Adasti Gadahee a.k.a. Grandmother Jean

I drove up to my beloved Taos today to take a class about crystals with the wonderful Grandmother Jean, a Cherokee crystal worker and ceremonialist.  I’m SO glad I made the long drive!  It was a great class with with lovely energy not only in the store the class was held in (OptiMysm) but also in the people who attended the class.  I won’t go into all the things we learned because you should take one of Grandmother Jean’s classes!  Speaking of which, part 2 is in 2 weeks.  Right now I’m not sure if I can get back up to Taos or not for it, but we’ll see.  I will say that I’m going to start carrying/wearing at least one crystal every day from now on after what I learned…and I’m going to sleep with crystals!  I hope my cats don’t mind.  LOL

I will say that we did a cleansing and then blessing of ourselves at the beginning of class that was powerful.  Since I tend to get spirits attached to me that shouldn’t be there, and since I just pick up energetic junk easily in general, that was very helpful and important for me.

I told Grandmother Jean that I kept getting distracted by a Native American man in spirit standing behind her.  He then gave her a specific gift, which I told her about.  Hopefully, it means something special to her.

Here is Adasti Gadahee a.k.a. Grandmother Jean’s website.  Please check it out!

Here is a picture of Taos that I took just before sunset as I headed back to Albuquerque.


In light,


4 thoughts on “Adasti Gadahee a.k.a. Grandmother Jean

    • She is a great lady and teacher. It is also a good idea to sleep with crystals around you…IF they don’t energize you too much and disrupt sleep.

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