Arcturians on 11-11-2017

I did not even realize until after today’s channeling session of my Arcturian friends that today is 11-11.  Coincidence?  NOT.  I do also suspect that wearing moldavite may have called them to show up…but can’t prove that.

As mentioned in the video, I tried to let go a bit more so that incorporating my unseen friends wasn’t such a power struggle.  I admit to being a control freak, in general, and it’s hard for me to not sit there and argue (telepathically) with whoever I’m channeling when I question things they want to say.  I’ve been told that debating with them can kind of jam up the pipes, so to speak, and cause the physical struggling usually seen when I trance channel.  I will say that letting go more…and trusting…did make it smoother than normal to channel.

It is interesting that although it was Pleiadians who first came through LONG ago, and my ancestry is supposedly Pleiadian/Plejaran, it’s the Arcturians who more often show up now.

In Light,

Atheria and the Arcturians

6 thoughts on “Arcturians on 11-11-2017

    • Thank you very much for the lead. I find it interesting (and have blogged about it) that SO many of us with Pleiadian connections have names that start with A. 🙂

  1. That was intense but you did a great job channeling and getting a clear message across. By the way is there a certain reason to do this on 1111? I know that repeating numbers such as this one have a large meaning in numerology but how do they pertain to Arcurtians? I was reading some material on repeating numbers and see that there are other common ones people see such as 1515 obviously there is no 15th month but I’m thinking these repeating numbers could be greatly connected to Arcurtians. Anyways just a thought and thank you for the great work Atheria!

    • Hi Sean. Thank you for the compliment! That means a lot to me. Well, 1111 is a powerful number. This website is a great source: — 1111 is a portal of sorts. I just found this site that explains what seeing 1111 means too: — Years ago when I was trying to close an eTrade account, I accidentally misjudged how much money to transfer out to close it. I would have overdrawn it in error had not a dividend unexpectedly showed up exactly as my funds transfer out hit…for…exactly $11.11! That little bit of money saved me from overdrawing the account! So cool!

    • The FUNNY thing is that I did some Arcturian meditations for healing last night and when I finished listening to the YouTube videos, I glanced at my phone at exactly 11:11 p.m.! Plus, I got an 1111 earlier today. Your comment triggered something. Maybe it’s just them saying HELLO. 🙂

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