What catches your eye needs to be seen.

As I mention in the video above, I read years ago that you should always pay attention to things that catch your eye as you’re going about your day.  The little things you notice are actually messages your spirit guides or loved ones in spirit send to you.

Our unseen friends often use whatever means necessary to contact or signal us.  If you think about it, you and I could be walking down the street together and a license plate with a 444 in it catches my eye (an angelic “hello”) but you don’t notice it at all.  A minute later, you may notice a magazine cover that says “Spain on a Budget” as an article title just as you were thinking you’d love to go to Spain but don’t think you can afford it.  I, on the other hand, am oblivious to the magazine.

On my drive home from work today I was practically getting full messages from my unseen friends.  Whenever I’d turn my head or glance anywhere, my eyes would land on something significant.  It got to be funny!  I felt like I was reading a story written out just for me.

So, please make note of things throughout the day that grab your attention…even seemingly insignificant things.  It would be helpful to keep a little notebook or type notes into your phone.  Noting what you were thinking about when you noticed something interesting would also be a good idea.  I have a feeling that the more we do this, the more help we’ll get from the Other Side.  Our guides and loved ones will be excitedly yelling, “Whoo Hoo!  We finally can communicate in a way anyone can understand!” 🙂

In Light,

4 thoughts on “What catches your eye needs to be seen.

  1. So true! Every so often my cat walks across my keyboard. I return a screen of 4444444******444444!!!! – you get the idea. Spirit uses every means possible to get our attention. I hadn’t considered the 444 as a precursor to a message in another form, so I’ll watch for that.Thanks, Atheria!

    • Have you read The Messengers? It’s what triggered the 444 phenomena with me. It’s a true story about an Oregon businessman named Nick Bunick. 😀

  2. Totally agree! I sometimes see recurring themes several times throughout the day. And they could be something weird…like one day is was “pyramid”. Still not sure what it meant. Recently… “getting out into nature” is a BIG recurring theme. And walking barefoot, or earthing. 🙂

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