Those who are around me know that I’ve been miserable because I want out of Albuquerque and job hunting in more exciting and happening cities out of state has been frustrating.  I’m bored out of my mind.  I’m lonely.  I’m tired of the lack of opportunities here.  I miss the entertainment industry (although New Mexico’s film and TV business is doing well at the moment, my day job isn’t in the industry).  I feel trapped and rotting.  You get the idea.

While taking my daily lunchtime walk yesterday I listened to various songs, including “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.  That song always makes me feel better.  When I got back to my office I turned off my phone’s music player and closed all running apps and notifications.  That is, I tried to clear out all notifications and apps.  The “Happy” artwork from the CD wouldn’t go away!  No matter what I did, it showed up on my phone’s screen!  Either at the top of the screen like this image shows below, or full screen.



This went on for hours!  Then things got weirder.  I tried to look something up on Amazon.com but the site wouldn’t let me even do a search until I logged in.  The thing is, my phone kept pre-filling in an old spiritbridge@yahoo.com address I closed long ago despite the fact that I’ve been logging into Amazon with a different Gmail address for ages!  In fact, I’m not positive I’ve EVER used that spiritbridge address since I’ve had this phone.  When I tried to delete the old address and enter my current one, the phone wouldn’t let me.  The keyboard kept disappearing, etc.  I swear it took about 20-30 tries to finally erase the Yahoo address out and get my Gmail address typed in.  By the way, why I was trying to get into Amazon was to link a book about angels and the whole 444 phenomenon to an Instagram post for this gal I felt needed to read the fabulous true story.  The book is called The Messengers and many people who read it start getting 444s.

During this fight with my phone, what popped out at me was the word “spiritbridge”.  I just had the strongest feeling my unseen friends were trying to give me a message about being happy and my spiritual work that has been mostly neglected for a while.  I did do a reading last Friday that went well, but that was the first one in a long time and I’ve also not been doing any trance channeling work.  I’ve been getting so many 444s and 555s (555 means changes are coming) lately.  Hopefully this all means that I’m going to be happy because changes are coming and I’ll have more fulfilling work than what my day job is!  Either that, or my friends in spirit are just wanting me to snap out of my bad mood and get happy!

Later in the day, as I was leaving the supply room I suddenly heard “Happy” playing!  A coworker who has never played that song before decided to listen to it on her computer!  Okay, okay, I get the message!

I’m telling you about this because I want to encourage you to be open to messages no matter how they come.  I don’t believe in useless coincidences.  I think all coincidences and synchronicities are important and shouldn’t be ignored.  A famous psychic once said that anything that catches your eye/attention is a message.  You don’t notice every single little thing around you during the day, so when you notice something, take note of it as it’s some kind of message.  Keep your eyes and heart open and receptive.  Allow our unseen friends to help.

In light,

One thought on “Happy!

  1. Yup! I do this…all the time. In fact, most people might think I’m nuts. I’ll ask the guides a Q…and then I find a feather…or see 11:11 or 4:44, so on. Or…some theme or word repeats several times throughout the day. Weird. Yes. Cool. Yes! 🙂

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