Council of 7 – Personal Identity

Early this morning I started clairvoyantly seeing this multicolored, amorphous, swirling energy around me and felt it/they wanted to speak. Then, while taking a 4.5 walk I started seeing it again, and felt impressed with the need to talk about male/female/trans/androgyny…etc. I went into today’s session being open to whatever came through and didn’t want to limit it to what I expected to come through. Sure enough, though, the Council of 7 wanted to talk about our personal identity and the shift as we move more toward The Oneness.

May 22, 2021

I do need to explain that I struggled physically during this session because my right foot and ankle that were broken on Jan. 14th are still not totally back to normal, and being on crutches with a walking boot for so long also affected all of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in my right leg and hip. Then, a bit less than a week and half ago, I badly fell off my trampoline and smashed my left knee. Add to that, the “normal” head and neck pain…and…well…it sucks to be me. The major locking up of my hands and wrists during today’s channeling also wasn’t totally comfortable. But, it is what it is! Duty calls and all that stuff.

I just found out about this seminar by UFO researcher Steven Greer AFTER it already took place. – I just subscribed to his YouTube channel. I had heard that next month the Federal Government is supposed to disclose UFO information, but suspected they’d not reveal the WHOLE truth. And, yep, according to Steven, this whole thing is a false flag. It’ll be interesting to see what they do say and how many trust it. There are so many sheeple who believe everything they are told and don’t question what’s being hidden. I read a lot from various sources, but above all else, trust ME and my very good intuition. Many years ago when that mother drove her car full of kids into a lake to drown them, I knew instantly that she murdered her kids despite being on the news sobbing. My neighbor got pissed off at me and called me heartless/cold when I said the woman killed her kids. Sure enough, she killed her kids. I could go on and on about people not believing me when I tell them what I pick up psychically, but that would fill many books.

Anyway, I’m still happily off Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor, Minds, MeWe, and LinkedIn. The only reason I keep Instagram is that it’s super quick and not not nearly as toxic. Also, I am addicted to posting cat pictures, nature shots, and photos of me struggling to repaint my condo. Ha! I do not hang out on Instagram for hours. I’m in and out. If I don’t comment a lot, it’s because I’m not there.

I did like what came through today as I have trans friends…some of THE most awesome people I’ve ever met. I love that the Council of 7 addressed the fact that we shouldn’t be limited by labels attached at birth.



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