We are electric beings.

I suddenly got REALLY tired tonight and thought I’d try to actually meditate like I’m supposed to on a daily basis.  But, after barely sitting down on my bed cross-legged, I kept “hearing” the first line below being repeated to me.  Since I was (and AM) really tired, I laid down and more started coming that I was straining to remember.  I annoyingly got up to grab a pen and paper since clearly someone up there had something to say and wasn’t going to leave me alone tonight.  LOL!  Don’t ask me to make sense of this because even I need to keep rereading it.  But I’ll use the excuse that right now my eyes are barely open I’m so pooped.


Channeled on July 1, 2016

We come to abolish the ideology of self-actualization not on a concrete level but a cosmic level. For although that line of thinking is astute, it misses the mark by a few dimensions. Hold the thought of perfect union with source at your base chakra and fine tune the progression up your electrical system until it reaches your crown. You must think of yourself as a finely tuned electric source fuse made up of electrons and protons. You are almost like robots in terms of your current dimensional physicality. Once you shift your electrical current and vibration higher, then, and only then, can you actualize being not only of the cosmos…but being THE cosmos. But for now you must master the depths of illusion that make up what your senses experience on planet Earth. For all is illusion at this time I this thickness of energy that makes up the tangible world you think you find yourself in. A slight shift in perspective will open your eyes…all 3 of them…to the possibilities that await your mind once you begin rising up into the 4th dimension. There are quite a lot of layers to the onion that makes up the dimensional self. They are actually within you as you have heard from others before us, “As within, so without.” We know we have spoken too long now and will leave you with the condensed version that is to suggest you focus on the work of physically pulling energy up your chakra grid (electric grid) for now and not focus so much on reaching way out into the ethers. In due time that will happen naturally, although you will be reaching deep within…not up and out. With that we bid you peace.

The White Brotherhood of the 9th Realm


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