Taos is at it again! What does it want from me?!

I had this strong desire to go to Taos this weekend, kind of like a heroin addict in need of a fix…so I drove up and car camped for the first time in my new awesome Honda Fit (named Ruby…cars really DO tell me their name…I’m not kidding).  The whole time I was there odd synchronicities happened (typical for Taos), including running into a coworker in the middle of the woods!  I joked that I wasn’t going to go home to Albuquerque because I loved being up there so much.  Taos is not only beautiful, it’s magical.  Here are pictures from my quick trip.






Anyway, I did begrudgingly head home to Albuquerque.  The moment I put my key in my apartment door lock, my “I Heart/Love Taos” key chain decoration that I’ve had for years fell off onto the ground!  It’s never done that!

"I Heart/Love Taos"

“I Heart/Love Taos”

So THAT weirded me out!  But yes, it gets weirder….welcome to my solstice today world….

I tethered my phone to my laptop to move the million pictures (I exaggerate, but not much) and a video off the phone and onto my computer.  Well, I was trying to rename this one picture (not of Taos….just a jerk driver that i want to turn into the cops) when all of a sudden my laptop freaked out and froze.  I couldn’t get it to do anything, so I touched the screen and swiped to see if I could unfreeze it somehow.  All of a sudden, my pictures folder was gone and I was staring at my desktop…that somehow had changed to be A PICTURE OF TAOS!  I was nowhere near the area where you change background/wallpaper images!!  What the heck is going on?!

Taos wallpaper

Taos wallpaper

Well, I’m saying right now to my unseen prankster/pushy friends…if you want me to move to Taos instead of Denver, Portland, or Seattle, then you’d better come up with a GOOD job with high pay and benefits!!!  None of which is Taos known for!!!

I need a glass of wine.  Oh wait, I’m already drinking one!



P.S. If you don’t know my whole Taos weirdness….so a search on my site for “Taos”.


9 thoughts on “Taos is at it again! What does it want from me?!

  1. It just got worse. I popped into Instagram to land on a post from someone of the Rio Grande gorge in Taos…saying that he/she was in Taos this weekend!

    • But how am I supposed to earn a living? Taos is not known for great job opportunities… sigh. I’m also concerned I’d get bored since I’m bored in bigger Albuquerque!

  2. p.s. When I read your post, and you mentioned that you wanted a decent job…I got the message very strongly that you need to take a leap of faith. Move in that direction. 😛

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