I feel so used! ;-) My life as a trance channel…

Hello everyone!  Today’s post is a video (if it’ll ever finish uploading at 995 megs) that I felt inspired to make after talking with a genuinely curious woman last night at a vegetarian/vegan potluck social event.  She had an open mind and was interested in what it’s like to be a trance channel.  So, I decided to tell a little bit of my story on YouTube and also explain what it feels like to trance channel vs. relay channeling.  Please try to overlook the horrible lighting and non-professional look.  HA!  I do NOT like how I look on camera anymore.  Oh well…

Blessed be,


5 thoughts on “I feel so used! ;-) My life as a trance channel…

  1. Hi Atheria. First, it was great to meet you today at the MeetUp. I love your energy.

    Second, your video here was really well done. It’s obvious to anyone that knows something about channeling that your gift is authentic. I’m no expert but I’ve studied and read about many gifted mediums and channelers and they all describe the experience exactly as you have here. I hope we can talk more at subsequent meetings. If you do private sessions, I’m interested to get more information.

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