But whatever time we have it can be enough.

I keep wondering exactly why I’m drawn to Northern New Mexico up through Southern Colorado…and THIS appears.


37th Parallel


Holy shit! This confirms what I’ve said for years! There is something powerful about Santa Fe, NM (actually, just north of Santa Fe around Tesuque…and especially Taos) up through southern CO (Telluride and Durango…maybe Ouray).


I know the woman who owns the UFO Watchtower in Hooper, CO and I spoke at a UFO conference there. Lots of UFO activity in the Hooper area. http://ufowatchtower.com/ – There is also a reason why Crestone, CO is the new Sedona, AZ…a power spot. http://www.crestonecolorado.com/shambala.html


37th parallel north


I have been wanting to visit Crestone (near UFO hub Hooper) for a couple of years now (especially after I found out my psudo-mom Shirley MacLaine considered building a retreat/healing center there)…but after watching this video, I am DEFINITELY going this summer!


Getting back to UFOs…here is a Navy pilot’s UFO ecounter.

Thanks for reading this random post.

In Light,


5 thoughts on “But whatever time we have it can be enough.

  1. These are all great articles, thank you. I had heard much of the 33rd (Dealey Plaza, etc, ad infinitum) but not the 37th. Guess what else is located on the 37th parallel? ME! (Cue Twilight Zone music here…) It enters the east coast at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel 20 minutes away from me. Astral hug!

      • Stop now while you’re still sane! In one of the articles you posted it had an incident map showing sites across the country, which made me wonder if the straight line border of VA and NC was the 37th parallel. An hour later I still had not found a good map to show it, then tried Google Maps and it placed me in the Atlantic no matter what I typed, finally I found an article with verbage that gave location. So its not the VA/NC border and surprise, I’m standing on it. Chills, I tell you!

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