Cyclones within us…hang on!

I did a short channeled session today of my Arcturian friends.  Feel free to skip ahead to 2:30 of the video of you get bored with me entering into trance.

In Light,


8 thoughts on “Cyclones within us…hang on!

  1. Hi, Iv experienced this “spinning” sensation during a meditation I’m very happy to have come across this video because not to many understood when iv explained the feeling

  2. I was meditating going through my usual motions when something interrupted me, I was fully conscious again with my eyes closed just observing this weird feeling, like a Washing machine spinning and vibrating inside my core, I told my guide and archangel Michael to also observe this and watch over me while I decided to let it keep going until I had enough, when I opened my eyes and stood up I felt like I was drunk and a little off balance, thankfully I acclimatised within a few minutes

  3. For the last few years Iv also experienced periods of frequency shifts and subsequent acclimatisation, (a supposed end to the fun) I’ll go through a period of about 1 month where almost anything is possible I’ll feel light, then once Iv absorbed the frequency it’s like the fun is over and I must go back to work (density again), it’s a bit cyclic it comes in waves, during this period I can do healings! (that sounds crazy to me but I’m working on being shameless lol) More importantly I “believe” I can do these things, when Iv acclimatised is seems Iv “lost” the belief, have you experienced these shifts in vibration and frequency and its cyclic patterns?

  4. its nothing, I’m jelouse of you guys! Channels, psychics etc… Anyway Iv found a fondness for arcturians, each civilisation has a sort of flavour and arcturians seem old and wise, I like listening, hope they will “use” you more often

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