Santa Fe and Cimarron, New Mexico, ghosts…

Julia Staab

Julia Staab

Our local Albuquerque news did a story on La Posada de Santa Fe‘s ghost this week, so I thought I’d blog the story.  Julia Staab supposedly haunts room 100 in the resort and spa.  Here is the story and video:

Santa Fe ‘ghost’ the subject of new book

Looking at the resort’s website, it looks NICE.  I should go check it out for a night, if I can afford it!  LOL

Ever since seeing a funny ghost investigation of The St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM a couple of years ago, I’ve also wanted to go stay there for a weekend.  I need to actually do it this summer.  A local reporter with a news producer and camera man barely made it through the night.  The reporter was so freaked out about what was going on in his hotel room in the middle of the night he was using the F word and came THIS close to just taking off.  He had a small light shining in his face as he videotaped himself under the covers of his bed.  HA HA HA!

Here is a link to information about the haunted St. James:

Ghostly yours,


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