Teaching Channeling & Channeling Events

I cannot get over how supportive and lovely the metaphysical community is here in Denver!  People are opening doors FOR me here!  It’s refreshing to not have nonstop doors slammed in my face.  LOL

This Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. in Lakewood, CO I’ll be leading my first ever channeling class and practice evening.  I had intended to just have channels get together to practice, but it seems others feel I can also teach what I do. 🙂 If you are interested and are in the Denver area, here is the MeetUp group that is allowing me to take over for a night.  Our plan is to have these evenings happen quarterly for now, but I may end up increasing the frequency to monthly.  https://www.meetup.com/Quantum-Spiritology-Group/

Plus, someone from Quantum Spiritology kindly referred me to Bryan Brown of the Creative Village at Inca Street and after talking to him today…I have regained faith in the human species!  What a kind soul!  I’m going to go check his space out later this week as he’s open to having me hold channeling events in his space.  Right now it’s got a juice bar and then various classes are held there like yoga, bodywork, etc.  I cannot help but feel that the stars are aligning and that I’m suddenly being moved into my TRUE work instead of office administrative jobs.




3 thoughts on “Teaching Channeling & Channeling Events

  1. Super-duper!!! I’m so happy for you! I stayed in Lakewood for a week many years ago while doing some training. I LOVED it! Training was in Denver…but where I stayed was on the outskirts. I went all over…especially loved the Red Rocks and surrounding area, mountains. I think I need to visit again soon. I’m a person who loves the woods, pines and cypress and juniper…the smell of the mountains and the Earth. Would love to attend one of your classes. Maybe we’ll meet one day soon. 🙂

    Take care for now! A.

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