Annoying spirit guides and other events…

The past few days have been eventful.  Something is going on in the ethers.  It started off with something wonderful on Thursday night.  Bodhi, my sweet boy kitty…who passed away on 9/25/2012, came to me in spirit again via a dream.  There is always a different feel to dreams when they aren’t regular dreams, but instead something on the astral.  In this “dream” he showed himself much younger, I’d guess about 4-5 months old.  I miss him and Karma, who passed away on 8/24/2013, so much every single day.  It warms my heart that he makes the effort to visit so often.  I’ve only had one visit from Karma, and that was just after she was released from being cocooned for quite a while to heal on the Other Side.  I wish she’d visit more, but I’m sure there is a good reason why she can’t.  Yes, animals get cocooned too, like humans do, if their souls suffered too traumatically before passing.  I’m pretty sure Karma had a brain tumor (or possibly cancer somewhere else) and she showed signs of dementia.  Bodhi was very playful in his most recent visit, and it was wonderful to see him.

Then, last night when I was getting ready to do yoga there wasn’t much worth watching on TV (yes, I know I shouldn’t be watching TV while doing yoga…hehehe) but I found the show, “Elementary”.  I watch it occasionally, but not constantly.  Now, I should preface this by mentioning that Taos kept popping into my head all day yesterday, with the weird feeling that I’m not supposed to move to a bigger city like I’m hoping to (Denver, Seattle, etc.) but am supposed to go to tiny Taos.  Now, Taos first “called” me in 1998 and I fell in love with it, but…and this is a big but…it’s SMALL and there are not many, if any, high paying quality jobs.  Add to that the fact I’m bored out of my mind in Albuquerque, a city of 500,000+ people, and what would I do in a town of 5,000 people to stay occupied?!  And don’t get me started about how hard it is to find people to date here…with it being even harder, or impossible, in Taos.

Okay, so back to yoga and “Elementary”.  Just after I started watching it, in mid downward dog, the lead character (Sherlock Holmes) is on the phone having a brusque conversation with someone as Watson walks in and asks him what’s going on.  He responded saying something like, “I’m just bargaining with someone in Taos, New Mexico!”  What?!  I mean, what are the odds that this TV show, which takes place in New York City, would randomly mention Taos on yesterday’s episode I just happened to catch after Taos had been in my head all day?!  My guides have an annoying sense of humor!  I cannot help but feel they are nagging me to move to Taos with the increasing number of “coincidences” happening lately.  But what am I going to do to earn a quality living?!  Oh, have I also mentioned that I don’t love cold weather and Taos is just under 7,000 feet elevation and gets COLD?!  Don’t get me started on the lack of men thing.  Bah!  I want a BIGGER city with opportunity, not a little town!  Yes, I’m having a temper tantrum, and here is an example of last night’s reaction:

My guides are being totally unreasonable if they seriously want me to move to Taos.  Then again, there is this little voice in the back of my head that is saying, “Well, if you’d moved to Taos back i n 1998 like you SHOULD have…your whole life would have worked out better and you wouldn’t be so behind.  Stop fighting the call…”  Beyond my Instagram tantrum, I loudly said to my unseen friends, “If you really want me to move to Taos, then you need to come up with a good job for me and a place to live (it’s hard to find good and affordable places there) and open some doors!  This is on you or I’m not cooperating!”

Well, at some point last night (was too lazy to roll over and look at the clock)…like they’ve done before…I heard, clear as day, a doorbell being rung.

Doorbell in spirit

Doorbell in spirit

The last time this happened, when I had my house, it was my uncle, Chuckie, trying to get my attention.  He would also knock at night, occasionally.  This time, I’m not so sure it was him.  I think it was one of my prankster guides…but since he does watch over me, it could have been him.  Whoever it was, he/she was just being a smarty pants and letting me know that they are at the door I need to open.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens.  The thing is, during my reading with gifted medium Karen Fay, late last September, she said I’d be relocating within a year.  She couldn’t get a clear read on whether I was going to leave New Mexico, or just move far within the state.  She waffled a bit, and then sided with me moving out of state.  Taos “could” make sense as it’s not that far from Colorado and would explain the mixed signals she was getting.  But, really, I want a CITY that has an IKEA and things to do!  But, I also know how to make God laugh….by telling him our plans.



8 thoughts on “Annoying spirit guides and other events…

  1. Hahahah! They are not changing their minds it seems! 😀 I once had a lot of stuff coming to me about a trip to Paris. Weird stuff…like articles, TV specials, even some people on social media that just “happened” to live in Paris…that invited me to come visit them! I never even met them and hardly knew them! Yah…so I get it.

    I never went, though I sometimes wish I did, because I want to know what was waiting there for me.

    Maybe you can go…but tell them if things don’t work out within a specified time, you’re leaving! LOL. 🙂

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to your next update!

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