Increasing Spirit Visitations


This is a quickie post.  Last night I was visited in a “dream” by a lovely guy I used to work with at Sony Pictures Entertainment who left this realm way too young.  (From my human perspective…not his soul’s perspective.)  I wish I could recall the dream, but it’s already just a glimmer in my memory.  At work yesterday, I had a quick “drive by visitation” by the brother of a friend of mine that included a simple but nice message.  Last week, I had another quick visitation by a young gal who was recently killed in a car accident while I took my lunchtime walk at work.  She also gave me a brief message to pass along.  I seem to be having increasing numbers of visitations by people on the Other Side lately and I don’t know what’s triggering it.  Is anyone else having more encounters with family and friends on the Other Side?  I don’t know if the veil is suddenly getting even thinner, or what?  I’d love to hear your feedback and/or stories.  One friend said she was awakened this morning by a loved one in spirit hugging her and smiling.

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16 thoughts on “Increasing Spirit Visitations

  1. hey! i wonder, why are some spirits, never seen again, while others, seem to be able to visit,
    i wonder how many ‘spirit worlds’ or realms there might be..some might just be too far removed from this so-called real world, i guess? whenever i do see people in dreams, who have crossed over, almost every time, in the dream, i’m not even aware it’s a dream, and i forget that i should not be seeing them or speaking with them and it’s…just a funny thing, isn’t it! i wish i had my own psychic medium! it seems i’m not a very good psychic that way!
    i can’t recall any dreams lately! and it’s really annoying! i know a lot must be goin’ on, but i have no good explanations! have you heard the ‘channeling erik’ channel, on you tube? , it’s a dr. whose son crossed over, some years ago, and she has many different channelers, channel her son, erik and it’s really interesting! i wish i could send you a hundred bitcoins! but i have none yet! haha! i wish for you , to be pain-free, and debt-free! thanks for the you tube presence, while there’s still a you tube!

    • Hi Brian. Channeling Erik (Medhus) is great. I stumbled on that around April 2018 and got Erik’s first book, which was channeled to us from the spirit realm. Amazing stuff! I, too, have had dreams much like you. My brother visits me in dreams. All seems normal. I’m not shocked by his appearance in my dreams. The interactions are simple and pleasant. I share your wishes for Atheria.

    • Hi Brian! Well, I think all souls CAN come visit us, quite frankly…many are just too busy doing other things and also reincarnate rapidly at times. From what I’ve learned, they do have “jobs” over there. I’ve talked to one of my family members who died young and he’s working with troubled youth, for example. And yeah, I don’t remember a lot of my dreams, sadly. There is always a different feel to visitation “dreams” though. It’s hard to explain, but I can tell when a dream isn’t just a dream. The guy I’m dating right now is a fan of the Channeling Erik channel. I’ve not watched it much, but should! And, thank you for all the well-wishes. It’s greatly appreciated. My friends are into cryptocurrency. 🙂 I’m on the fence about it but own a little that one gifted to me.

      • i believe ya! i mean, i think you might be right…. in any case , i guess it’s better to believe they can visit us,and not to fret about it! thanks, thanks, i didn’t know what to say, haha, still don’t!

  2. I was just sitting out on my balcony and felt a slight tug on my consciousness as the thought “I’m in a psychic growth phase” popped into my head. A split second later, a hummingbird (major spiritual symbol often used as messengers by people on the Other Side) showed up feet away…looking at me! He/she then flew away.

  3. My visit was the other night. I am not sure who came to visit us, but my husband woke up because he could smell something. I tried to stay asleep, but I woke up to an orb. I asked him the next morning what he smelled and he said perfume. It could be My Mother, or Grand mother, not sure. It could also be my dog because I would put Moroccan oil on him. I was extremely tired the whole day. I have been visited before, but not in a very long time.

    • Kelli, thank you for sharing. Loved ones in spirit using scent to get our attention is VERY common. Years ago, when my friend in Los Angeles’s mother passed…leaving her memorial, my closed windowed car was suddenly filled with the scent of roses. Me, being the skeptic (shocking, but true) that I am, I rolled down the windows to sniff outside to see if I was passing something that smelled like roses. Nope. It was only inside my car. 🙂

  4. I love reading your posts! Again someone really speaking their truth unaffected by any non believers – applaud you always…

    Thinning of veil I know I’m not really seeing it, but I’ve heard a few things Lately that make me think I’m going crazy. Once it was someone coming in the front door when I left no one was there. Another time just to norms but it sounded like a human noise not the walls creaking again no one was there.

    Thank you for sharing! Sandy

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    • Hi Sandy,

      I greatly appreciate the support and YOU sharing your experiences. I really do think the veil is thinning. More people are having visitations and other things happen that can’t easily be explained.


  5. Hi Atheria,

    Seems I’m a little late to the ballgame 😅 so I just subscribed.

    Yeah, I’ve been getting visitations. The one guy was my moms partner who recently passed. He told me I had wonderful kids ” Just Wonderful!” Then, once I realized I was lucid in the dream and slowly waking up he said to me,

    “Ah what can I tell ya Rachel, what can I tell ya. I married. Surely Loved, surely I did. But Love is like the ocean, eventually it’s going to come smashing against some rocks, and its gonna pull away again back to the sea. And then its gonna crash again. And again. And again and again and again! And it’s always going to do that. The trick is to be the sea. The Stillness of the sea.”

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