ETs are even for gay marriage!

I attended the monthly Ancient Aliens Meetup group meeting today and ended up doing trance work.  Arcturians were very pushy and started making my heart race and I got very shaky right from the start of the meeting.  I even checked my blood sugar it was so bad, but it was great at 117.  I held them back until I couldn’t take it anymore.  They only talked briefly, and I probably am not remembering everything they said (since I’m out of it when I channel), but they were thrilled about gay marriage and said “love is the law” and that the planet IS moving into a higher vibration where it’ll make it harder for dark ET groups to be able to abduct humans  for experimentation.  They said that to these groups we are simply animals to test on just like we experiment on animals (cruelly ).

They also said that Native Americans are right about there being signs in the stars from ETs.  The Arcturians said that it’s easiest to see ET signs in the stars/sky in September and October (fall)…and that we should look near Orion.

Darn it!  I can’t remember the rest of what they said!  I do know they said they’d be coming to all the meetings now…but may just be silent witnesses much of the time.  Somehow, I doubt that!

In light,

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