Dulce Base UFO Conference


I just found out about the Dulce Base UFO Conference today and want to advertise it!  Dulce, New Mexico is famous…or infamous…for the weird cow mutilations many years ago along with a lot of UFO sightings and a supposed underground laboratory/base where the United States government/military works along with extraterrestrials on secret projects.  You can learn more about Dulce here:  http://www.dulcebase.myevent.com/3/quanda.htm

If you register by March 18th, the 2 day event is $125…plus a $25 fee to tour Archuleta Mesa (where the extraterrestrial activity occurs).  After March 18th it’s $150 plus $25.  Register here:  http://www.dulcebase.myevent.com/3/online_payment.htm

Here are the speakers for the event and their bios:  http://www.dulcebase.myevent.com/3/events.htm

The conference has the approval of the Jicarilla Apache Nation, where Dulce is located.  Please honor the Jicarilla’s customs and rules when visiting.  Tribal etiquette:  http://www.dulcebase.myevent.com/3/miscellaneous2.htm

I think this event looks GREAT!  I will be posting information soon about the UFO conference in late July in Hooper, Colorado where I’ll be a guest speaker.  Hope to see you there!



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