Atheria channeling ETs from Sirius

I was innocently watching a Facebook video a friend posted when there was this loud POP in my ears…and then tingling…and then this happened.  I only had time for Facebook Live.  Notice the orbs that flew by my ceiling.  One of my kitties, Bleu, cried the entire time.  I live on a Native American pueblo in northern New Mexico, FYI.

Please disregard my truck driver cursing language. 🙂 And if anyone knows what Vector 5 is, please let me know!  If you can’t hear sound via the link above (Facebook is being stupid) go to my page and I’ve made the video public so you can see it.

UPDATE:  I just found out (I swear I did not know this.) that the woman who owns the radio show I was interviewed on last Saturday runs these tours!

Welcome to Atheria-land…


4 thoughts on “Atheria channeling ETs from Sirius

  1. I remember I spoke to you about this “spinning vortex” feeling like an energy shift which left me a bit disorientated during a meditation, I wonder if this is a similar shift in frequency that is happening on a collective level, iv seen this change occur for my own eyes as people I know are changing in their frequency whether they are aware of it or not.

  2. Wow A! Love their message. I see things changing little-by-little. But it sounds like there is going to be a greater shift happening very soon. Ps. Truck driver cursing is so authentically refreshing. Haha.

    • Yes, I got the impression that something big is about to happen to cause a dramatic shift or event. And I’m glad you enjoy my cursing. Ha! I am who I am..although I should probably work on my potty mouth a bit.

      On Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 9:39 AM, On Angels' Wings Productions wrote:


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