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You got the pearls!

pearlsYears ago in Los Angeles I went for a reading (because we psychics can’t read ourselves…annoyingly…and I wasn’t totally aware of just how weird my life was going to get back then — hadn’t started channeling yet) with medium Eddie Cabral and it turned out to be a very interesting session.  Amongst the many interesting things he told me that hour, he brought through the spirit of my brother.  Now, that wouldn’t be shocking except for the fact that I didn’t have a brother who died…or so I thought.  As I was sitting there listening to what Eddie was saying, all I could think of at first was that there was just me and my younger sister as siblings.  All of a sudden, though, I had this AH HA moment where I remembered that after my sister was born, mom did get pregnant again…but had a miscarriage that was pretty bad.  (Well, all miscarriages are bad.)  Mom had wanted to have 4 kids, but after the miscarriage and complications…opted to stop at the 2 daughters she had.  (Eerily, years later during a surgery mom was undergoing, doctors found what they called a “hairy tooth” inside her that they suspected was the twin of the other baby she lost…although that was never totally proven.)  So Eddie was passing along messages from the pregnancy mom lost.  The baby would have been a boy had its soul not had to leave early for some reason.

To get back to what Eddie was bringing through, the spirit of my brother exclaimed…somewhat jealously, “You got the pearls!  You got the pearls!”  I was like, “What pearls?”  Clearly he felt that HE was meant to get the pearls had he been born.  Eddie and I realized that this spirit did not mean literal pearls.  The pearls were symbolic meaning a special spiritual gift.  I just found this information when I Googled pearl symbolism.  http://www.allaboutheaven.org/symbols/496/123/pearl

Now, many years later, I am feeling a stronger and stronger pull to do more important work than the office work that has been my main livelihood for decades.  I’ve been highly underutilizing my pearls.  I’m actually going to meditate like I should have been doing regularly long ago as I look for clarity and direction from spirit.  Maybe my brother on the Other Side can help.  This story I shared goes to show you that even when a spirit doesn’t make it to physical birth…or if it passes quickly after being born…it continues to live on and grow up on the Other Side.

On another note, I blogged recently about how I have been having things happen here in my new apartment that have led me to believe there is some kind of vortex in the kitchen or, at the very least, that it’s haunted.  Last night there were more noises in the kitchen and then my necklaces that are hanging on hooks on my bedroom closet door suddenly all were strongly shaking around loudly in the wee hours of the morning.  Now, Bleu MIGHT have caused the necklaces to shake around if he quickly pushed open the door…but I didn’t catch him in the act.  But, while brushing my teeth this morning in the bathroom, I turned toward the door and clearly saw a ball of light…low to the floor…go in front of the bathroom door from the living room into the bedroom!  I’ve been telling Bodhi and Karma (2 of my cats that passed away years ago) how much I miss them lately, so my friends and I are wondering if it was one of my fur babies in spirit stopping by.  I sure hope so.

In light,


Bodhi may be stealing treats again and I’ll be reading at Abitha’s Apothecary

When I sold my house last month and moved into a small apartment across town, I wondered if Bodhi and Karma would, in spirit, stay around the house…their last home before passing…or if they’d follow Chakra, Bleu, and me to the new location. Something happened recently that I suspect is Bodhi up to his old “Tuna Flavored Greenies” cat treats stealing antics again. Right now, I’m not POSITIVE he took the missing entire bag of treats, but this is a small place and I can’t find the bag of treats ANYWHERE. Now, Bleu and Chakra DO get into the kitchen cabinet where I had been keeping them, but even if they did naughtily get into the bag to feast, something should have been left over. They seemingly didn’t eat the rather tough bag. I would have seen signs of that days later, if you know what I mean.

Last night, Bodhi also came to me in a dream again. He was pale, in that his normal white/dark gray coloring was not as vivid. Basically, he looked like what you’d expect a spirit to look like…slightly ephemeral. He was playing in what I think was my current apartment (although it’s hard to remember) with other cats, which included my still physically alive Bleu and Chakra, I believe. I definitely remember him with a few other cats, and I’m pretty sure Bleu and Chakra were in the group, but I’m not 100% positive about that. It does make sense to me that he would connect with my two current kids while they are asleep and possibly temporarily out of body. He walked up to me and let me hug and pet him. I miss him and Karma so much. This is the third time he’s come to me in a dream. Karma has only come once, and I hope she’s okay. Because of her longer term decline, and possible dementia, she was sent to a pet hospice on the Other Side to recover for quite a few months. Sylvia Browne would have said she was “cocooned” to heal.

It warms my heart knowing that my babies are STILL with me, despite my moving. Now, I know that spirit is not limited by location/distance, but it’s nice to get proof of that.

On another note, I’ll be helping out Abitha’s Apothecary here in Albuquerque on Thursday night. December 4th is Albuquerque’s yearly event where Central is closed down for pedestrians to walk around for the “Shop and Stroll”. I’ll be doing readings from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. Stop by if you’re in the area!

Happy Holidays,

Bodhi’s spirit took another cat treat!


Bodhi died on September 25, 2012 and as part of his altar I included two of his favorite kitty treats.  In October 2013 (I think) I blogged that one of the treats had disappeared…and this morning I noticed the second one is now gone!  I’m so freaking excited!  I do not dust, so the dust on my fireplace mantel is noticeable and totally undisturbed!  There is no explanation other than a spiritual one.  I’m so glad he is still visiting me and hope he is with Karma.

Carrie (Atheria)

Karma finally came to me in a dream!

ImageAs some people know, although Bodhi has come to me in “dreams” 2-3 times since his passing, I’ve been sad that Karma hasn’t been able to come through to me astrally.  Well, all that changed in the wee hours of this morning…7 months and almost 12 days since she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  (The photo above was my baby girl on Oct. 12, 2012 after she had already gotten too thin.)

I don’t remember all of the details now, but Karma was at a hospice type place for pets.  The last year+ of her life, she went through a lot and got thinner and thinner, acted like she had dementia, and started having seizures. 😦 We never knew what was wrong as she didn’t have diabetes, thyroid issues, or kidney issues…so I think she had cancer, possibly a brain tumor.  I drove to the hospice (on a motorcycle for some odd reason…which proved to be inconvenient in terms of getting her and her supplies back home) to pick her up as I wanted her with me.  I was able to pet her and tell her I loved her.  I will say that she had been very well taken care of at this place, which brings me some peace.  I have heard that there is a cocooning procedure for humans on the Other Side who’ve gone through a lot of trauma before death so that their souls can heal and recover, and I felt that this hospice type place for pets was like that.  She was still thin, but not AS thin as she was when she crossed over (down to 6 lbs. at that point) and she actually looked better.  I then loaded her up in a pet carrier, took a kitty litter pan, and some other blankets and supplies and somehow got all of this on a motorcycle and rode home.  I woke up as I was heading back home.

This simple “dream” (I know it wasn’t a simple dream but a visit) makes me feel so much better.  Please know that not only will your human loved ones try to come to you in spirit, but also your animal loved ones.  Sometimes they need time, so don’t worry if they don’t come to you right after passing.  They may be getting cared for on the Other Side and need time to get their strength back before being able to come through.  I believe this is especially true with Alzheimer’s, ALS, and cancer.

In light,

Carrie (Atheria)

All is better with a whisker…

ImageI had just walked into the bathroom this morning when I saw this BLACK whisker sitting on the floor…quite prominently.  I’m so excited!  Why am I so excited about a cat’s whisker, you ask?  Well, Bleu’s whiskers are 100% white and Chakra’s are 90% white with a few of them having a little black in them.  But Karma, who crossed over to the Other Side on August 24th, had black whiskers!  Bodhi has let me know very clearly that he is still around in spirit, but Karma hasn’t had the overly dramatic appearances.  I just know this was her way of letting me know she’s okay and still around…checking on me, Bleu, and Chakra.  This made my day.  I’ve added the whisker to her memorial space on my fireplace mantel.  I should add that yes, I have vacuumed/cleaned numerous times since her passing and should also mention that the last year of her life, she became obsessed with the bathroom and spent a lot of time in there drinking water from the sink’s faucet, etc.  I am finding it really cool that both Bodhi and Karma have given me PHYSICAL signs.  I’m still in shock about Bodhi taking a treat I had left for him.  I blogged about that previously.

We humans are not the only eternal souls.



Bodhi has a healthy appetite on the Other Side!


As part of Bodhi’s altar on my fireplace mantle I put two pieces of his favorite Greenies treats.  I saw both treats within the past week, along with some of his teeth that had to be pulled in 2010 or 2011 that the vet had given me in a little tube, his ashes, and his picture.  I had this odd feeling something was going to happen to the treats and literally checked them about a week ago…and they were there as normal.  Tonight, something made me look again, and one of the treats is gone!  There is no way that Chakra or Bleu got up there and took it!  They would have knocked stuff down.  I’m so excited and so happy that Bodhi is here!  Now I hope that Karma does something too!

Animals are indeed eternal and love us from the Other Side!

In light,
Carrie /Atheria

I think Karma and/or Bodhi are haunting my house now, and I’m glad.

ImageI will admit that I’ve been upset that so far I’ve not gotten any signs from Karma letting me know she’s okay on the Other Side.  Bodhi walked into the kitchen 3 days after he died last year and then showed up in the bathroom 2 days after that…and again on my birthday (rubbed against my leg).  Well, all that may have changed!

For the past few days, I’ve been hearing noises in my house that sound like they are coming from the bedrooms when I’m in the kitchen or den.  Lots of clash-bang stuff like things are falling or being knocked over.  Bleu has often been playing in the backyard during this or has been with me.  But Chakra was back in one of the bedrooms.  I just attributed it to her (although never finding anything knocked over SHOULD have been a clue).  Also, 2-3 times she’s come tearing through the house from one of the bedrooms like she’s being chased and is playing or something.  I will say that THAT started to make me wonder if something was going on.  She’s been hanging out in my bedroom A LOT since Karma passed.  Sometimes I’ll go looking for her, and she’ll be sitting or standing in my bedroom with this funny look on her face like I busted her doing something or that I interrupted something.  It’s hard to explain the look, but I know my kids.  After what happened around 4 a.m. today, I’m convinced she’s been playing with the spirits of Karma and Bodhi, or at least one of them.

I’ve not been sleeping well AT ALL for a long time, and it’s been increasingly worse…where lately the tiny bit I sleep is full of nightmares.  Anyway, I barely slept again last night, but around 4 a.m. I was definitely fully awakened by hearing an animal thumping around and frantically clawing a door trying to get out of a closet or cabinet or something.  I looked over and Chakra wasn’t next to me like she has been (since Karma died, Chakra has been clingy).  I thought that although I could have sworn she’d been in bed with me initially, that maybe I’d imagined it and she’d never been there because I’d accidentally locked her in the closet or something.  It wouldn’t be the first time.  I went closet to closet and opened up the bathroom cabinets (where Karma used to lock herself in and freak out, see:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fuQ0UvlIas ) but still no Chakra.  When I came back into my bedroom, I noticed her tail sticking out from under the bed.  THEN it suddenly dawned on me that I’ve got cat ghosts!  Now, because Karma loved to hide in the bathroom cabinets and then not be able to get out and would claw and claw, I’m assuming it’s her.  But, it is certainly possible that Bodhi is also around and playing with Chakra since during 1 of the 2 dream visitations I’ve had with him, when he jumped down off my lap and started to walk away, he morphed into Chakra.

Now, the hard part is that both Bodhi and Karma need to move on…but I don’t really want them to go.  I miss my babies so much and it is bringing me some comfort knowing they’re around.  So, I’m not sure what to do at this point.  I’m curious to see if more stuff will happen, or if it’ll slowly stop happening as they move into another level.