Andromedans 12-20-2015

Ra the Sun God

We are here and come to you from a far away, yet not so far away, place you know as Andromeda.  We come in peace and light as light is the source of all being.  It is the life force.  It is the food of your and our souls.  It is what not only creates all that is.  It is the All.  For the All is not a being in the direct knowing sense of seeing a human looking countenance.  The All is light.  The All is both the source of the light and the elements that make up the light.  It is interesting to us that many in your spiritual communities reference light even in writing “In love and light” or “In light” just as how many of your religions document light as representing God, or the All, in the form of an image of the sun or the halo you see over the heads of various angels and saints.  It is no coincidence that the guiding light of the stars is in scriptures.  It is no coincidence that candles are prevalent in your churches and temples.  Even when people think they are simply creating attractive imagery, they are actually unconsciously pulling memories of truth.  When peak mass is reached in terms of humans tuning into their own inner light…their source, there will be a sudden and dramatic shift in the consciousness of planet Earth and peace will prevail.  Peace is possible for peace is your true essence.  With this, we bid you all a peaceful holiday season.

Channeled by Atheria 12-20-2015

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