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We are electric beings.

I suddenly got REALLY tired tonight and thought I’d try to actually meditate like I’m supposed to on a daily basis.  But, after barely sitting down on my bed cross-legged, I kept “hearing” the first line below being repeated to me.  Since I was (and AM) really tired, I laid down and more started coming that I was straining to remember.  I annoyingly got up to grab a pen and paper since clearly someone up there had something to say and wasn’t going to leave me alone tonight.  LOL!  Don’t ask me to make sense of this because even I need to keep rereading it.  But I’ll use the excuse that right now my eyes are barely open I’m so pooped.


Channeled on July 1, 2016

We come to abolish the ideology of self-actualization not on a concrete level but a cosmic level. For although that line of thinking is astute, it misses the mark by a few dimensions. Hold the thought of perfect union with source at your base chakra and fine tune the progression up your electrical system until it reaches your crown. You must think of yourself as a finely tuned electric source fuse made up of electrons and protons. You are almost like robots in terms of your current dimensional physicality. Once you shift your electrical current and vibration higher, then, and only then, can you actualize being not only of the cosmos…but being THE cosmos. But for now you must master the depths of illusion that make up what your senses experience on planet Earth. For all is illusion at this time I this thickness of energy that makes up the tangible world you think you find yourself in. A slight shift in perspective will open your eyes…all 3 of them…to the possibilities that await your mind once you begin rising up into the 4th dimension. There are quite a lot of layers to the onion that makes up the dimensional self. They are actually within you as you have heard from others before us, “As within, so without.” We know we have spoken too long now and will leave you with the condensed version that is to suggest you focus on the work of physically pulling energy up your chakra grid (electric grid) for now and not focus so much on reaching way out into the ethers. In due time that will happen naturally, although you will be reaching deep within…not up and out. With that we bid you peace.

The White Brotherhood of the 9th Realm

To Thine Own Self Be True (Channeled)

To Thine Own Self Be True

We come here today as there is a desperate need for each and every one of you to go within…to tune into your heart and soul and be true to them. For too long, too many of you have done what society and dogma says you “should” do in order to be responsible adults. “Should” SHOULD be a dirty 4 letter word. There are no “shoulds” in our realm. Everything is learning. Everything is growth. Even if a soul makes choices that are counter to what it had agreed to before it came into being, all is not lost. Nothing is wasted.

There is much unrest and unhappiness on your planet because people have cut themselves off from what their souls want to express. We say to you, it is better to be a “starving artist” living in a VW Bus than be a drone who is only going through the motions of life while climbing the corporate ladder, to the detriment of one’s health. For bad health is a major barometer. Listen to your body. It speaks. Sometimes it screams. Pay attention to what comes out of your mouth SEEMINGLY inconsequentially. Nothing you say on a whim is unimportant. Language is like a canary in a coal mine. It warns of danger. Lines such as “I feel suffocated.” “I just want to scream and run away.” “What a pain in the neck.” All of these types of sayings actually mean something! Listen!

We can guarantee each and every one of you that you did not go through the trouble of being born, only to spend your entire incarnation miserable and in physical, mental, and emotional pain. But, sometimes you must do something very scary to find the happiness that is meant for you. You must be fearless. Sure, you can do research and put a safety net in place for yourself just in case, but sometimes a safety net turns out to be a crutch. Sometimes you can only succeed by walking on a tight rope without a net. The most important thing is to tune into what your stomach feels/says when making a life altering decision. There was a story our channel heard about a very successful businessman who said that whenever he had to make a business decision, he’d chew on the various options and swallow them. If an answer made his stomach feel sick, he didn’t do it. He only said yes to the options that felt good in his gut.

Now more than ever the universe needs you NOT to hide your light under a bushel. Now more than ever every single soul on planet Earth needs to shine. By shining, not only do you thrive, but you illuminate those around you and it becomes infectious. That is how you can save the planet…one light at a time.

The Illumined Ones

Andromedans 12-20-2015

Ra the Sun God

We are here and come to you from a far away, yet not so far away, place you know as Andromeda.  We come in peace and light as light is the source of all being.  It is the life force.  It is the food of your and our souls.  It is what not only creates all that is.  It is the All.  For the All is not a being in the direct knowing sense of seeing a human looking countenance.  The All is light.  The All is both the source of the light and the elements that make up the light.  It is interesting to us that many in your spiritual communities reference light even in writing “In love and light” or “In light” just as how many of your religions document light as representing God, or the All, in the form of an image of the sun or the halo you see over the heads of various angels and saints.  It is no coincidence that the guiding light of the stars is in scriptures.  It is no coincidence that candles are prevalent in your churches and temples.  Even when people think they are simply creating attractive imagery, they are actually unconsciously pulling memories of truth.  When peak mass is reached in terms of humans tuning into their own inner light…their source, there will be a sudden and dramatic shift in the consciousness of planet Earth and peace will prevail.  Peace is possible for peace is your true essence.  With this, we bid you all a peaceful holiday season.

Channeled by Atheria 12-20-2015

ETs are even for gay marriage!

I attended the monthly Ancient Aliens Meetup group meeting today and ended up doing trance work.  Arcturians were very pushy and started making my heart race and I got very shaky right from the start of the meeting.  I even checked my blood sugar it was so bad, but it was great at 117.  I held them back until I couldn’t take it anymore.  They only talked briefly, and I probably am not remembering everything they said (since I’m out of it when I channel), but they were thrilled about gay marriage and said “love is the law” and that the planet IS moving into a higher vibration where it’ll make it harder for dark ET groups to be able to abduct humans  for experimentation.  They said that to these groups we are simply animals to test on just like we experiment on animals (cruelly ).

They also said that Native Americans are right about there being signs in the stars from ETs.  The Arcturians said that it’s easiest to see ET signs in the stars/sky in September and October (fall)…and that we should look near Orion.

Darn it!  I can’t remember the rest of what they said!  I do know they said they’d be coming to all the meetings now…but may just be silent witnesses much of the time.  Somehow, I doubt that!

In light,

A Concerned Plea Channeled on July 26, 2014

Dear Ones. We are here not to orate, but to work side by side with you. This moment in time is paramount. Your world is at the brink. There is a vital choice to be made. A choice between the Light and the Dark. Much darkness is enveloping your planet…our planet…as we love Mother Earth with all of our hearts. It is not only important to us, but also important in terms of the dynamic energies that are aligned in the dimension and universe you find yourselves in. Everything is codependent. Earth’s proclivity to go to the Dark Side affects all the other planets and stars around it. Humans have a choice to make, and we fear the wrong choice will be made. But, we cannot intervene in a dramatic way. We can only urge you to step up and let your voice be heard. Shout from the rooftops, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Let it be known that you will not tolerate bloodshed anymore. Let it be known that you will not tolerate starvation anymore. Let it be known that you will not tolerate injustice anymore. Do not be numbed by endless television programming and repetitive music. Do not be numbed by non-food that is marketed as nourishment. Mind control by the elitists is real. By tricking you into making yourselves as unhealthy as possible, and by creating a zombie-like mentality with reality shows after reality shows that aim for the lowest denominator, they are turning you into mindless robots. We have never been this blunt and frank talking before, but we are VERY concerned about what we see happening. You all have so much power if you choose to accept it. Laziness and expecting your neighbor to be the one to step up to voice outrage will not work. It is not acceptable. Step up yourself. Get involved. Strive to make a difference. Earth has been a testing ground, and there is still a sliver of a chance that the outcome will be good…but…there is no time to waste. Time is of the essence. The planet is at the crux. There is too much hatred in the name of God. There is too much hatred in the name of ego. No land belongs to any human being. You are simply borrowing it. Gaia is who all the land belongs to. She is a being. Mother Earth has a soul. Everything has a soul. Nothing is inert. We plead with you to do what you can to save not only the planet, but each other from extinction. We do hate to sound so dire, but this moment in time is crucial. We love you and it pains us to watch what is happening. Country vs. Country. Faction vs. Faction. It is insanity.

Ask, and ye shall receive…

Last Saturday I said to myself, “God I wish I had a weekly channeling group here in Albuquerque like I had in Los Angeles.”  I just really missed getting together with fellow trance channels once a week to practice.  After all, like any other “muscle” if you don’t use a talent, it gets weak/stale.  I was scheduled to attend the once a month Spiritual Lyceum meeting the following day (Sunday, February 9th) but almost didn’t go as I got this urge to drive up to the Coach Outlet Store in Santa Fe and spend money on purses I shouldn’t. 🙂 But, as much as I really wanted to shop, I got this STRONG feeling I needed to go to the meeting.  Sure enough, there was a reason.  At the end of the meeting, this young guy came up to me and said, “Do you know about the group that meets every week at Tech Love to channel?”  My answer was that I’d never heard of it.  Well, sure enough, there is a weekly gathering on Thursday nights at a computer store called Tech Love in the Nob Hill area of Albuquerque.  The group is called “Let’s Channel”!  I immediately contacted them about attending.  It’s not exactly what I thought it was, but it sounds great and I’m looking forward to my first meeting tomorrow night.  They have a weekly speaker, normally…healers, psychics, etc.  But, I was told that every 2-3 months they do a group channeled evening where anyone who can go into trance, does.  Whoop!  Plus, I was told that there ARE some separate groups who meet to practice channeling and that the woman in charge will introduce me to those people tomorrow.  Ask and ye shall receive!

Now, that being said, I’ve asked for help on numerous other things and not gotten it (seemingly…although maybe by not getting help I actually was helped).  Perhaps the whole “Ask and ye shall receive” thing only works if you are on the right path…asking for the right things.  I was told years ago that as much as I wanted to be an actress (I’m stubborn about that one) it wasn’t what I was really supposed to be doing.  It wasn’t my true work.  So, maybe that’s why it was always such a struggle to get anywhere despite my prayers and pleas to God.  I was on the wrong path.  (But like I said…I’m stubborn about the acting thing…ha ha ha)  That is something to ponder.

In Light,


Nelson Mandela…the Master


Today was the monthly spiritual group’s meeting that I belong to via meetup.com.  This is the group where I’ve gone into unexpected trance before and channeled on occasion.  On Friday I had mentioned to a friend that I hadn’t gone into trance in a while.  “They” must have heard me because toward the very beginning of the meeting my heart started racing and pounding hard and I started shaking.  That meant one of two things:  I’m having a low blood sugar attack or leaving my body to channel.  I quickly checked my sugar and it was great at 112.  Then, BOOM!  The gasping for air, coughing, contorting, and body pin prickling numbness started with my hands clawed up.  Getting to where “they” can actually speak is very hard.  Eventually they came through and apologized for disturbing the meeting. They then talked about some changes coming to the group in 2014, including a change in membership,  but said that those who are meant to be in the group would be led to it.  They then said that in 2014 those of the light would outnumber the dark and the planet would shift.  This was, in part, predicated on the passing of Nelson Mandela.  They (found out later they were the White Brotherhood) said he was with them now and would be even more effective at spreading love and light from the Other Side than he was while in a physical body.  He will continue his work to influence attitudes and minds.  Supposedly, love is going to spread like in the old commercial where “they tell two friends, and they tell two friends,  and so on and so on”.  The White Brotherhood said that Nelson Mandela was/is a Master Teacher like Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad.  All of this was triggered by a group leader who read an excerpt from a 1994 inaugural speech by Mandela at the beginning of today’s meeting.

When I came out of trance, I was so ticked at myself for not handing the woman next to me my cell phone to FINALLY get my trance work caught on tape!  This session would have been perfect too.  Oh well…maybe next time.

In light,