Astrological Location Finding

LibraI just got back from my great astrology Meetup group, and am aggravated.  Today’s topic was “Where should I be?” meaning, “Where in the world is a great place for me to live according to my birth chart?”  Seems that my cruddy natal chart is even cruddier than I thought.  Is it too late to be born again?  HA!  From what we saw today, pretty much nowhere is great for me!  At least nowhere on planet Earth.  When leaving, I said to this other woman (who is in a similar but not AS bad situation as I am in chart-wise), “No place on Earth is really great for me love/career/health wise because I’m not supposed to be here!  I bet you my chart for somewhere in the Pleiades would be fabulous!”

Even one of the normally very positive/glass half full leaders said, “Yeah, Santa Fe is not good for you.”  In fact, the major lines we looked at via (fabulous free offerings there) totally AVOIDED New Mexico.  They literally went around the state.  Now, some lines are good lines and some are bad…so there are some lines you don’t want to run through where you are, but still…

The locations where I’d have the best chance at love?  Saudi Arabia, eastern China, the Australian Outback (think middle of nowhere…in the desert…alone) and the Philippines!  I’d not do well in either Saudi Arabia since I channel extraterrestrials (although a scarf over my head would cover up my bad hair) or China because I’d have FREE TIBET plastered on my car.  I think the Philippines would be too humid for me.  And, of course the Australian line doesn’t run through any cities.  Then there’s my Jupiter line (success/prosperity) that runs through Greenland and mostly the Atlantic Ocean!  It does, however, hit Rio de Janeiro…so there’s that.  But, mostly, I need to make my fortune on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic.  Lovely.  Are there even any towns on Greenland?  Isn’t the entire continent ice?

I’ve got a bunch of lines running along the West Coast of the USA, but Portland, Oregon did not go well for me when I lived there from April 2008 to December 2009.  It was a struggle the whole time, similar to Denver, Colorado.  Now what you’re supposed to do is look at the big chart of lines (see mine below) and then calculate your chart for cities along the major good lines.  San Francisco (which I do love) is a “possible” meaning it could turn out to be really good for me or just kind of fizzle.  Of course, the Bay Area is soooo $$$$$$$$$$$$ I’d probably have to live in my Honda.  But, I will put San Francisco on my possibles list and start looking for jobs there later next month.  Seriously, though, nowhere on the planet was there a major FABULOUS spot for me.  I think I’m just meant to be a nomad and roam around.  Anywhere, he’s my annoying graphic:


The most shocking disappointment was Paris.  I adore all things France, but according to my chart for Paris…it would be baaaaad for me there.  It’s an example of a place where lines are near it, but not GOOD ones.

If you want to look up your information for different cities/countries, all you need to do is create a free account at and then click on “free horoscopes” and “extended chart selection”.  When you get to that page, you click on “special charts” (in the “methods” section) and choose “astromap world” (if you want the entire world like I’ve done) or you can narrow the search down to “astromap North America” (for example).  Then click on the “click here to show chart” button.  Here’s my North America only graphic:

North America graphic

Now, to run your birth chart as a different location than your actual birth location, from the “extended chart selection” page, where it says “default settings” (you may need to get to the “extended chart selection” from a fresh from’s main page at this point) change the location/city via “modify reference place” (it’ll default to your actual birth city).

Reference Place

You type in whatever city you want to look up, do a search, and select it when it pops up.  Even pretty small towns usually pop up as options.  If the town you are interested in doesn’t pop up, just pick the closest city/town that does…and the results should pretty much be the same within 50 miles.  I hope you have better luck than me regarding finding places where you’ll be successful, healthy, and in love!

Sun and rising in Libra, with a Capricorn moon-ly yours,

Atheria…the woman meant to be nomad.  LOL!

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