Council of Seven

My Council of Seven came through yesterday morning to talk to me, and what they said also applies to others.  (I just realized I’ve worn this same sweater before.)

This is the incident that happened last night they referred to in the YouTube video.  I felt overwhelmed when I looked at my two websites’ number of hits/views in 2016.  It made me suddenly realize just how much I need to really buckle down.  There are thousands of people, like me, looking for answers.  From age 10 I have felt this internal pressure that I have important work to do here on Earth and that I was running out of time.  But, at age 50 I do feel like I’m WAY behind and have wasted most of my incarnation.

A few hours after I taped yesterday’s channeling session, I was followed out to my car at a DeVargas Mall in Santa Fe and mugged/attacked.  I put up a fight for my purse (I was loading up the back of my hatchback.) but the creep who pulled up behind me jumped into  his car….almost dragging me….and sped away.  I lost EVERYTHING that proves my identity and all access to money.  I also got hurt and am in more pain today.  I am stressed out and devastated.  I don’t normally carry my passport, birth certificate, SS card, my credit card with my debit card, etc. but needed them for work on Monday.  Looking back, I not only realize I was the perfect target because I was struggling with too many heavy bags (groceries and pet food), but also realize spirit TRIED to warn me but I didn’t realize it!  For about the past 5 days I’ve had this thought pop into my head that I need to stop carrying purses (which a cop suggested recently) and twice during the day…before I got attacked at my car…while in stores the thought popped into my head, “Watch your purse”.  But, it was subtle and I did pay attention to my purse, but didn’t think it was actually a message from spirit.  LISTEN TO THINGS THAT RANDOMLY POP INTO YOUR HEAD!

Stressed and hurt,



2 thoughts on “Council of Seven

  1. So sorry about the mugging! Glad you are ok…but what a pain to lose everything.

    I totally get the frustration about feeling like you’re not doing enough and time is running out! That’s me! Ughhhh! Feel like I need to be doing so much more.

    I love the message relayed here…great guidance for all of us. Keep up the great work!

    p.s. I once had this real strong “voice” telling me to “go home! now!”. It kept on me…while I was shopping. I finally listened. Drove towards home, and had an accident, which was not bad for either of us. My car was messed up…the girl turned left in front of me. Had I been there a fraction later…she would have slammed into me right into the driver’s door and I might have rammed into a telephone phone right on the corner. I think they wanted me to avoid the accident! Had I listened when they said “go home!”, I would have avoided it altogether. Oh well…lesson learned!

    • This has been so horrid. The New Mexico MVD bent over backwards to figure out a way to get me a license today. I ended up hugging the supervisor. And, I found out just because my debit card was taken doesn’t mean the ass has my actual bank account numbers, so I can write checks until my new credit card and debit card arrive. I went to a credit union in Santa Fe that was able to tap into my Colorado FCU to give me cash today. I love credit unions! The problem with the psychic flash warnings is that they are usually SO subtle you disregard them! That is a mistake I am NOT making again. The next time something randomly pops into my head…I am paying attention.

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