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Annoying spirit guides and other events…

The past few days have been eventful.  Something is going on in the ethers.  It started off with something wonderful on Thursday night.  Bodhi, my sweet boy kitty…who passed away on 9/25/2012, came to me in spirit again via a dream.  There is always a different feel to dreams when they aren’t regular dreams, but instead something on the astral.  In this “dream” he showed himself much younger, I’d guess about 4-5 months old.  I miss him and Karma, who passed away on 8/24/2013, so much every single day.  It warms my heart that he makes the effort to visit so often.  I’ve only had one visit from Karma, and that was just after she was released from being cocooned for quite a while to heal on the Other Side.  I wish she’d visit more, but I’m sure there is a good reason why she can’t.  Yes, animals get cocooned too, like humans do, if their souls suffered too traumatically before passing.  I’m pretty sure Karma had a brain tumor (or possibly cancer somewhere else) and she showed signs of dementia.  Bodhi was very playful in his most recent visit, and it was wonderful to see him.

Then, last night when I was getting ready to do yoga there wasn’t much worth watching on TV (yes, I know I shouldn’t be watching TV while doing yoga…hehehe) but I found the show, “Elementary”.  I watch it occasionally, but not constantly.  Now, I should preface this by mentioning that Taos kept popping into my head all day yesterday, with the weird feeling that I’m not supposed to move to a bigger city like I’m hoping to (Denver, Seattle, etc.) but am supposed to go to tiny Taos.  Now, Taos first “called” me in 1998 and I fell in love with it, but…and this is a big but…it’s SMALL and there are not many, if any, high paying quality jobs.  Add to that the fact I’m bored out of my mind in Albuquerque, a city of 500,000+ people, and what would I do in a town of 5,000 people to stay occupied?!  And don’t get me started about how hard it is to find people to date here…with it being even harder, or impossible, in Taos.

Okay, so back to yoga and “Elementary”.  Just after I started watching it, in mid downward dog, the lead character (Sherlock Holmes) is on the phone having a brusque conversation with someone as Watson walks in and asks him what’s going on.  He responded saying something like, “I’m just bargaining with someone in Taos, New Mexico!”  What?!  I mean, what are the odds that this TV show, which takes place in New York City, would randomly mention Taos on yesterday’s episode I just happened to catch after Taos had been in my head all day?!  My guides have an annoying sense of humor!  I cannot help but feel they are nagging me to move to Taos with the increasing number of “coincidences” happening lately.  But what am I going to do to earn a quality living?!  Oh, have I also mentioned that I don’t love cold weather and Taos is just under 7,000 feet elevation and gets COLD?!  Don’t get me started on the lack of men thing.  Bah!  I want a BIGGER city with opportunity, not a little town!  Yes, I’m having a temper tantrum, and here is an example of last night’s reaction:

My guides are being totally unreasonable if they seriously want me to move to Taos.  Then again, there is this little voice in the back of my head that is saying, “Well, if you’d moved to Taos back i n 1998 like you SHOULD have…your whole life would have worked out better and you wouldn’t be so behind.  Stop fighting the call…”  Beyond my Instagram tantrum, I loudly said to my unseen friends, “If you really want me to move to Taos, then you need to come up with a good job for me and a place to live (it’s hard to find good and affordable places there) and open some doors!  This is on you or I’m not cooperating!”

Well, at some point last night (was too lazy to roll over and look at the clock)…like they’ve done before…I heard, clear as day, a doorbell being rung.

Doorbell in spirit

Doorbell in spirit

The last time this happened, when I had my house, it was my uncle, Chuckie, trying to get my attention.  He would also knock at night, occasionally.  This time, I’m not so sure it was him.  I think it was one of my prankster guides…but since he does watch over me, it could have been him.  Whoever it was, he/she was just being a smarty pants and letting me know that they are at the door I need to open.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens.  The thing is, during my reading with gifted medium Karen Fay, late last September, she said I’d be relocating within a year.  She couldn’t get a clear read on whether I was going to leave New Mexico, or just move far within the state.  She waffled a bit, and then sided with me moving out of state.  Taos “could” make sense as it’s not that far from Colorado and would explain the mixed signals she was getting.  But, really, I want a CITY that has an IKEA and things to do!  But, I also know how to make God laugh….by telling him our plans.



Bodhi may be stealing treats again and I’ll be reading at Abitha’s Apothecary

When I sold my house last month and moved into a small apartment across town, I wondered if Bodhi and Karma would, in spirit, stay around the house…their last home before passing…or if they’d follow Chakra, Bleu, and me to the new location. Something happened recently that I suspect is Bodhi up to his old “Tuna Flavored Greenies” cat treats stealing antics again. Right now, I’m not POSITIVE he took the missing entire bag of treats, but this is a small place and I can’t find the bag of treats ANYWHERE. Now, Bleu and Chakra DO get into the kitchen cabinet where I had been keeping them, but even if they did naughtily get into the bag to feast, something should have been left over. They seemingly didn’t eat the rather tough bag. I would have seen signs of that days later, if you know what I mean.

Last night, Bodhi also came to me in a dream again. He was pale, in that his normal white/dark gray coloring was not as vivid. Basically, he looked like what you’d expect a spirit to look like…slightly ephemeral. He was playing in what I think was my current apartment (although it’s hard to remember) with other cats, which included my still physically alive Bleu and Chakra, I believe. I definitely remember him with a few other cats, and I’m pretty sure Bleu and Chakra were in the group, but I’m not 100% positive about that. It does make sense to me that he would connect with my two current kids while they are asleep and possibly temporarily out of body. He walked up to me and let me hug and pet him. I miss him and Karma so much. This is the third time he’s come to me in a dream. Karma has only come once, and I hope she’s okay. Because of her longer term decline, and possible dementia, she was sent to a pet hospice on the Other Side to recover for quite a few months. Sylvia Browne would have said she was “cocooned” to heal.

It warms my heart knowing that my babies are STILL with me, despite my moving. Now, I know that spirit is not limited by location/distance, but it’s nice to get proof of that.

On another note, I’ll be helping out Abitha’s Apothecary here in Albuquerque on Thursday night. December 4th is Albuquerque’s yearly event where Central is closed down for pedestrians to walk around for the “Shop and Stroll”. I’ll be doing readings from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. Stop by if you’re in the area!

Happy Holidays,

My friend’s channeled drawing of Karma crossing over the rainbow bridge today…

My angelic friend, Diane, is a very gifted trance channel.  She lives in CA so is an hour behind me.  Karma passed away about 2:30 p.m. Mountain Time, which would be 1:30 p.m. Pacific.  While in channeling class, and in trance, Diane asked one of her guides (Maggio) and the spirit of her beloved German Shepherd (Ralphie) to try to reach Karma.  Diane is also a gifted artist and drew the b/w picture below.  She emailed me saying:

A beautiful little girl.

While I was drawing in class I asked Maggio & Ralphie to connect with Karma.  The drawing was done approx. 1:45 LA time.  Attached is what I drew (the black & white image) and then I applied some filters in Photoshop.  My feeling at the time was Karma with wings running into spirit and catching up to her dear friend Bodhi and embraced by Spirit (the cat above).

With care,


(Please note that Diane does these drawings in trance with her EYES CLOSED. Here is her explanation of what she does: I’m blended. My eyes are closed and I mostly don’t look at the paper. Sometimes I can “feel” what is being drawn, like eyes, nose, etc. so I peek to make sure the pencil is in the right place for an eye, then close my eyes again and keep drawing. I can feel thru my ring and last finger where the pencil should go/move.)

When I saw these drawings, I burst into tears AGAIN.  What a gift I will treasure forever!  And, that is definitely Bodhi down below…his famous dark bangs and all!

ImageWhat beautiful imagery and it’s fitting.  As Karma’s spirit passed through me, it zoomed up fast toward the ceiling…like she was running.  I saw 2 rainbows tonight as confirmation from Karma and Bodhi (rainbow bridge) and when I logged into Twitter to change my background to a memorial for Karma, I just “happened” to have my eyes land on someone’s name listed as Bo Dhi.  I am convinced that was Bodhi’s way of letting me know he got my pleas to meet Karma on the Other Side to help her cross over.  I just know they are together.  My heart still aches and I don’t know when I’ll stop crying, but Diane gave me the most special gift ever and I will be eternally grateful.

Here is a picture of Karma with Bleu and Chakra last February 22nd.


Carrie (Atheria)


Ghost Radar and the best birthday present ever!

My birthday was on the 20th and in the morning, Karma kept getting into the bathtub again and crying. Keep in mind that she never did that until after Bodhi died…but he used to do it all the time. I’m kind of getting suspicious that not only is she seeing him in spirit, but that he is influencing her behavior, almost like he’s taking her over. Anyway, the day before I had downloaded the app “Ghost Radar” onto my new Android phone. I ran to get my phone and turned on GR to see if it would pick up anything in the bathroom. Sure enough, GR started signalling that there were 1-3 spirits in the room at various distances. I say 1-3 because it would vary. I saw green and red dots on the phone’s screen (red means the spirit is closer than green). Now, a skeptic could say, “Well, that doesn’t prove anything” but then it got a bit more awesome. The GR software then started typing out and verbalizing words. Some of the words I couldn’t figure out the meaning behind, but the second word that came out was PROTECTION. That made sense to me! Also, the word MALE. Out loud I mentioned that it was my birthday, and all of sudden GR said GIFT and I was elated! Then, I clearly felt warmth hit my right lower leg/ankle and the word BREATHING popped up on the phone. By then I was totally excited! I have been wanting to feel Bodhi since his September 25th passing but hadn’t yet. But this time I felt him with no questions. Other words like BIRDS came up on the phone and Bodhi, being a cat, used to like to watch birds. Sure, all this can be dismissed, but I truly feel that Bodhi came to visit me on my birthday to reassure me that he’s okay on the Other Side. It was the best birthday present I could have gotten.

In light,

Please, Bodhi, come to me in spirit and let me know you are okay…

I have changed my mind and am paying to have Bodhi cremated separately so that I can get his ashes back.  I know that our bodies are just clothing for our soul, but I just have to have some part of Bodhi with me.  When I die someday, I want to be cremated and be scattered in Taos with my pets.

I have been crying since Tuesday.  I have never felt such grief.  My cats are the lights of my life.  They have given me love during the darkest hours.  I keep begging Bodhi to please visit me in spirit, but so far he has not come.  I think the sneeze I heard on Tuesday was actually Karma sneezing and not Bodhi in spirit.  Maybe my emotional despondency is just too much and it’s stopping him from coming through…I don’t know.  But I just want a clear sign from him that he is still with me.

Update:  I had written the above yesterday.  Tonight something happened!

Chakra was with me in the den watching a Lyme Disease documentary when she suddenly jumped up and got up on her hind legs at the end of the couch staring into the kitchen intently…almost afraid.  She CLEARLY saw something in the kitchen and was on alert.  I’m sure she saw Bodhi’s spirit.  I tried desperately to see him, but couldn’t.  I did feel tingling through my body though.  I really want to see, feel, or hear Bodhi.  I am suspecting my emotionalness is actually blocking him from being able to get through to me.  I somehow need to calm down.



My beloved Bodhi…I will miss you forever…

I just had to put my beloved boy, Bodhi, to sleep.  He had acute kidney failure and although I could have kept him alive longer through dramatic means, I had to accept that it would be more for me than for him.  He was suffering.  I just pray I did the right thing.  My heart aches.  I’m inconsolable.  I know I’ll see him again someday, but I miss him.  While at the vet’s trying to decide what to do and realizing I probably had to euthanize him, I looked up and saw THREE sets of 444’s on the computer screen.  Angels were telling me they were in the room.  On the drive home, the sun shone through the clouds right over my neighborhood.  My cell picture attached doesn’t show it as clearly as you could see the sun’s rays though.  As I pulled into the driveway, Karma was sitting in the window waiting.  Almost immediately she smelled the empty cat carrier and sat next to it like she was guarding….for a few minutes.  And Chakra kept looking up at the ceiling like she saw something in the den.  I hope Bodhi visits me in spirit to let me know he’s okay.  His ashes will be sprinkled with other cats and dogs on the top of the Sandia Mountains.
The pain is so bad.  Bodhi was only 13.  I wanted him to live forever…..I can still see his anxious face waiting for me in the window as I came home.
I’m not SURE but as I was sending out this email telling my friends about Bodhi, I could have sworn I heard the quick expressing of air through a clogged nose sound that Bodhi had been doing the past 2 weeks right behind me.  I hope it was him.  I pray he visits me in spirit.  My friend just told me that anyone who passes on holy days (Yom Kippur started at sundown) is a special and extra good soul.  That brought me some peace.