Patient Seventeen

A friend just told me about the documentary, “Patient Seventeen”, on Netflix…which is about alien implants in humans.  I’m watching it right now, and while watching the movie, I had this sudden “AH HA!” realization/suspicion hit me.  Back in August of 1996 when Eric Pearl did his first 3 healing sessions on me, something occurred during the 3rd session.  He couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but he sensed something going on in my right upper chest to right shoulder area.  During my sleep that night, I had a major out of body experience, and slammed back into my body with such force, it threw me half out of my bed…and I re-entered my body through the EXACT spot he had sensed something going on in.  It was after that moment that I started hearing voices, having visions, sensing spirits/beings, etc.

Anyway, every single time I go through TSA at airports the past few years, they have to pull me aside and pat me down because something shows up on the x-ray machine in my right chest/right shoulder area!  I’ve even worn totally different bras with no wires, etc. and it doesn’t matter.  It always confounds them when they find nothing VISIBLE there.  I’m wondering if I have an alien implant in my right upper chest near my shoulder?  It’s certainly possible with my history.

You should check out the documentary.



8 thoughts on “Patient Seventeen

  1. Hello!

    Thank you for this blog entry. 🙏 I don’t know this documentary and I guess, here in Austria, it may not show up on Netflix. But it’s okay. Anyways, I had a similar experience too and I guess this is no coincidence, that I landed on this blog. So here is my story.

    On a midday, I was listening to isochronic meditation music with a specific solfeggio frequency. I wanted to see if it works for this music should be for lucid dreaming/astral projection. I fell asleep, but nothing really happened. I was dreaming, but it was nothing different from the feeling of my dreams. But on the same night, I fell asleep and it happened. I saw a friend of mine, I hugged him, and I could here sounds surrounding me in a circle, lights flashing around me in a circle. In a specific rhythm. Then I felt like something was pressing my whole body down. It hurt. Then I saw a light above me and beings within in this light. 3 beings small as a kindergarden child with big black eyes and a greyish-yellowish skin. I greeted them, but they did not answer. They touched me, I asked them what they wanted: no answer. I said, “No, I don’t want this.” When it seemed they ignored my words, I got louder. I repeated my words louder and louder. They finally stopped. And they got smaller and this light too. And all of a sudden, I woke up. I was SO shocked that I woke up. “Why did I wake up? WHAT?” It was so real to me, I did not and still do not understand why I woke up. I do not know what it was. But okay. I fell asleep again and had another dream. When I woke up, I heard a ringing in my ear. It reminded me of this sound that surrounded me in a circle. I felt, I had to say something. “STOP! STOP! Hey, that’s not funny. You cannot just do something to me without asking. And why the heck, don’t you talk to me? You can’t just do something without talking!!! What is this? Talk with me! Communicate! Co mmu ni cate! Hello?” All of a sudden, this ringing stopped. As if they heard me.

    The whole day I was wondering what that was. I somehow found out that it might have been aliens getting me into their ship and put me back into my bed. My boyfriend was sleeping next to me, and it is hard for me to explain this shock because of waking up. Is there technology so silent and perfect, so my boyfriend could not notice? Well, I tried to relax, put some fear releasing meditation music on and the headphone in my ears when I got into bed again on the second night. And then I saw them. They were physically not here, but I saw them. I don’t know what’s the word for it in English. In German we say “feinstoffliche Ebene”. In another dimension? In my whole appartement! So many of them, staring at me. I said through my mind, “Hello!” No answer. “Why don’t you talk to me?”, I asked. I heard so weird noises that might have been their language. One of them was on my right side, next to my bed, he silenced them with showing them the palm of his hand. As he did that, I heard weird noises as if he was looking for the correct frequency to talk with me within one second. Then he said in German, “Be quiet! I will talk to her. Leave!”

    I was talking to him 1 or 2 hours long through my mind. People might say telepathy to this, but I don’t use this word. He explained many things to me and knew everything about me. He also explained to me things like this thing in your shoulder. He tried to explain it to me like this:

    “Human beings feel and think like it is metal in their bodies. But there is no metal. It is a highly concentrated energetical connection between a human being and us. We do not harm you (meaning our race as human beings), but some of you fear it.”

    “And what about the real implants?”, I asked. “We put some implants into human bodies to help you understand that this connection is real. But you did not understand. We do not need real implants to connect.”

    So I realized that intense and high energy causes this feeling that there is something in the body or somewhere else like the body scanner. But there isn’t.

    I hope to help people with this information. These aliens actually do not want to do us any harm. Many of us fear them or fear seeing them, but it’s only because of their highly educated crown chakra. They strengthened this chakra for many thousands and billions of years. So when they look at us and we fear them, it is just because of this energy from this chakra. It scares us that somebody can connect with us on a level some of us have never experienced or did not experience yet. I know. Do not fear! Trust that there is somebody who knows everything about you and wants to take care of you!!! Have faith!!! Be open to love and to the Universe!!!

    This is just what I wanted to share with you and your followers! I am happy to have found you and this blog entry!

    Your channeling video on YouTube on the 18th of Dec 2016 led me to you. It’s an amazing video in many ways! I felt so drousy as if I was getting ill. But after this video and your and the Pleidians’ energy in this video, I feel well again. Thank you!!!

    I hope you are fine! I wish you all the best!
    Peace and Love, 🙏

    • Wow, Kathleen! Thank you for sharing your story! I’m still not 100% positive I’ve got an implant, but I am suspicious. It’s interesting to hear that some people have a purely energetic implant.

      In light,

  2. noticed comments were disabled on the ‘regarding music and healing’ –usually people get a thumb-down for that! but you, i like! greetings from michigan!

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