Nature is the BEST doctor

Years ago when I was miserable in Los Angeles despite a job that I loved and that most would kill for in the entertainment industry, I felt starved for nature.  I literally voiced to my sister and friends that I felt starved for nature.  (I did not realize at the time that I was actually psychically picking up that I was LITERALLY starved for nature.)  I couldn’t afford to live in Laurel Canyon, Coldwater Canyon, or Malibu where there was a bit of nature.  I lived surrounded by concrete, smog, and noise.

I went to magical New Mexico during Christmas 2007 to house sit for a Santa Fe friend while she was gone.  She felt strongly that I needed to go to this holistic doctor in Tesuque while I was there for the week for my chronic headache from neck damage in October 1995.  I went ahead and booked a session with him out of curiosity.  He worked out of his Tesuque home, in the woods.  He did muscle testing/kinesiology (which I find to be FASCINATING by the way) on me while I laid on a table.  He didn’t tell me what he was testing but suddenly said to me, “Your body is saying that it’s nature deficient.”  WHAT?!  He then repeated it and told me that my body said it was starved for nature!  I was dumbfounded and a bit freaked out.

I just saw this article about yoga (of which I am a devotee) and it made me remember this 2007 experience.

As much as I miss big city life, my SOUL needs nature and peace.  It’s my EGO that needs glitzy, distracting Los Angeles, New York City, etc.  I am struggling right now (the attack on January 7th triggered depression), but know that I need to be here in The Land of Enchantment (New Mexico) to heal.  There is something for me here seeing how this state has brought me to it three times now:  2005, 2009, and 2016.  (Taos called me the first time in 1998 but I just visited.)

If you’ve never hugged a tree…do so.  I highly recommend it.  Trees are powerful conduits.

And, to go back to headache/neck pain stuff, check out this helpful information here:  Neck Help – I am seriously thinking about getting certified as a yoga teacher since there has to be SOME reason for my 21 years of head (also facial muscle weakening/drooping) and neck pain that no doctors or healers have been able to help…which brought me to yoga.  (Osteoporosis also brought me to yoga and I’m successfully correcting that without drugs.)  I need to venture down to Brazil to go to John of God and may really do that soon.  Trust me, if I go to see John of God, I’ll be blogging like crazy!

I prescribe for anyone who is ailing…forget doctors and get some Vitamin NATURE.






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