Raw Food = Vivid Dreams


Due to increasingly bad digestive woes, I’ve gone back to a mostly raw vegan diet (as opposed to mostly cooked and starchy vegan diet) and a cool side effect is happening.  I am not normally a dreamer, at least that I can recall in the morning, but lately I am having very vivid, clear, intricate, odd, detailed dreams that actually stay with me for a bit after waking up in the morning.  I’ve heard raw foodists make this claim before, but I kind of didn’t believe it.  But, I cannot deny that there is a dramatic change in my sleep state since going back to mostly raw food.  I mean, these dreams would make fabulous Sci-Fi movies!  LOL — I may need to start writing them down.  They have major plot lines.  I wonder what would happen if I went 100% raw?!  It’s not like my system  is pristine or anything as I do drink coffee and alcohol, and my nut/seed butters tend to be roasted because roasted is cheaper and I’m on a budget right now.  (Raw almond butter is like $16 a pound!)  If I actually quit caffeine, booze, and roasted nuts I’d probably be able to dream up an Oscar winning film. 🙂 Do any of you have experience with a change in diet influencing your dreams?  I’d love to hear your stories.

Fruit and veggie-ly yours,


3 thoughts on “Raw Food = Vivid Dreams

  1. Besides the vivid dreams, I’m noticing an increase in my psychic ability. Things are popping into my head that occur later in the day, and this morning as I woke up I clearly heard my dad’s voice as he asked me a question about mom! I just sent him an email telling him my answer. Let’s see if he freaks out. LOL

    Many years ago I heard my sister’s conversation with her boyfriend from miles away. The next morning she confirmed what I’d heard them talking about. This type of thing hasn’t happened in years though…until today.

  2. I totally feel you, I’ve been vegan for the last 6 years but went raw vegan the last week. Since then, I’ve been having these crazy dreams, so real!! The other night I dreamt I was pregnant, and when I woke up I had to remind myself that I wasn’t. The dream felt so real, I woke up feeling like I was still dreaming. Its only been a week so we’ll see how long these vivid dreams last for me.

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