Arcturians & Pleiadians – Channeling


Well, my pain level WAS down a little this morning (until my 1 p.m. naprapathy session made the pain worse again) so I tried to do some channeling, and succeeded.  Arcturians stopped by first, and then Pleiadians took over.  No worries, as they are friends. 🙂

At the end I talk about the debilitating pain situation and 3 accidents, now, that have made getting through each day a struggle.  I’ve not slept more than an hour since April 11th’s new worsening accident.  Anyway, I am delving into possible hidden reasons as to why the pain won’t release…including the possibility that I’m triggering this suffering to give me a reason to NOT do things that scare me.  I like the s”security” that comes from a stable job (reminder:  no job is safe anymore) with 401K, health insurance, vacation time, etc.  But, I probably need to be free and follow my soul…which scares me.  In so much 24/7 head and neck pain, I have been doing less and less because it is exhausting just getting to 5 p.m. and going home.  It’s a “good” excuse to say I can’t be an entrepreneur because of the pain.  But, it also keeps me safe.  And, despite a couple of opinions, I do not have a spirit attachment that is causing the pain for almost 23 years.  I am NOT possessed.  That would have been discovered eons ago by one of the many knowledgeable healers and shamans I’ve gone to.  I actually did take on an entity from a coworker, briefly, years ago…but that was very evident, and an Apache medicine man dramatically pulled it out of my solar plexus.  So, I know what that’s like.  This is different.  This is karmic and complicated.  I’ve also died by my neck in many past lives, so there is something to heal there too.

I may need to quit my normal, high paying job and move to Taos to start a cult.  Just kidding!  Although, it is in my astrological chart that had I stayed in Portland, OR (lived there from 4/2008 – 12/2009…but…like Denver, CO in 2016…it didn’t want me there) the alignment was such that people would be drawn to me as a cult leader.  HA!  A.R.E. (the Edgar Cayce organization) had that as part of my relocation chart years ago.  I love the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, but it did not love me health-wise and income-wise.  For whatever strange reason, NM wants me here.  This is the 3rd time I’ve lived here.  I will say that I’m being edged north, though, closer to Grandma Taos Mountain.  She doesn’t seem to care that I’m a BIG CITY gal!



10 thoughts on “Arcturians & Pleiadians – Channeling

  1. It was so nice to hear a personal side to your channeling video. You should do more or less talking on more videos. We can relate to you on another level. Thank you for your beautiful channelings. My humble opinion namaste.

    • Thank you very much for the kind words. You can tell I’ve not slept in MONTHS in this video…sigh. I’m running out of pain curing options, so I’m being forced to look at more possible emotional and spiritual causes for this pain refusing to respond to over 100 doctors and healers.

      • Please keep us updated on your progress. Sometimes talking about it when the time is right can be cathartic. We will send you healing light to assist you. This nudging May be the root for the pain you’ve been feeling. Be brave the money will take care of itself. I believe our guides want us to succeed if we allow it. Your channeling can help the world to heal which is so needed right now to people who are ready. We all have some dark thing we struggle with. Sorry to sound preachy but it’s meant to be loving Sending you big waves of love and healing. Namaste.

    • Good morning, Aaron. At a Santa Fe astrology group meeting I attended yesterday, it was almost comical how it’s CLEARLY in my natal chart in 3 different ways that I’m a psychic, medium, and channel. When I commented to the group leader (and great astrologer) that I really shouldn’t be working where I work (can’t name it here…but it’s the OPPOSITE of spiritual) he, who has always been against what I do for a day job, said, “Yeah, do you THINK?!” I have to admit, that as a few of us were talking about just how I could actually financially survive as a full-time medium (tossing around ideas), spirit smacked me big time. I describe it as a whack upside my head and it actually kind of feels like that. I get hit with really strong tingling on my head and down my neck and upper back and it kind of knocks the wind out of me. I really do wish they’d stop hitting me in my already painful head! Hit me somewhere else. Ha! I really do like a weekly paycheck, health insurance, paid vacation, and 401K though. It’s very scary me to be an entrepreneur. That’s actually in my chart too. Where Saturn is causes me to really crave “security”.

  2. Hello again, I’m not sure if you feel the same way, I could be wrong maybe it’s just your presentation of each entity but to me while the pleiadians look more human it’s the arcturians that are more human in characteristics and personality, they sound like little wise scientists, the pleiadians seem further away from us in terms of their energy similarities to ours??, I might be way off. I’m also feeling that I need to move especially when I’m down I have a big Urge to be in near nature, when I wasn’t sleeping well I would almost hallucinate that my phone was ringing off in the distance after a few days I went off into nature for a walk but during the drive to the reserve I said in my mind chatter than nature is calling me, then suddenly I heard my phone again ringing off in the distance, of course my actual phone was in the car beside me, I guess we have to listen to the signs, anyway good job as always

    • Howdy James. Okay, that is an interesting observation. I must ponder this. 🙂 I will say that many years ago, it was the Pleiadians who showed up first. The Arcturians came later. And, supposedly, my ancestry is Pleiadian/Plejaren/Plejaran…and that I had a past life on Lemuria. As the years have passed, it has been the Arcturians who have come forward to speak the most often. Their energy is very different from each other. Then again, ALL the unseen friends who come through feel very different. Back in Los Angeles years ago, I had the honor of having (VERY shockingly) Sitting Bull show up. I will never forget his wonderful pride and strength. I wish he’d come by again!

      As much as I call myself a “city gal”…that is EGO. My ego likes glitz and glam. When I lived in Los Angeles, my ego got a boost when I mentioned to strangers that I lived in “Hollywood”. Usually, they said they were envious and that boosted my sense of self for some dumb reason. Anyway, I am a very hyperactive person and I do need the stimulation of really big cities ON OCCASION. My soul needs nature. My soul needs peace. I suspect that is what is going on with you. You may need to answer that “ring”. I’ve blogged about hearing doorbells (at least, what sounds like doorbells ringing) and knocking. Just today, after some realizations I’ve had the past couple of days, I got not one, not two, but three 777s! This is what the number 777 signifies: (I get a lot of 555s too….also 444s and 333s).

      As I’ve had issues committing to any one spiritual path (Buddhism with Wicca and Native American spirituality are the closest I connect to), I have felt for a long time that nature is my church. I literally am a tree hugger and have the pictures to prove it. When visiting Santa Fe in the winter of 2007 (was in Los Angeles at the time) I had this kinesiology session with this great holistic doctor in Tesuque (now he’s in Santa Fe) who was muscle testing me for various things without telling me what he was testing. He had test tubes full of stuff he’d put on my stomach. Suddenly, he says, “Your body says that it’s nature deficient.” Well, I almost fell of the table! For months in Los Angeles I’d been saying, “I feel starved for nature!” I had no idea I was actually picking up that I was starved for nature! So, as much as I love big cities, I have realized that nature nearby is way more important. One of the reasons I moved to Denver in 2016 was that it was a great city with many more opportunities, but it also had tons of big parks all over the place. And, places like Vail and Estes Park weren’t far away. I’m still annoyed Colorado didn’t work out for me. But, here I am, since 11/2016 in New Mexico for the 3rd time. Clearly I’m meant to be here for some reason.

      I do think if you are called to nature, you need to go. “The mountains are calling and I must go” is kind of my slogan. I am definitely a mountains person vs. ocean/beach person.

  3. I think I got that Impression of the arcturians because you may have channeled them more often and they may come through smoother from repetition and energetic familiarity, in either case I do like their personality the most.

    I think you might be called upon to make a leap of faith with regards to your career and lifestyle, it sounds like you enjoy the safety of stability and predictability ? I know in my case the last time I made a big decision I was fearful of shaking up my norm though making this faith based move yielded rewards, I think the universe rewards us when we trust and it opens doors which arnt possible in our current situation, Iv always proclaimed that we can’t see how a river connects to the ocean, the mind isn’t designed to know in advanced only in retrospect when we marvel at how one thing connected to the other leading to where you are now, that’s where faith, trust and surrender comes in.

    Yes I remember I was feeling very down walking in my neighbourhood trying to clear my mind and I suddenly started crying because I wanted to be near an old, large and wise tree just huge it, which was sort of a surprise to me but I think I’m changing just as all of us are harmonising the masculine and feminine energies.

    I would like to send you a painting (via email) of a blue alien I did many years ago right after a crazy spiritual experience, I think it’s an Arcturian (I guess) but I also think I may have been this being in another life, I get that feeling when I look into its wise eyes, maybe you will get something out of it although it could just be something personal to me.

    Thanks for your work, I know you don’t have the biggest channel but that also makes it a little more special.

    • James,

      To be honest, I may be FORCED out of the only way to earn a living I’ve ever really known (except for stints in retail as a teenager and BRIEF restaurant work in Los Angeles) due to the head and neck pain. I’ve noticed I get worse when doing computer/office work all day…sigh. Sometimes, when we are too afraid to leap, the Universe shoves us.

      Fate brought acting back into my life months ago and I have a lead role in an upcoming (hopefully) Web series. This totally out of the blue opportunity fits a prediction Karen Fay made for me back in late July 2017. If this Web series is the change in work that she saw coming…it is going to change everything in my life. Bring it on!!

      I’d love to see your ET picture. Please email it to I like to think of my YouTube channel as “The Little Engine That Could”. HA HA! Ya gotta start somewhere!

  4. I don’t like to judge other channels but regardless of your view count I find your channeling to be most authentic, yes sometimes you are given all the chance in the world to voluntarily make the changes until eventually it’s crunch time and the decision is almost made for you, I hope it all works out financially for you, I do believe that spirit makes it possible on the financial side to support your life purpose and most of the time it means you will have enough to simply get by so long as your fulfilling your earthy purpose, it’s the fear of breaking what is working on the monetary side that is your part to play, this part they will not do for you because spirit wants us to grow by exercising some trust, that’s what I have found on my own journey anyway.

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