen during the night where the cabinet doors open and slam, but have not had noises in my bedroom. Then at exactly 5:48 a.m. I was jolted out of my half awake/half asleep state (insomnia was BAD all night) by another loud noise in my bedroom that I think was a “voice” that said super fast (all at once) “Let me out!”

I will say that the words of a wonderful medium back in the early/mid 1990s have been in my thoughts the past few days, “You are like a caged animal. If you don’t let the REAL you out, you are going to die a bitter, old woman.” I do suspect this whatever it was…really more of an all at once noise than voice yet I could make out the “Let me out!” was related. Yet, the instant download of noise clearly felt external to me. It really did jolt me fully awake. I’m puzzled. Unless, there is a spirit around me that can relate to what I’ve been thinking about and he/she just wanted to express his/her need for freedom too.


Yep, something’s up!

I recently blogged about that odd event with my head and ears in my new apartment’s kitchen, and woo-woo things are increasingly occurring.  Most of the events happen here at home, where I’m living on Native American land (I’m suspecting that’s part of the trigger), but things are spreading to outlying areas.  Last weekend in Santa Fe I had the head/ears tuning thing happen randomly again while shopping…and last night while at happy hour at the Veterans of Foreign War bar (great place, FYI, and you don’t have to be military) in Los Alamos, my grandpa let me know he was there.  He was in the Army during WWII and worked in Counter Intelligence, so I could feel that he LOVED where I was hanging out.  Granted, communicating with spirits is what I do, but it just seems like I’m hyper aware lately.  As I go about my day, I feel guided and see the purpose behind events as they happen as opposed to 10 years later.  While at home, I’ve had a few psychic “flashes” that have happened a few minutes later.

Also, despite bad insomnia, when I actually DO sleep…I have extremely vivid/realistic and detailed dreams.  I was having some of that while I was mostly raw fooding, but lately I’ve been eating mostly cooked food…so it’s not my diet triggering it.  Last night I had a LONG and bad nightmare.  That wasn’t fun.

Prior to finally falling asleep, I suddenly became aware that I was in my living room near the ceiling, looking down.  I had a mild odd sensation in my physical body that I’ve not felt before.  The extra odd part was that although I felt like I was out of my body in the living room, I could still physically feel my two cats (one on each side) laying next to me in bed…actually, they were both squished into me.  So I was aware of two places at once, and was conscious of the fact that I thought I was slightly astral traveling.  And, unlike many years ago when I started to leave my body during the night and panicked because I thought I was dying (which immediately slammed me back up into my body…from the downward sinking feeling through my bed I was experiencing that scared me), this time, I thought, “Hmmm…did I just die?” with zero fear or angst at all.  I was totally calm about it but just curious.

New Mexico is a magical place.

In light,



As some people know, I’ve been worried about my 14-1/2 year old cat, Karma, for months because for some unknown reason she has gotten VERY thin. The basic causes have all been checked, and I’m trying to get her to eat as much as possible, but it’s not been easy. Right now I’m fearing hidden cancer or liver disease. But, she gets around fine, begs for food (she is getting very picky about what she wants to eat), kisses her siblings, etc. She’s not acting like she is in any pain, thankfully. I do watch her like a hawk though and know that her days may be numbered. 😦 I am still not over losing my beloved 13 year old, Bodhi, last September to massive kidney failure and possible heart issues.

Anyway, I kept all 3 cats locked outside my bedroom last night as I REALLY need solid sleep and I don’t sleep soundly when they are on me all night long. In the middle of the night I suddenly heard this God awful, soul-wrenching scream from Karma. When I say “heard” I don’t mean that I heard it with my ears. I clearly heard it clairaudiently. It jolted me fully awake (I still didn’t sleep great last night) with my heart pounding out of my chest. I truly thought Karma had died. I ran out to find her, and, thank God, she was fine and sound asleep next to Bleu on the futon in the sitting room. I petted her and told her I loved her and went back to bed.

What the heck was that about?! I am suspecting I somehow tapped into a nightmare she was having…if that is possible. I just pray it wasn’t some kind of warning/precognition. It was creepy, whatever it was.


Can you hear me now?

In the middle of the night, I was startled by an unexpected clear, LOUD, male voice that said something to me.  I remember thinking to myself that what he said seemed kind of odd and random.  By the time I woke up hours later I had completely forgotten what the voice said!  Argh!  Why didn’t I write it down?!  My clairaudience is my strongest skill, but I’ve not had actual external voices happen in many years.  In the span of 2-3 weeks years ago, as I was in that receptive half awake/half asleep state in the wee hours of the morning I first heard a man’s voice say to me, “Can I hug you?” and then weeks later a little boy say, “Hi beautiful.”  I wonder if with hearing Bodhi’s little spirit meow has triggered something?  I hope so.  I feel the need to get more in touch with the Other Side.  I’ve let the material world take over too much.

In Light,