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Alien Abduction on Feb. 12, 2019

Before what happened in the wee hours of this morning, I’d had one of my really bad insomnia nights due to chronic head and neck pain…and general restlessness. I went to bed earlier than normal because I was so tired from not sleeping well other nights, just after 9 p.m. I did manage to fall asleep pretty quickly due to total exhaustion, but woke up around 1-1:30 a.m. and was up most of the rest of the night tossing and turning. I’m sure the cats got fed up with me moving around so much. I should also mention that I had a chiropractic session at 5:00 p.m. yesterday. My current doctor does a lot of muscle testing/kinesiology and he diagnosed another annoying health issue (besides the brain crushing head pain for 23+ years that was made much worse last April). During my appointment with him, he finished off by doing some work on my skull. He worked on a dent on the left side of my skull, and did a bunch of work on the very top (crown chakra area) of my skull where the seam is as skull plates merge. I recall him saying that he could feel energy releasing as he pushed pretty aggressively on the seam. During a session on February 6th, he was fiddling with my skull and said something like, “Your skull is certainly ‘unique’.” You would have heard him said it, but he meant ODD. So, I jokingly replied, “Well, that’s because I’m an ET hybrid.” Without hesitation, he responded with, “Oh, do you know from which planet?”

So, getting back to last night, I recall glancing…yet again…at the clock and it was around 4:30 a.m. Suddenly, I was out. I don’t recall drifting off, but all of a sudden I’m having this detailed dream that seemed random. I can remember being with my parents and sister at some shopping mall. I was watching this scene from a distance, kind of, because I was looking at the mall and trying to figure out which mall it was. It looked very familiar. Finally I recognized it and thought to myself, “Ah ha! It’s XXXXX!” (I can’t remember now, which mall it was but I think it was one in Los Angeles…where I lived for 22 years.) Then, it seemed like I was on Facebook or something watching one of those “memory” videos that popped up, of my dad on the ground…in that mall…doing something. I almost want to say he was break-dancing at 83. LOL! I can’t remember what exactly, but he was moving around on the ground, then got partially up, then laid back down. Cut to, a totally different scene. I was with my sister in my current car, Ruby, at night, stopped somewhere when this gal in another car drove up and whacked Ruby’s fender area. I was pissed and yelled at the gal, as she drove off saying she’d not done any damage to my car. We took off after her. (Those who know me know how much I love my red Honda Fit.) She had driven to this party where people were outside around a bonfire. We got out of Ruby and I got a good look at her fender, and there was damage! As I was about to confront the jerk woman, she took off and disappeared. Then, there was another scene change. It’s still nighttime, but Kelly and I are standing on or near a bridge enjoying a pretty night sky. That’s when the “dream” shifted…and became different. It’s hard to explain it, but it just didn’t seem like a dream. The whole feel was different and I can remember the next parts better. (Normally I can’t remember a dream more than 60 seconds after awakening and it’s now hours later but I can still recall it.)

I looked straight up overhead to see a fleet of different types of UFOs — including huge mother-ships — and immediately thought “UH OH!” as I found myself flat on my back on a grassy yard. As I’m laying there, my head starts swirling. I got dizzy and my vision went woo-woo as the sky lit up and swirled around. I kind of felt like I was in a vortex. I knew I was about to be taken, and prayed that they were friendly beings, not the hostile/dangerous type. I looked over to see this alien being scamper toward me. I say scamper because he/she/it didn’t walk totally upright. It moved more like an orangutan using it’s long arms a lot to get around. To be honest, I expected the stereotype of a grey, but I don’t recall seeing this type before. I’m curious to find out what beings took me, but I’m not finding pictures online of what I saw. I know for a fact that I was abducted from my Albuquerque house years ago (woke up with burn marks on my wrists and vaguely remember standing in my backyard in my pjs with my arms overhead as I willingly was lifted up into a UFO) and this scene that I saw during this early morning’s visit kind of reminded me of my old backyard, but I’m not 100% sure. A question I have right now is, did this happen at 4:30 a.m. today, or was I having spontaneous recall of a prior abduction? Anyway, I saw the being come up to me, and the next thing I know, I’m naked on a table with long, thin fingers on my face and head doing something. I think there were only 3 fingers on each hand, but there may have been 4. I lean toward saying 3. The hands were gentle as they worked to put some device around my head. It was definitely uncomfortable at the very top part of my head, which is where they seemed the most focused. (Where my doctor had been working yesterday.) I can still kind of see the helmet thing. Where my crown chakra is, there was a circular electronic thing, and then there were metal branches that came down around the sides and back of my head to support it and keep it tethered to my skull. My face seemed to be exposed because I can STILL feel the fingers on my face! It was SO vivid in terms of the feeling of touch and other senses. For some reason, I don’t remember getting a good look at their faces. I do think I saw them, but it seems my memory has been erased. There is a vague feeling of seeing eyes…but I can only really see their hands clearly in my mind now. This is kind of funny, but it seemed that they were concerned I not be afraid of them. They wanted me to know they weren’t there to hurt me, despite the thing on my head hurting a bit. So, they tickled me to make me giggle…which I did! I clearly recall laughing as I’m very ticklish. But, I was also freezing cold on that table and kept wishing, “Jeez. I wish they’d turn up the heat in here if I have to be naked, or at least put a blanket on me.” I can still feel their really long and thin fingers touching me all over.

This is just a feeling I had while they were doing whatever they were doing to my painful head (yes…I wish they had done surgery to fix my neck damage…but my headache SUCKS today, not that it’s ever good), but at one point when things got brighter inside the ship, and the gizmo was on my skull, I had this knowing feeling that my psychic ability would become remarkably stronger. I think, but can’t prove it, that they were adjusting my pineal gland or crown chakra and kind of giving me a tune up.

The next thing I know, I woke up about 4 minutes before my 6:00 a.m. alarm…in bed…wearing what I’d worn to bed last night. That’s why I’m not sure that what happened wasn’t a memory from years ago. But, I think it was early this morning because of the coincidence with my doctor appointment the day before. And, the way I was suddenly just OUT after tossing and turning most of the night and then boom, instantly awake again…but about an hour and half later. I should mention that my friend in Nambe, which isn’t far from where I live, has been seeing ships near her house on a regular basis. She and her partner just got a good quality camera and are hoping to get some footage soon.

If you have any idea what alien race I encountered, please let me know! I really, really wish they’d repaired my spine/skull damage though. Maybe next time. Living with a 24/7 horrid headache sucks.

In Light,

Divine intervention in Durango :-)

I drove to PRETTY and QUAINT Durango, Colorado last Friday for a 3 day weekend getaway.  Now I thought I was just going to get away from Albuquerque for a few days, and enjoy the scenery, but 2 important things happened that were clearly arranged by spirit.

I had heard that Mesa Verde was awesome, and really wanted to go see the ancient cliff dwelling ruins, but one of the main triggers of panic attacks for me (developed a panic disorder due to my hypoglycemia a few years ago) is remote in-the-middle-of-nowhere places where hospitals are not handy.  Heck, a year ago when I went to Durango for the first time I had a bad anxiety attack the first night and almost had to go to the hospital or drive myself 3 hours and 20 minutes home…and I was IN town…let alone way out where Mesa Verde is.  Anyway, as I have found my panic/anxiety disorder to be extremely frustrating and upsetting, I have been forcing myself to do gradually more scary things in an effort to get over it.  And I will admit that with each little success, I do better with the next challenge.  Since I did good my first day in Durango, I decided to go to Mesa Verde.  The park’s entrance is about 35 miles west of Durango.  I had assumed (never assume) that the cliff dwellings were close to the entrance to the large park.  Wrong.  When I got to the visitors center (and I had pangs of panic slightly along the drive…but not bad) I found out that you had to drive another 20 miles of mountainous, winding, REMOTE roads to even get to the first cliff dwelling.  I immediately felt fear hit big time and turned around at the entrance.  I really didn’t think I could do it.  I sat in my car talking to myself…yelling at myself, actually, for a while.  I mean, I’d driven THAT far and to not see any of the ruins would be stupid!  After talking to some park employees who told me that there would be lots of other tourists along the way, so that if something happened I could get help (despite the zero cell service out there), I decided to TRY the 45+ minute drive.  Numerous times along the way I felt panicky and almost turned around.  Seriously, if you do not like majorly curvy mountain roads with very high drop-offs to your death, I would not do the drive.  It took pure willpower to get me to the museum at the beginning of the ruins.  When I saw it, and saw that there was a restaurant and everything, I felt like I’d seen heaven.  But where it gets spiritual/magical is that when I got out of my car and started walking to The Spruce House (ruins closest to the museum) I saw not 1, but 2 cars with 444 in their license plates!  The plates jumped out at me and I knew that I had been protected by my friends in spirit the entire time and would be protected until I got back to town.  As much as I feel alone in life, things like this remind me that I’m never REALLY alone.  That truly brings me some peace.  And, let me tell you, the drive was worth it.  The Spruce House was awesome (see photo below) and it was very pretty around The Spruce House.  Not to mention that you can feel the history of the people who lived there long ago.  I ended up not going to some of the other ruins due to tour times, extra costs, and I didn’t want to push my panic luck, but this was a major personal success for me and knowing that people who love me on the Other Side were there to watch over me helped me tremendously.  For those who don’t know, 444’s mean that angels are with you.


The second magical thing that happened during the trip involved “chance meetings”.  On Saturday night, after my success at Mesa Verde, I was planning on eating my health food in my hotel room, but something in me me felt this strong urge to go to a restaurant a friend had highly recommended called “Steamworks Brewing Company”.  It didn’t dawn on me that it was 6 p.m. on a Saturday night.  So yes, there was a LONG waiting list for a table.  But, the hostess said that if it was just me, I could try to find a seat in the bar and I could order food there.  Well, even the bar was packed, but there was ONE seat open between two older men right at the bar.  I started chatting with this lovely and attractive man to my right, not thinking anything of it other than some nice conversation.  When he asked me what I did for a living, I decided to err on the side of conservatism and simply told him that I was an administrative assistant.  But even as the words came out of my mouth, I could feel someone on the Other Side trying to get me to tell him that I was a psychic medium and trance channel.  But, I can be stubborn.  Ha!  As the conversation about typical things went on, he suddenly mentioned something metaphysically spiritual and I dared tell him that I was a psychic medium.  Well, it was like the floodgates opened!  He got totally excited and the whole conversation took a major turn as we talked about our ET ancestry, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Thoth (he was very into Thoth, who I didn’t know much about…look up The Emerald Tablets), etc.  He was like a long lost friend!  Then, he mentioned that he actually lived in Flagstaff and was just in Durango for work…and a DING DING DING went off in my head!  I have a friend in Los Angeles who is about his age, is also into metaphysics, and has had this inner calling to move to Flagstaff!  And both he and her are looking for their soulmate!  I am not going to mention their names, but I told him that he HAD to meet my friend and ran back to hotel to email her about him and tell her she HAD to meet him!  My entire being just knows these two need to meet!  There are other “coincidences” besides the perfect age, interests, Flagstaff stuff.  He told me that he wasn’t going to go to that restaurant either, but something in him urged him to go anyway.  It is extremely clear to me that possibly the entire reason for my getting an urge to go to Durango last weekend…and that particular restaurant was to meet this wonderful man who needs to meet my wonderful friend!  God forced us to meet by having only one seat available in the bar!  Seriously, they’d better get together or I’m going to hit both of them!  Even though it would have been nice to meet MY soulmate, this event drummed it home to me that there IS A PLAN.  NOTHING is an accident!  Seemingly casual encounters are not casual at all, and can lead to major life events.  Even telling a stranger that you love her dress can impact that person, and cause her to do something different in her life.  We are all influencing each other and to a degree, are chess pieces in this magical game called LIFE.

In Light,

Carrie (Atheria)