Curandera, Mavis Salazar

Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality

On Tuesday night at a Quantum Spiritology message circle, the leader of another Meetup group mentioned that a curandera named Mavis Salazar was going to be speaking today…and the moment I heard the words come out of her mouth, my unseen friends whacked me hard letting me know in no uncertain terms, that I was to attend Mavis’ talk. πŸ™‚ As I pulled up today, I glanced at my phone to see the time was exactly 11:11 a.m., so I took that as a good omen. and are Mavis Salazar’s sites.

Her talk today was great and we tuned into plants to allow them to speak, which was fascinating.  When we focused on this one group of 3 plants I heard them singing “Kumbaya My Lord…Kumbaya…” (seriously) and then I heard “Manny, Moe, and Jack” (like the 3 guys from the Pep Boys commercials)!  We decided the plants had told us their names. πŸ™‚

While she was talking I thought I saw a viper/snake standing up behind her but discounted it.  Later, when she sensed a huge energy enter the room, she asked me what I picked up…and it was Quetzalcoatl!!  That made sense since I had seen the snake and she studies with Mayans in Guatemala.  (In Los Angeles years ago I actually channeled  Quetzalcoatl one night at a practice circle.)  Then she said that today is (some name I can’t recall) the day of the snake!  How cool is that?!

At the end of the event I ended up doing some spontaneous channeling for her and she invited me to join a women’s group she’s in as she felt I’d be a prefect fit.  Yippee!  I soooo need to meet more like-minded people.

Taos has been on my butt this past week calling me back to visit, so I will head down there in the next week or two.  But, with the support I’ve received here in Denver regarding my trance mediumship/regular mediumship…and the wonderful connections I’m making here, I do finally have clarity that at this point in my life’s journey I am meant to live in the Denver area and just VISIT my beloved Taos.  That could change down the road, but for now I’m meant to be a Coloradan.  Or, with all the back and forth driving I suspect I’ll be doing to Taos…a Newmoradan!  LOL!  I really do feel that Taos Mountain intends to keep a tight reign on me and will make me hold up my end of the agreement by visiting New Mexico regularly.



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