Glad I cleaned this a.m. since ETs showed up!

So I got this cleaning urge this morning (rare for me so I had to go with it) that triggered me to vacuum up pounds of cat hair, mop the floors, and do some other kitchen and bathroom dirt extraction chores.  Then I felt someone “knocking on my head” and thought I’d see if I could channel.  It’s been a while, but, yep, both my Arcturian and Pleiadian friends showed up as a posse!

I held a rose quartz today and had a big clear quartz next to me.  I’m not sure if holding the rose quartz is what caused it or not, but this cool pink cylinder of light appeared in front of and above me that was very interesting to “see” (my eyes were closed so I saw it clairvoyantly).

The energy today felt very different, kind of jerky…in spurts.  My face twitched a lot too.  I should have had the camera closer so you could see that better.

Part way through my channeling session, even with my windows/doors closed, my neighbor’s loud hammering on his old pick-up truck was distracting.  I don’t know what the guy was doing, but he was underneath his truck with a sledge hammer pummeling the back end of the poor truck.  Hopefully, you can hear me okay.

To skip the part where I’m just getting into trance and not talking, you can fast forward to 2:55.

Of course, Chakra had to walk into view a couple of times.  She’s always drawn to my channeling.  Bleu doesn’t care as much.  And, yes, I still have zero real furniture.  😉

In Light,


10 thoughts on “Glad I cleaned this a.m. since ETs showed up!

  1. love the cats, the one here ‘escaped’ yesterday, i found the screen had been ripped away from the front door, i never knew he wanted to escape, the irony is, i had left the door wide open for much of the day before he finally ‘escaped’, i trust he’ll be okay, haha, he’s got trust issues, don’t they all…! haha!

    • Oh no! I hope your kitty is safe and comes home today! And, yes, cats are interesting little beings. I’m not unconvinced they may be little ET spies!

  2. yeah, i guess he’d gathered enough on us, i’m tryin’ not to worry, ironically, i was tryin’ not to worry about him, now i couldn’t care less about the little turncoat, i’m only concerned just what i may or may not have said,..! haha!

  3. but indeed, no joke, i legit have wondered about that cat, when i had heard that ‘spirits’ can indeed ‘jump into’ or inhabit cats and other small beings, and what a pitiful existence, i feel sorry for them! ah, hahaha! no, the legit cats and dogs are always cool with me, and, uh, 99-plus percent always liked or tolerated me , haha

    • I don’t know, I think cats have it pretty good. I’d like to sleep 16 hours a day and not have to work a day job! You may not be worried about your missing cat, but I am!

  4. day 2, i’m gettin’ tired of leaving the front door open, man! y’know? thought i heard some cat-callin’ or whining outside, but apparently, cats have wills of their own–so be it! haha! we shall give him all the time he needs– plus a few hours, haha!

  5. still no cat–but we know he’s somewhere, and it was his choice! he wasn’t some kind of prisoner, anyway, what the hey!

    • I don’t think it’s funny that something bad may have happened to your cat.

      On Wed, Jun 5, 2019 at 4:13 PM On Angels’ Wings Productions wrote:

      > brian m odonnell commented: “still no cat–but we know he’s somewhere, and > it was his choice! he wasn’t some kind of prisoner, anyway, what the hey!” >

  6. i don’t think it’s funny either, you know how cats are, they are decidedly not followers, and refuse to be herded or coerced.. i would never deny him the right of return, either…i’ve been leaving the door open all night, which is a brave thing to do, if y’think about it…i don’t know what else i can do except maybe clearly say that we want him to come back, we were frankly hurt that he was that unhappy, we feel we failed him, but we will certainly do better if we ever get the chance….never will we keep any animal in captivity, that’s duress, and it’s contrary to natural law!

    • Put his kitty litter pan and food just outside your door and also call to him mentally. Have you put up lost cat posters? Have you checked all of the shelters? Cats should not be allowed to roam. It’s just too dangerous.

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