Health challenges sidelining me

In this video I explain my health challenge that is preventing me from doing the work I came to Earth to do…with a bit of past life background thrown in.  At the end of the video, I was able to give a quick/brief message via relay channeling from the Other Side.  Relay channeling is not as hard on me physically as full trance work.  (I hear the words in my head and just repeat them as Atheria.)  Sometimes full trance channeling comes on all of a sudden, so there isn’t an opportunity for me to choose which method, but I think I’ve always unconsciously felt that I wouldn’t be taken seriously unless I was 100% in trance.  That could be an incorrect notion of mine.

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4 thoughts on “Health challenges sidelining me

  1. Good Evening,
    I’m sorry you have been suffering so much. I have watched your video and your channeled sentence. Contacting Elohim does require a person to at least pursue righteousness and holiness. With both an honest mind, heart and intentions.
    There is great importance in zero. More so than what humanity understands. Such as being zero is thought of in society as a very negative term. But, when expressed by an intelligence who are not of our human ways is meant in a logical fashion. When a person such as yourself is a zero both a positive or good and negative or evil forces can flow through you. Thus you become the placeholder. Zero is the spiritual structure where everything is and is not, yet it is nothing and something. All at once. Since i’m just human my understanding is deeply flawed of this zero and yet it is the place which holds all power and powerlessness simultaneously.
    There is much different kinds of wisdom. Wisdom of absolutes and wisdom of half truths. Wisdoms of foolishness and lies. Good wisdom and evil wisdom. To understand one must hold onto one kind of wisdom to see what it is they hold while remain blinded by other wisdoms. Yet the wisdom of righteousness and holiness is a key wisdom to the spiritual. For from this kind of wisdom can you begin to see and know errors and folly. Even within the absence of information presented.
    Being a gatekeeper is a responsibility and a duty. The gatekeeper has the power to allow or disallow. This makes sense because if your the placeholder you must be able to control who passes through. If you allow all access. Then certain entities who pretend to be good and friendly will or may pass through you and cause you deep harm from your spirit, both sides of your mind, heart and to your body. If you strive to become holy and righteous. Then those who are righteous and holy will protect you and then will look for ways to communicate with you in a method that you will understand.
    Be well and be in peace. Sleep.

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for your comment. I had to read it more than once as my constant migraine-like pain makes it hard to comprehend complex things. I have always done what I do with a sense of responsibility and with good intentions. Although I do have good gatekeepers (learned about them in a Spiritualist Church in CA) I will admit that I’ve not always waited for them to give me a clear “All is well / thumbs up” sign. I’ve just trusted that they are allowing through only beings of the Light. I should probably wait for a CLEAR all is well sign.

      In Light,

  2. hey…sorry! dang! pain is such a drag, and we don’t need another second of it! may you be blessed with the best sleep ever! and wake up feeling fine- don’t ask questions, just be glad!

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