Seth “coincidences”

I feel like I’m being moved toward SOMETHING all of a sudden here in New Mexico, but that something is still not in clear focus.  I feel like doors are starting to open to great new opportunities to do work more aligned with my soul purpose.  More “coincidences” are happening as part of that.

A few days ago, a kind stranger on the East Coast sent me a lovely email of support regarding my channeling.  He had “accidentally” discovered me on YouTube while not even searching for channelers.  Somehow he landed upon a mocking/insulting video about us trance channels…and I was included in the footage.  (Greeeeeat…..not!)  He told me that as a long term fan of Seth and Jane Roberts, when he saw me channel “the hairs on the back of my neck went up” (in a good way).  He then encouraged me to keep doing what I’m doing and that he felt I was on the verge of giving out some very high level information.  Every now and then, someone says something that lets me know I do need to keep doing what I do.  It’s not easy work.  You get mocked, ridiculed, insulted, etc. by those who are too narrow minded (think AFRAID) to accept that the 3rd dimension isn’t all there is.  We are multi-dimensional beings and we are not alone in the universe.  When we “die” it is not the end.  We just venture on to our next level of existence and then eventually reincarnate.  (That being said, I’m really tired of reincarnating and have told my unseen friends that I am not cooperating regarding coming back again.  Of course, I’ll probably get drunk on the high energy of the other side and stupidly agree to do this all yet again.)

His mentioning me in the same breath as Jane Roberts was one of the highest compliments I’ve ever gotten.  It’s up there with having a Taos Pueblo woman tell me years ago that although I’m white on the outside, I am her people on the inside.  (That made me cry.)  Jane’s channeling of Seth decades ago made a HUGE impact on a lot of people and opened their eyes to other dimensions, the nature of reality, etc.

Here is where some coincidental stuff comes into play.  When I was a young teen, somehow a Seth book ended up in our house (forgot which one), along with Shirley MacLaine’s “Out on a Limb“.  I’m still not sure how they ended up in our house, but my family did always love “In Search Of” with Leonard Nimoy.  I’ve gotta guess that mom may have gotten the books and then not read them.  Anyway, I could not put those two books down!  I was FASCINATED with what I read.  I had never heard of trance mediumship/channeling and didn’t totally understand what it really was…but…something in those books called to me, especially the Seth book.  Although I had a little bit of psychic ability from birth regarding dreams coming true and such, I never thought of myself as psychic and didn’t know as a kid that there was a reason I would hold séance attempts on the basement…and that eventually I’d start channeling in 2000.  When you feel there is no plan for your life, let me tell you…there is.  Our lives are charted while still in spirit and before we incarnate again, at least in terms of major events/lessons.

Besides the Seth book I read in the early 1980s, I have actually made it a habit to not read other channelers’ stuff.  I do not want to be influenced by other people’s information.  I try to be as pure as I can.  That being said, within 48 hours of the nice email I got mentioning Seth, when I logged into to RSVP for some of my groups, this other group I didn’t know about popped up that is 100% based on Jane Roberts and Seth’s teachings.  So that was odd.  When I read the group’s description, the leader included a link to and mentioned that you could download a FREE book titled “A Compliation of Exercises from Seth and Jane Roberts“.  Awesome!  I have printed it out and am going to read it, despite my normal rule.  If there is any helpful information in there regarding channeling, I need to know it.  As you are all aware, my transition into trance isn’t always as smooth as I’d prefer it to be and it can be very hard on me physically.  Jane, like some other channels, did not live a long life.  Channeling can use up some of your life force if you are not careful.

I do have some old written channeling (before I started going into full trance in 2000) from back in the late 1990s – early 2000s that I need to dig up and start posting.  I do recall there is some pretty cool information in my old stuff.

Another lesser coincidence is that I was born and raised in Rochester, NY…not all that far from where Jane and her husband were in Elmira, NY.  In fact, I still have family not far from Elmira in the town of Horseheads.  My grandparents lived in Odessa and going to Ithaca and Elmira was not uncommon.

Thank you for reading, and make sure to check out the free Seth info linked above!

In Light,


8 thoughts on “Seth “coincidences”

  1. You inspire me with your continued work; I found you by chance and we all know there are no accidents…my blessings.

  2. i also was reading the seth books when i was 16 in 1982, in school, haha… i took seth books to school to read them in study hall…. ramtha came along several yrs later, thanks to my aunts who let me borrow a tape or two,(don’t know where they came from or how they got recorded) which never did get returned….the early ramtha channelings were great, but the seth material is still topps in my estimation… kryon, too, — i’m amazed at how channeling has expanded in the last 25 years especially! the writing or typing type channeling might be a little easier on your neck, but then i don’t know! i wish i was a sedona dude! did i see a guitar in that minimalist apt.?
    you’re great! even twenty years ago you were great- keep doin’ what you do, how long have we got, we deserve s’more special dispensations , don’t we? you’re awesome, just got tired of not bein’ able to comment on yer you tube videos, man! sorry, carry on, and feel good whenever ya can~

      • Hi Sandy, thank you! Something WEIRD happened in the middle of the night last night. At first I fully expected to see ETs in my bedroom when I opened my eyes, but it seemed to be (possibly) that I recalled a prior abduction where I was totally paralyzed and couldn’t move at all…while I was having medical things done to me that were not fun. I definitely felt fear with THAT group, as opposed to the friendly groups. 😦

      • Oh my – you probably already know this, but you could do some grounding and a salt bath to rid any lingering entities… On the bright side, You may be opening up to Many more beings of all kinds… Love your work. Sent from my iPhone


      • Well, I think I was recalling a prior abduction…but it’s hard to tell. Back in 1998 after my first abduction (that I know about, anyway) where it was a benevolent group that treated me as an equal, about a week later another SCARY SHIT group took me. I’m pretty sure the 2nd group wanted to know what the first group had shown me. I think the same thing happened with what occurred last night, or at a prior date. I only channel good groups so I don’t need to protect from them, although I DO do some shielding before I do what I do.

    • Thanks Brian! And, yeah, I refuse to commit to staying in NM…so I’ve held off buying furniture. That being said, I’ve been here over 2.5 years this 3rd time. Ha! And, yes, it’s so “coincidental” that I was totally fascinated by what Jane Roberts did as a kid and didn’t realize some day I’d be doing the same thing.

      I have to block comments on YouTube as there are so many jerks.

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