David the Star Man

As YouTubed previously, I’ve not been able to do much blogging or video channeling due to my horrible pain issue.  But, despite the 24/7 brain crushing pain, I was blessed to be able to bring some unexpected peace to a new friend from work on Wednesday.  She dragged me out to Rancho de Chimayo (fabulous place) after work.  Not that long after we were seated at our table, her recently deceased ex husband, Greg, showed up.  I’m tempted to say, “So this dead guy walks into a bar and…”  Greg’s passing was very unexpected, and it has hit my friend hard, despite their divorce not long ago.  Up until Wednesday night, she was not a believer regarding psychics.  But, Greg gave me very specific and somewhat obtuse messages for her that amazed her.  By the end of it, she was a psychic medium convert.  I won’t share details of the messages here, but what I will say was that souls do express regret when they did things while in a physical body that weren’t great.

Because of my success giving my friend messages this past week, and a little bit of pain lessening due to yesterday’s naprapathic treatment, I decided to try to channel today.  I was spurred on earlier in the morning when I could have sworn David Bowie showed up briefly…prompted by my listening to the David Bowie channel on Pandora.  (Music called in John Lennon twice to me also in the past.)  I miss David being on Earth so much.  I am grateful that he came back and used me to talk today.  I feel blessed by the immense love he feels for his family.  It was emotional and overwhelming to experience.  I hope I did him justice…

We love and miss you too, Star Man…

Ground control to Major Tom…




10 thoughts on “David the Star Man

  1. It’s so funny and synchronistic but the day after I watched your channelling of David it encouraged me to listen to some old tracks while in the car, I was listening to star man when I drove up to a dance school called “star dance” and then behind me in the mirror I saw a courier called “star track express” along with my spiritual numbers 9,11 in the phone number graphics, it was an interesting few minutes

  2. When you do a channel where do you “go” ? Is it similar to being under hypnosis in that your still present but observing ? Are you converting energy to language or is it coming through in the English language ?, it’s too facinating and I always need to understand everything

    • Sometimes I’m really pretty darn gone, but usually I’m kind of there. I am not converting language…although I occasionally struggle to get the words out. There are times that I’m arguing with them telepathically because they want to say something I question. LOL! I keep trying to get out of the way….

      • So would you say your out of body and next to yourself or next to yourself within your body but the mind is detached ?

  3. There have been some instances where I’m out of my body, to the right of my physical body. But, more often, I’m still within my physical body but my mind is elsewhere. It’s hard to explain. The first time I ever trance channeled in 2000 during a hypnotic regression, I was 100% outside my body and it was a very weird feeling. I had ZERO control.

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