Taos Dream

I swear my blog isn’t totally about Taos, but it is on my mind more and more…to the point I dreamed of it last night, very vividly.  Now I’m struggling to make sense of it.  I should have immediately written it down or recorded it so as not to forget, but I was stupidly lazy so now my memory isn’t totally clear.

I had driven a big converted bus (or something cumbersome) that I seemed to be living inside of down to Taos but there was a storm and it either got stuck in mud or started sliding backwards in mud down a hill or something.  I forgot how, but somehow I got it out of that bad situation and made it to Taos.  Once there, I met 3…I think 3, Native American women and we sat talking in a semi circle.  I suspect I was on Taos Pueblo, but am not 100% sure.  They told me they read a fabulous article about me in The Taos News.  I had no idea a story about me was being written!  Then they said that Grandmother wanted to talk to me.  I don’t think this referred to Grandmother Jean.  I feel it was someone or something else.

A friend of mine in Taos suspects Grandmother refers to Taos Mountain.  I do talk to it, as I’ve mentioned before.  She has suggested I drive back down (4.5 hours…ugh) to Taos, sit next the Taos Pueblo’s river, and not only TALK to the mountain, but actually shut up and listen for once.  I’m kind of afraid of what I might hear.  I have a feeling that if Taos Mountain IS the “Grandmother” referred to, it’ll tell me it’s time to walk away from the life I’ve known.  That it’s time to become my soul’s truth.

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