Lakota style sweat lodge ceremony

I was blessed to be asked to attend a sweat lodge ceremony last evening in Ranchos de Taos done in the authentic Lakota fashion.  I made a video talking about the experience, but I should have written down things I wanted to make sure to mention…which means I forgot stuff like…

  • I brought tobacco as an offering, which was placed on the altar outside the lodge.
  • There is a certain direction you walk (or crawl) in when you enter or exit the lodge.
  • I was offered a sweat lodge dress but opted to stay in a t-shirt and long shorts.  I should have taken Kathy up on the offer.  Since I didn’t bring a spare set of clothes, I had to drive home soaking wet.  LOL
  • There is a “line” between the lodge, altar in front of the doorway, and the fire in front of that.  You are not supposed to walk across it and need to go around it.
  • Because our bodies are the only thing we ever really own, to give of your flesh is the post powerful offering you can make in prayer.
  • Puff hard on the pipe so it doesn’t go out half way around the circle of people!
  • We often used the word “aho” after someone spoke their heart.  Here is a link to what it means:

Here is a video from the sweat lodge location facing Taos.  The storm clouds made it look extra magical.  We had a beautiful view from up in the mountains.

Because I ended up not feeling well at all by the end, I’m not sure I’ll do a sweat lodge again, but I’m glad I did do it.  It was a powerful evening of prayer and connection to not only other human beings, but also the Great Spirit.





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